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Senior Bowl Day 1: Notes and observations

North quarterback Daniel Jones of Duke (17) throws a pass during practice for Saturday's Senior Bowl college football game, Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019, in Mobile, Ala. (AP Photo/Butch Dill)

MOBILE, Ala. – Senior writer John Oehser's notes and observations from Day 1 of 2019 Senior Bowl practices: Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone on new offensive line coach George Warhop, Marrone on new running backs coach Terry Robiskie, San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan on analyzing quarterbacks, more …

1.Doug Marrone knows a unique opportunity when he sees one. "It's very rare when you're 54 years old that you're able to hire someone who coached you," the Jaguars' head coach said with a laugh Tuesday afternoon. That was what Marrone did last week when he hired George Warhop as offensive line coach. Marrone, attending South practice for Saturday's 2019 Reese's Senior Bowl, on Tuesday reiterated what he said last week upon finalizing the 2019 coaching staff – that he likes the experience and direction of a staff that in addition to Warhop added John DeFilippo as offensive coordinator, Terry Robiskie as running backs coach, Tim Walton as secondary/cornerbacks coach and promoted assistant line coach Jason Rebrovich to defensive line coach and promoted assistant secondary coach Joe Danna to secondary/safeties coach. Marrone on Tuesday discussed Warhop, for whom Marrone played in 1991-1992 when Warhop was offensive line coach of the World League of American Football's London Monarchs. "He's only three years older, but I've been in that room; I've been coached by him," Marrone said of the 57-year-old Warhop, who previously has coached offensive line with Dallas, Tampa Bay, Cleveland, San Francisco, St. Louis and Arizona. "I know how he coaches. I know what he expects. I know what he demands. And then I've seen him develop players. Just look at myself: Look how terrible a player I was, and look what he did with me."

2.Also key to the Jaguars' 2019 staff was the addition of Robiskie. That was clear listening to Marrone last week and again Tuesday. Robiskie, 64, will enter his 38th NFL season next season. "I've known Terry since I was drafted by the Raiders," Marrone said. "We have a mutual friend, [Detroit Lions senior personnel executive] Jimmy Raye. We're really close, and Terry and he are really close. I just thought to myself, 'Here's someone who has a ton of experience; he's been around.' He has coached, obviously, Hall-of-Fame players. And here's the thing: he's a heck of a football coach. He's great on the grass. He has been a coordinator. He has coached receivers. He has coached running backs. He's been all over, so he's going to be able to really contribute a lot to the playbook and the game plans as well as doing a good job on the field. The coaches we brought in have a lot of experience. They have done it at a high level. They have won a lot of games. It's going to be great challenge for them, coming and being able to relate to the players. The players are going to have to do a great job being open-minded. We just have to work hard, put our nose to the grindstone and work."

3.Quarterbacks are the focus at the Senior Bowl, and Kyle Shanahan began his Day 1 press conference by emphasizing that there are no hard, fast rules when it comes to evaluating the best college players at the position. "It depends on the player," said Shanahan, the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers and this week's South team coach. Shanahan, considered one of the NFL's brighter offensive/quarterbacking minds, was asked about the importance of mobility versus prototypical size in terms of projecting success for a quarterback. "If he's great at staying in the pocket, never takes sacks and just picks people apart, then you're not too concerned about how he plays off schedule," Shanahan said. "If he has a hard time reading defenses, and feeling the pocket and feeling the rush, then it's very important how effective a guy is outside the pocket and making plays. Those things [mobility] allow guys to play longer, but eventually you're going to have to play in the pocket and do not to be successful." This is considered one of the best Senior Bowls for quarterbacks in recent memory, with Drew Lock of Missouri (North) and Daniel Jones of Duke (North) considered strong first-round possibilities. West Virginia quarterback Will Grier (South) is considered by many a second-round selection but could work his way into the first round with a strong pre-draft season. Shanahan said the reality of analyzing the group is that no one attribute or trait assures success, and that each player's entire package must be considered. "There are no absolutes at any position," Shanahan said.

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