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Should you have fantasy ethics?


Did you know there are some fantasy playoffs going on as early as week 12 of the season? Most standard leagues start their playoffs in week 14 of the season, so that is the format I am going to use with the articles. Just make sure you have your lineups set before the Thursday games and you take note of all injury status updates.

Start 'em

### Sit 'em

Jay Cutler: The Bears offense has more problems than a stud QB could fix and Cutler is proving that this season. Chicago is ranked 14th in the NFL in passing offense and there is that little 15-18 TD-INT ratio looming over their heads right now, too.

Eli Manning: This breaks down to Denver's passing defense being ranked 3rd in the NFL. Forget that the Giants offense is hot and cold and the passing game seems to be more cold than hot, the Broncos defense is still ranked 3rd in the NFL against the pass.

Rock Cartwright: Well, Clinton Portis got his bell rung and is seeing double still; Ladell Betts tore both his ACL and MCL ligaments, so he is out; that leaves fullback Rock Cartwright to carry the load and I want no part of it against this Eagles defense. Don't fall into the waiver wire trap I see so many others getting into here.

Knowshon Moreno: Moreno got a lot of publicity heading into the season, but he has yet to hit the century mark for rushing yards and he has just three total touchdowns this season. The Broncos schedule was misleading because they had an easy early schedule that started off with a fluke win over the Bengals. Walk away if you can… see if someone will trade for him.

Terrell Owens: T.O. sat on 99% of people's benches last week and he finally had a good game. Thus, this week owners are falling over themselves to stick him in their lineups and they are making the wrong decision. I think he will finish as a WR3 at best this weekend.

Steve Smith (CAR): Ok, I am officially done with Steve Smith and the Panthers offense. Sure, Smith has had back-to-back games where he has scored, but he isn't getting the catches or the yards most weeks and I wouldn't trust him against the Jets defense this week.

Kevin Boss: I've seen far too many week 12 rankings with Boss as a TE1, and why? Before last weekend, his best game was in week 8 where he had a whopping 3 catches for 70 yards and a score. Yes, he has had three straight weeks with a touchdown, but he isn't the new Shockey.

New Orleans Saints defense: The Saints have probably the most surprising fantasy player on their team this season, and it is their defense. The problem this week is that they run into the New England Patriots offense and we all know they can put up stats in bunches. I'd find another defense to play if you could.

Question of the week

Q: Here's a tough one for you. I am in second place in my 12-team league. This is our last week, with the top 6 teams in three weeks of playoffs. I am pretty much locked in as the #2 seed, earning a bye in round one. The tie-breaker is total points scored. I can tank this week and eliminate the league's #2 point scorer – he misses the playoffs at 6-6 ( we would end with one team at 9-3, five at 7-5, one of those teams being the one I would lose to). I have no advantage from winning the week. There's a not insignificant $500 at stake. Should I tank? (Phil Tackett in Charleston, SC)

A: I play to win every single week... so my initial call would be to play to win. But, if the #2 guy in points scored is on the fringe of making the playoffs and you are the deciding game, you have to look at that because he could get hot at the right time (now) and dominate down the stretch. I think... if it were MY team and MY league... I'd choose the best strategy for me to win it all. And, it would seem that the guy can put up points in bunches; he just doesn't seem to be able to pick the right plays from week-to-week.

I'd tank this week and eliminate the #2 points leader. Take out your best competition and give yourself the best possible chance to win.

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