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Sims-Walker becoming a household name


Week 9 saw some highs and some lows, but none higher than Kurt Warner and none lower than Larry Johnson. One could make a case for Johnson being both the high and the low since the Chiefs are 1-7 on the season and he no longer is a part of that; or, the Chiefs are 1-7 and he can't even be a part of that. Which side of the fence are you on?


##### Losers

Donovan McNabb: McNabb managed to throw for 227 yards, but his 2 INTs to just one TD were enough to cost fantasy owners a win this weekend. We need more from you, Donovan.

Kyle Orton: There he is, the Kyle Orton we all know and love to hate. Orton finished the night with 221 yards passing, 3 INTs and not a single TD. Hopefully you weren't pinning your team's hopes on Orton to begin with, but this could be the start of the slide back to reality as the Broncos' schedule has already gotten a lot tougher.

Brandon Jacobs: How the mighty have fallen in New York. Last season Jacobs was a fantasy savior, this season he is a 2nd-round bust. On Sunday Jacobs managed just 67 yards rushing and no scores as the Giants lost to the Chargers.

LaDainian Tomlinson: LT is a HOF back for sure, top-10 in my books. But when the final whistle blew in New York, he had managed just 22 yards rushing and eight yards receiving. I don't want to say it, but I think the Chargers wish they had Turner back and LT gone.

Reggie Wayne: I gave him a loser spot because he hauled in eight catches, but totaled just 64 yards and no scores. I know Wayne can't get 100+ and a TD or two every game, but when Manning has the game he had (318 yards), you'd expect to see his yards in the 100+ range.

DeSean Jackson: Well, when your QB makes the losers list, so will the WR1 99% of the time. Jackson managed a whopping 29 yards receiving this weekend, which means he was worth not even playing since he netted you roughly two points.

Jeremy Shockey: Shockey isn't someone that I target on draft day anymore, but he has his good days every once in a while. Sunday wasn't one of them as he finished with an empty 26 yards receiving.

Green Bay Packers defense: We all knew one defense would come up big and one would lose big, but none of us expected it to be the Bucs that won and the Packers that lost. Green Bay gave up 32 points and finished with just one sack and one INT. On paper it looks like the Packers thought they won this game before they played it.

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