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Some 'splainin' to do

Let's get to it . . . Ron from Orlando, FL:
I'm not sure where all of these "Clint-Session-as-a-quality-signing" questions are coming from, but that guy was an absolute wrecking ball when blitzing and defending the run.
John: Session indeed was a good signing last season. He played well when available in the role he was asked to play, and if he's healthy, he is a major part of the team's plans this season. He missed the last part of last season with the aftereffects of a concussion and missed a significant part of offseason drills while the Jaguars were being cautious with his return. His availability will be something to watch in training camp, but if he's healthy, you can look for him to figure in to the defense in a big way.
Justin from Floody Jacksonville:
In response to Sean's mention of all the running backs making more than MoJo, why do we have to overpay our running back just because everyone else is overpaying theirs? I LOVE Mojo. He is the heart of our team. However, running backs are not as valuable as they used to be. Also, he got a fair deal with two years left. People say players deserve to get their money now because owners can cut them at any time, but players know owners give them guaranteed money for the right to cut them at any time. I hope Mojo plays for us for another four-to-five years, but he signed his deal and it was fair when he signed it. Don't sign a contract that expires when you're 30 if you think you can't get another deal at that time. Sorry for this being so long winded. I have been holding in my opinion on this for a while.
John: I think you did a nice job outlining the Jaguars' approach in this. I'm not sure Jones-Drew buys it, but you won't have to sell the front office hard on what you're saying.
Tim from Oklahoma City, OK:
In your opinion Mr. O, would Aaron Kampman make a good pro defensive line coach one day? Should he consider following that path based upon some of his innate qualities as a football player and as a person? I feel that he might be good at it, especially under the keen tutelage of a Coach Cullen-type teacher for a few years.
John: I think Aaron Kampman would be a very, very good coach, and I think Cullen respects Kampman enough that he probably believes the same thing, too. The question with Kampman is if he wants to coach. The hours are long and many ex-players don't want to get involved with it for that reason.
Cliff from Jacksonville:
Ironic that you'd state that you try not to think much when reading the comments section. Apparently that's the same approach used by people posting the comments.
John: When in Rome . . .
Greg from Neptune Beach, FL:
Saying "31 other teams passed on him for a reason" is not a reason for the 32nd team to pass on a player. So this is more of a general request ... instead of throwing out some vague response like "well nobody else likes him so there must be a reason," how about trying to lay out what those reasons actually are? I think the reasons are more obvious with T.O. (age, hands, attitude), but not so much with players like Ochocinco who had one bad year coming off of some very successful years.
John: Thirty-one other teams passed on him for a reason is indeed not a reason for a 32nd team to pass on a player. You're right. But it is the appropriate response when being asked for the 100th time about the possibility of signing an aging wide receiver past his prime whose major attribute is that people have heard his name.
Ed from Ponte Vedra, FL:
I respect your answer about a fourth quarterback and strengthening the competition, but with so many other positions we need help with, why waste a spot at quarterback?
John: I always am confused by questions like this, but then again, I'm easily confused. First off, we differ on there being so many other positions the Jaguars need help with. This is a pretty deep roster – certainly deep enough that players being signed now will have a difficult time making the team. The Jaguars signed Nathan Enderle last week, presumably to compete with Jordan Palmer for the No. 3 quarterback position. To sign Enderle, you essentially released a player you consider probably between No. 81 and 90 on the 90-man roster. Are people really worried that in so doing the Jaguars are releasing a player who could provide significant depth next season? It's possible the player who would take Enderle's spot on the roster could make a difference, but it's safe to say it's a long shot.
Joel from Atlanta, GA:
Fortunately or unfortunately, however you look at it, some of us have made a daily habit of reading your Q&A, and on days when you post it later in the day, we get nervous. Are you going to let us know when the streak ends, or just shock jagnation?
John: I imagine I'll begin writing, lose track and wander off.
John from Jacksonville:
I know this is a tired subject, but I have been wondering if MJD's original draft position is at the root of this. Do you think MJD would be doing this if he had been originally drafted in the first round? It seems he is going to miss out on the two big contracts that a lot of first rounder/great players get.
John: Being a second-round selection certainly cost Jones-Drew money on the front end of his career. I don't think I would feel comfortable in saying that if Jones-Drew had gotten a first-round contract to start off that he wouldn't be holding out now.
Edward from Atlanta, GA:
I want to ask this girl out, but she's a couple of years older than me and I'm nervous. Since you're such a popular guy among the ladies, what advice can you give me?
John: I can only offer the former strategy I used many years ago when single – begging, sobbing uncontrollably and grabbing desperately at an ankle as she tried to run away. I'm not calling it a "fool-proof" plan, necessarily, but it's what I can offer.
Dane from Jacksonville:
Uche Nwaneri: what a stand-up guy. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite Jaguars. It's because of guys like him that I am proud to be a Jaguars fan. We are lucky to have such high-character players represent our team and our city.
John: Nwaneri is indeed a stand-up guy, and one my favorite interviews on the roster. He has the courage and integrity to answer as honestly as possible, and works hard to be accessible and well-spoken when interviewed. He also doesn't take himself unnecessarily seriously, something I like in a player – and people, too, come to think of it.
Kyle from Jacksonville:
Do you post questions only from the day before or do you choose them from the past week or so?
John: I try to post mostly from the day before, but if questions are good and we already have a full O-Zone, I'll hold questions for a day or two so long as there's not a time element. I had someone email me a while back and complain that they had had a question answered a few days after they had sent it. He saw this somehow as a sign of something – laziness, I guess. I thought to offer him his money back, but thought better of it and moved on.
Dan from Orlando, FL:
John, in the offseason, I see a lot of guys just come and go on the roster, mainly just for extra bodies on the practice fields. What kind of contract do they sign, and what do they earn?
John: They generally receive a minimum contract with minimal signing bonus. They also receive room and board for the off-season. Players don't start earning their actual "salaries" until the regular season.
Justin from Jacksonville:
I know you can't be biased, but c'mon: that game on September 30 is going to be VERY high-spirited. Wouldn't you agree? I mean Fred Taylor getting put on the pride. Probably won't be even be a dry eye in the house.
John: I certainly can be biased on this front. Fred Taylor going into the Pride of the Jaguars absolutely will be a special, high-spirited memorable day. I know I'll feel old watching a player I covered as a rookie – not to mention covered in college – be honored for his career. The honor will undoubtedly matter a great deal to Taylor, too, which will make the day even more special. Taylor was all class and I have yet to meet anyone who has crossed paths with him who didn't feel that way. Biased? Yeah, on that day I'll be a little biased.
Ben from Section 203:
Who are the five greatest rappers of all-time?
John: I'm not sure, but if I'm not somewhere on the list someone's got some 'splainin' to do.

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