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'Salary Cap 101' soon to begin

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Sean from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
You have vacation days? So what in the world are you waiting on; the weather to warm up a bit? Anyhow, how many players actually make Jacksonville their home on and offseason?

Vic: Most players make their teams' towns their permanent residences. The year-round nature of the game these days makes it impossible for players to spend more than a few months a year away from their place of employment. The Jaguars will begin their offseason conditioning program on March 22, which means they'll be back to the grind through June, take a break before the start of training camp, then return to Jacksonville for the long haul.

Dave from Saint Marys, GA:
Thanks for the column during the offseason. When is "Salary Cap 101" going to start? I'm ready. Also, when does "Draft the Best Available Player 101" start for those who still don't get it?

Vic: I'm in the process of gathering information for a five-part "Salary Cap 101" series that will begin running on the first week of February.

Jimmy from Greenville, SC:
Vic, I play in a four-on-four flag football league and need your advice. I need help on defense. We normally play thirds with a rusher. The object on defense is to disguise coverage. Any suggestions?

Vic: Disguising four guys is difficult. How about this? Deploy yourselves in a sunburst formation. All four of you huddle, then, after the offense breaks the huddle and deploys itself, "explode" out of your huddle and into your positions of responsibility. Kickoff-coverage teams use it.

Ben from Greenville, SC:
You haven't answered my last 10 million questions I sent in, and I'm going to cry and moan and hate you forever for it, but I'll ask you this one anyway and hope you answer it, and if you do, I won't hate you anymore. OK, here's the question: Kiwaukee Thomas was impressive this past year as a "nickel" corner, and with the chances of re-signing Fernando Bryant looking about as good as the chances of anyone ever seeing Brett Favre throw a pass like that again, does Thomas stand a realistic chance of getting a shot at a starting job next year?

Vic: Kiwaukee Thomas obviously improved his position and place with the new coaching staff. They like him, but I also think the Jaguars want to acquire a star-quality cornerback this offseason. That would tell me they see Thomas as continuing in his "nickel" role.

Jeff from New York, NY:
Tom Coughlin did wonders for the Jaguars. Now that he has made it up here in the "Big Apple," what should our Giants expect?

Vic: Discipline and direction.

Davy from Jacksonville:
I check your "Ask Vic" column about 4-5 times a day waiting for you to post the next one because it's my favorite part of the internet. I've noticed lots of people complain about not getting their question posted. You tell them you read them but can't post them all. I was curious as to how many people write to you in a day? Does it vary for certain days of the week?

Vic: I probably average a hundred e-mails a day, but that figure is increasing. Mondays following a game yield the most e-mails. The big difference from when "Ask Vic" began is the offseason volume of questions. There used to be a fall-off when the season ended. Now, I'm getting as many; maybe more.

Steve from Kensington, MD:
Has any football game been canceled because of weather and replayed at a later date?

Vic: The New England at Miami season-opener, scheduled for Sept. 6, 1992, was postponed and re-scheduled for Oct. 18 as a result of Hurricane Andrew, which ravaged the Miami area on Aug. 25. The Patriots and Dolphins were each originally scheduled for a bye week on Oct. 18. Another game that would've been postponed by weather was the "Ice Bowl" NFL title game between the Cowboys and Packers, but it was played as scheduled because the weather forecast for the next couple of days in Green Bay provided no relief from the brutal cold that descended into Green Bay during the wee hours of the morning on the day of the game.

Jack from Toronto, Canada:
Wasn't the referee in the Lions game who made the wrong heads-tails call Jeff Triplette, and isn't he still officiating today? Just wondering. Love the column.

Vic: Phil Luckett was the referee who screwed up the Thanksgiving Day coin toss in 1998. Luckett has since been demoted to back judge.

David from Woodbridge, VA:
Thanks for fielding our questions. I know you've answered this one before, but I can't find it in your archived "Ask Vic" columns and we've had a discussion on the message boards: Should a team be over the cap and the league steps in to start voiding contracts, in what order does the league proceed? Highest paid players first, or most recently signed first?

Vic: The league begins voiding contracts from the most recently signed and working backward chronologically until the team is under the salary cap.

Gil from Atlantic Beach, FL:
Vic, love your column. I keep hearing about how good our defense has been this year. No offense, but other than in our inaugural season, I believe all of our defenses have been good. In 2002, for instance, our defense kept a lot of games close. What do you think about the quality of our past defenses? Also, how many defensive coordinators have the Jags had?

Vic: These are the Jaguars all-time rankings on defense: 1995, 21st; '96, 16th; '97, 23rd; '98, 25th; '99, fourth; 2000, 12th; '01, 16th; '02, 20th; '03, sixth.

Mark from Atlanta, GA:
What pick do the Jags have in the second round of the 2004 NFL draft and does the league reverse the selection order of the 5-11 teams each round?

Vic: The Jaguars will have the eighth pick of the second round, after having the ninth pick of the first round. Get the idea? Seventh in the third, sixth in the fourth, fifth in the fifth, then 10th in the sixth. There are six 5-11 teams.

Emory from Marion, NC:
I have long wondered why cities like Green Bay and Pittsburgh (both with such rich football histories) haven't tried to host the Super Bowl. So many people believe "it ain't football without snow." Well, give us a Super Bowl on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. Come on, it's the Lombardi Trophy, isn't it?

Vic: Green Bay doesn't have near the hotel rooms to host a Super Bowl, and I don't think the NFL likes the idea of fans losing fingers and toes to frostbite. Remember, the vast majority of fans who attend Super Bowls don't have the toughness of Packers fans. As far as Pittsburgh is concerned, Steelers owner Dan Rooney is very much against Paul Tagliabue's idea of New York or Washington hosting a Super Bowl. Rooney believes the game should be a warm-weather celebration of the season that's about to conclude. That was how Pete Rozelle originally envisioned it, and Rooney still holds to that belief.

Keith from Anderson, SC:
Jaxson de Ville is the best mascot in the NFL. Does he travel with the team to the away games?

Vic: No, the hotel beds are too small.

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