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Should've made the catch


The following is Jaguars tight end Pete Mitchell's diary for Sept. 30-Oct. 6.

Monday, September 30, 2002

We ran our Monday schedule, came in here and watched some film of the Jets game, and we played really well against those guys. First time in a long time I can remember we only threw the ball twice in a half. We ran the ball all over them. As a team we were real excited that, at that point, we were 2-1 and had a big game against Philly coming up. We hadn't really looked at any Philly tape or anything like that, but we were just excited about this week coming up and very excited about having Monday night and Tuesday off at that point. Everybody was talking about how Philly was the class of the NFC and that they are the best team, obviously, with the Rams being 0-4 at the time. They're a Super Bowl contender in the NFC, so we knew this game was going to be big for us because it measured us with the NFC and their elite team.

Tuesday, October 1, 2002

Tuesday is our day off, so it was actually the first Tuesday, because of the bye week, that we had off in a while. I did my usual thing. I got up with my wife, we took our daughter Skyler to school, dropped her off at school, then I went and played nine holes of golf at the course I live at. It was just good to be out there. I hit the ball all over the place, but it's fun, though, because our course doesn't get played by a lot of people so I was able to go out and play nine holes by myself in like an hour and a half. So I went and played nine holes and went and got something to eat by myself. It was kind of a relaxing morning. I don't usually have a whole lot of time by myself like that, so it was nice. Then I met my wife and we went and picked our girl up from school and then just relaxed for the rest of the day; just kind of took it easy, went out to dinner, and got ready for Wednesday.

Wednesday, October 2, 2002

We got our game plan for Philly, learned about their defense; their team in general. They've got some good players over there. Wednesday practices are usually not as crisp as Thursday and Friday because everything is so new, so we probably weren't as good as the coaches want. But we went through the game plan and got some ideas and guys got a feel for what we wanted to do. Our offense had had some success up to that point. Indy was good and KC was all right, and New York, the way they're ranked in the NFL, wasn't too high. We knew Philly was up there so it was a test for us to come out and be able to move the ball on them. We didn't move it, obviously, as well as we wanted to, but we made plays when we had to. I live pretty much an uneventful life. After we practiced I went home. It's great to go home and get to see my daughter. I don't see her before I leave in the morning because she's still asleep. It's fun to get home and see her and run in her playroom and play around with her for a while, and watch some videos with her, and then we went out and grabbed something to eat.

Thursday, October 3, 2002

It was kind of the same thing. For me, it looked like there were going to be some good opportunities for me as the tight end to make some plays in the red area and on third down, I was real excited about the game plan going into Philly.

Friday, October 4, 2002

We went through the normal Friday practice, put in a lot of red-area work; short-yardage and goal-line stuff, and we got done at about 1:30 p.m. I had to take my wife's truck into the dealership. We got her a new truck. It's the G500 Mercedes wagon; kind of a unique truck. She saw it people magazine so she wanted to have it. Then I met my wife and took her out for dinner again. I'm just looking forward to the weekend; just looking forward to the game. Didn't have any family or anybody in this weekend, so it was kind of quiet around the house.

Saturday, October 5, 2002

Chris Luzar gets us some ham and cheese pita pockets from across the street. We make him stop there and get us sandwiches for the tight ends. Then came in here and ate those; I look forward to that every Saturday. Went through our normal routine, walk-through; got ready then went home and took Skyler to a birthday party. Some friends of ours had a little boy who was turning six years old, so I took Sky to the birthday party. She had a good time there. We kind of caught the end of it because it was almost over by the time we got there. She had a good time. She wanted to open up all the presents. She thought they were all for her. Especially the Scooby-Doo gifts. We went home and she took her nap. I watched some of the college games; a little bit of the Florida game. I did some stuff around the house; cleaned the pool-skimmers and that kind of thing. When I first played here I wasn't a big fan of the SEC, then I started to really enjoy watching Florida football. I was kind of a fan of Spurrier-type offense. It doesn't look like they're doing a lot of that stuff any more. It's not as exciting as a game as the old Florida games were, so I wasn't real impressed with it, but I was kind of interested to watch Manning's little brother play a little bit. I don't think he's got quite the tools Peyton has, but he looked like a pretty good quarterback.

Sunday, October 6, 2002

We had a four o'clock game so you got a little ability to sleep in on Sunday at the hotel, which was nice. I think I got up at nine o'clock. That was sleeping in to me. I called my wife first thing to make sure everything was fine at the house. We had meetings at 10 o'clock. I had to get down there for breakfast, a few meetings that morning, then I got ready and had pregame meal at noon. We did what we wanted to do for the most part, and were able to capitalize on a few things, and Bobby Shaw made a huge play in the fourth quarter and kind of gave us the lead for good, and we were able to hang on. I think we went into the game believing we could win. It was a great game for us; it was a big game around here. Now we know in our minds that we can go out every week knowing we can win. We have the ability and the people around here to win every game. I'm not big into the rah-rah type stuff like that jumping on the logo stuff the Eagles did. I thought it was a little disrespectful. I think it got a few guys fired up before the game. It only fueled the fire for us. I've been in New York with the Giants, where if they were 2-14 they'd still pack the stadium. You'd like to see that fan loyalty, but I know there's a lot of things here you can do in Florida. If a team's not performing you're not going to get the fans and that's understandable. It's good to be winning again and get the fans out there. I don't think I played as well in this game as I did in the first three. There was a pass in the end zone that I felt like I should have caught. It would have been a tough catch but a play I feel I can make. It was the kind of reason they brought me back, to make those kinds of plays, so that was disappointing. I don't think I blocked as well as I did the first few games, but it's good to feel that way after a win and still be able to go out the next week and in seven days be able to do it again.

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