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Six players big 'dead money' hits

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Chris from Greenville, NC:
If Fred Taylor has a big year and stays healthy, do we have the cap room next year to give him this big contract everyone is talking about? Don't get me wrong, I love Fred but I also don't want to see my team go through what it went through this past year.

Vic: The Jaguars will still be tight against the salary cap in 2003. A new contract with Fred Taylor would require pushing a major portion of the money onto future salary caps.

Brad from Jacksonville:
Which former Jaguars players' salaries and/or signing bonuses count against the 2002 salary cap? Please provide a list of the player and cap figure.

Vic: There are a lot of "dead money" players on every team's salary cap, but most of those players eat up small amounts of the cap. They are undrafted free agents, for example, who got a signing bonus of five or 10 thousand dollars and didn't make the team. In the Jaguars' case, they have former players who represent major "dead money" figures on the '02 cap. Those players and their "dead money" are: Aaron Beasley, $4.7 million; Carnell Lake, $2.3 million; Hardy Nickerson, $2.2 million; Keenan McCardell, $1.6 million; Kevin Hardy, $1.2 million; Lonnie Marts, $1.0 million.

Ed from Orange Park, FL:
I look forward to reading your comments, both in "Jaguars Inside Report" and on The recent roster lists I've seen have omitted the two players lost before training camp, offensive tackles Chris Ziemann and Aaron Koch. Are they still with the team on injured reserve or have they been cut with an injury settlement?

Vic: They are on the Jaguars' injured reserve list.

Ian from Chesapeake, VA:
What's your take on Marco Coleman. I haven't seen much from him these past few games. Has he done anything? Also, when do you think the Jags will start working in Mike Pearson at left tackle?

Vic: Marco Coleman has had a very slow start. His total contribution has been three tackles. I'd like to think he's capable of more than that. Mike Pearson will be worked in when he's ready. He's not being held back.

Rob from Miami, FL:
Remember the week before the season began there was talk about the Jags tapping the waiver wire or signing a free agent or two. Well, shouldn't the Jags look into veteran cornerback Bryant Westbrook to help bolster our defensive backfield?

Vic: The Jaguars are one of the league's biggest spenders when it comes to scouting the waiver wire and bringing in players for workouts. They examine all players. You can figure out the rest.

Andy from Jacksonville:
Love your column and insight. Wasn't the Chiefs game the first game in Mark Brunell's history here that we did not allow a sack to him? I would think that would have made for a column somewhere.

Vic: It would've, if it was true. Mark Brunell has gone sackless in seven games in his Jaguars career: Houston (as backup) in 1995, Detroit in 1998, Cleveland and Tennessee in 1999, Dallas and Arizona in 2000, Kansas City in 2002.

Ralph from Brainard, NY:
It seems as though teams don't use blocking and receiving fullbacks as much as in the past. Is there a shortage of good fullbacks or just a change in trends?

Vic: A former offensive coordinator friend of mine was once asked by his fullback why he wasn't getting the ball more. At the time, the fullback was averaging 3.8 yards per carry and the team's running back was averaging 4.8 yards per carry. The offensive coordinator told his fullback that when he wants to gain 3.8 yards, he'll give him the ball; when he wants to gain 4.8 yards, he'll give it to the running back. Get the point?

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