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Saturday ends season tickets

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Michael from Jacksonville:
Was Cruz that good or was the Jets' secondary without Revis that bad? I know it's the preseason, but is this a situation Revis can use for further leverage?

Vic: Absolutely he can. He's gonna get real rich real soon.

Ben from Clearwater, FL:
Do you think you will be able to stop yourself from asking Tebow for his autograph when he comes to town?

Vic: It'll be difficult, but professionalism must overcome the instinct to giggle like a schoolgirl.

Ray from Jacksonville:
Will you ever admit David is just an average quarterback and you are a below average writer?

Vic: Oh, please, stop. You're making me cry and payday isn't until the end of the month. You're mean.

Sammy from San Francisco, CA:
I wish everyone criticized their own life as seriously as they do their local football team. Why do we take so much pleasure in the hate, Vic?

Vic: I don't know. I like to watch.

Aaron from White Hall, AR:
Last Saturday a reporter from an Arkansas Sports Radio show was fired because she wore a Florida Gators hat to a news conference with Bobby Petrino and to me she should have known of the breach of professional etiquette. I just wanted your point of view on this matter and if you have ever seen something like this?

Vic: It was just a hat. Lighten up. The radio station probably fired her because it was good publicity. Radio stations do that kind of stuff and it didn't take genius to know it would be received favorably by listeners in the us-or-them world of college football in the South. The whole thing is stupid and I have no doubt the reporter knew what she was doing and knew it would cause a stir.

Steve from Palatka, FL:
I think I have heard you cover every position battle this season but I haven't heard much about Greg Jones. Should we expect any production out of the fullback position?

Vic: I don't know what to expect from the fullback position. Clearly, it has not been prominent in training camp. Part of the reason for that, of course, is that Jones is recovering from an injury, but I can't help but wonder what his and the position's role is going to be this year, what with Zach Miller's role being that of a Dallas Clark-type tight end/H-back/wide receiver.

Larry from Orange Park, FL:
The prognosticators on ESPN's "Mike and Mike" show predicted the Jaguars to finish either 4-12 or 5-11. Where does the average fan look for optimism?

Vic: Don't look for optimism, look for the truth. What did I say on the radio show last spring? I said the Jags would be picked to finish last in the division by every preseason picker in the business. Then, some guy named Bill calls the show and rips me for being negative. In other words, he ripped me for telling the truth. Here's another true statement: Preseason predictions are meaningless. I completely ignore them. I look at the team and I decide what I think is likely for their performance. I don't care what either Mike says. I listen to what my eyes tell me. I suggest you listen to what your eyes tell you.

Sean from St. Johns, FL:
I'm afraid injuries may be a big theme this season.

Vic: I'm afraid it's gonna rain.

Lance from Denver, CO:
Are you still high on Quinn's potential? If the Jags were offered him for a late-round draft pick would you be for it? I didn't see the game but he got brutalized by the papers out here for his performance this weekend.

Vic: I've never taken Quinn's potential. Is it good stuff? Oh, you mean Brady Quinn. Well, obviously he hasn't done well in his career as an NFL quarterback, which is nearing its end if he doesn't do something meaningful soon. He was a guy I liked coming out of Notre Dame. It appears I was wrong about him. I liked Chad Henne and I think I hit on him. I liked Jimmy Clausen but he didn't fit where the Jaguars were picking and they didn't have a pick in the round in which he was drafted. I favored Tony Pike and he lasted into the sixth round. I think that's one I might've spent a pick on because it's only a sixth-round pick, but it would've meant not picking either Deji Karim or Scotty McGee and they look like they may both be home-run returners. Here's what I know for sure: You can't find a quarterback by not picking one, and you're not gonna hit on all of the guys you pick. It's a crap shoot and to find the guy you need, you've gotta be willing to crap out.

Brian from Orange Park, FL:
My friend and I are playing in the "Ask Vic" golf tournament this Friday for the first time. He's a four handicap while I am a 36 handicap. Should I be looking forward to a day of embarrassment at this golf course?

Vic: Not if you redeem all of your beverage tickets. Nine and 18 have long, forced carries. You might wanna get a beer and let your partners handle the tee shots on those holes.

Manuel from Jacksonville:
Do you think we're seeing the end of Tiger Woods' dominance or can he regroup and get his swing and concentration back? Who, if any, of the young guns will get close to his accomplishments?

Vic: He'll get it back, but the head-dipping thing is rather comical. That's the kind of stuff you expect to see in a beer league. It's not a swing flaw, it's a yip. The guy who won the PGA, Kaymer, is the real deal. He's the best-looking thing I've seen come into golf since Tiger. He's got a machine-like quality to him. How about that PGA-winning celebration? A smile and a handshake and can somebody tell me where the next tournament is? He's scary good.

Jeff from Jacksonville:
"Wayne Weaver is graciously doing what is necessary to televise the two Jaguars home preseason games locally because he wants the fans to see his team so they might like what they see and want to buy tickets." I know teams don't game-plan in the preseason, but wouldn't this statement make game-planning, at least for the starters, a good idea? The hardcore and knowledgeable fans already know how to watch a preseason game, but that is not the crowd we need to sell tickets to; they already have them. The much-needed casual market wants to see success in the form of a win. Besides, what's so wrong with game-planning? It would seem that a team that has had four dress rehearsals would be in midseason form by the opener.

Vic: They'll game-plan for the third preseason game. If you do too much of it, you start to tip your tendencies. I hear what you're saying, but this constant selling to and pampering of the fan base is tiresome. The Jaguars are one of 32 teams in the NFL, the world's premier professional sports league. The Jaguars play their games at EverBank Field in downtown Jacksonville and they will play a home schedule this year that will include appearances by Peyton Manning, Chris Johnson and several other stars of the game. Tickets are still available and they are some of the least expensive tickets in the league. Nothing else should be necessary to attract fans.

Stephanie from Orlando, FL:
Where are we in tickets sold? I can't find the gauge anymore and that's a little scary.

Vic: Hey, Stephanie, that gas gauge has been up there since last winter. It's time for the gauge to go away because the season-ticket sales push ends this week. After Saturday's game, there can be no more season-ticket sales. From that point on, all sales will be half-packs, single-game sales and group tickets. It appears the team has fallen 3,000 or so season tickets (not counting group sales) short of its goal to sell out the general bowl and guarantee there won't be any blackouts in 2010. It appears we're going to do the Thursday thing again.

William from Murfreesboro, TN:
It's obvious to me that with GM Gene's drafting we're on the right track. Why can't people realize that it takes awhile for the new guys to develop?

Vic: That would require patience and that's not what the modern fan is about.

Alan from Orlando, FL:
So will you have any sarcastic remarks when the regular season comes around and once again the offense is boring, the defense can't get to the quarterback and, yes, blackouts occur 7-8 games?

Vic: Yeah, probably, but I won't whine and cry about it. I'll leave that for you.

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