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Standing back out of the way

About to start a lazy Sunday after a week that wasn't that, but before we do that, we'll do this.

Let's get to it . . . Robert from Jacksonville, FL:
When hiring a new head coach, isn't a team hiring more than just a person? Don't these head coaches come with people for coordinator and skill coaches? Isn't a head coach hire about the philosophy that person brings to an organization too? How much of personnel and style predetermined by the team and how much is determined by the head coach?
John: A head coach is about more than just one person, and the ability to assemble a cohesive staff that believes in the same thing and contains quality teachers is critical. They don't necessarily come with coordinators and skill coaches, but those hires are key to the head coach's chances to succeed. As for philosophy, I believe that is perhaps the critical element a head coach can bring. A head coach must create an environment and an expectation level that is understood and strived for throughout the organization. As for personnel and style, it depends, but considering Gene Smith is likely to have a tremendous influence on the coach, I'd think the style will be about discipline and focus, and I'm not worried about the guy being a leader. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't know that Mel Tucker will be the head coach, but whoever the next head coach is will believe in a lot of what Mel Tucker believes in.
Brian from Fleming Island, FL:
The message sent by cutting Jason Hill is the receivers have to help the quarterback out. Marshall caught a touchdown with a corner on his throat. Hill not only didn't try to get the ball, he didn't even try to prevent the pick.
John: That is certainly one of the messages.
Paul from Jacksonville:
Okay I understand this is the NFL and injuries happen, but what in the world has been going on the last few weeks? I feel like half of our team has been placed on IR. Are we just that unlucky this year?
John: The Jaguars without question have had a rash of players on injured reserve in recent weeks, but timing and circumstance has conspired to make that the case. A player such as Rashean Mathis would have been placed on injured reserve whatever the circumstance, but in a lot of other cases, the time of the season had something to do with it. Often when a player is injured late in the season for a team that is contending, the team will keep that player on the roster hoping he can return for the post-season. In the case of a team such as the Jaguars that is essentially eliminated, when a player sustains a three-to-four week injury with five games remaining in the season, there's little point in keeping that player on the roster for the final week of the season. Remember: most of the Jaguars' significant players who have been placed on injured reserve have been placed there in the last two or three weeks. This is not a case in which injuries cost the Jaguars the season.
James from Bossier City, LA:
I liked what I read about Coach Tucker's first practice. Why is it that the offense has not practiced as hard as the defense this year up to this point? Tougher practices = tougher players.
John: The offense had not practiced as hard as the defense because Mel Tucker was not the head coach.
Biff from Jacksonville:
I was reminded of a few truths this past week. 1) Community is great (both Jaguars and the TV show), 2) Positive and negative energy spread at the same rate and 3) We don't laugh enough. For the first I cite the intense reaction on multiple social media outlets to defend this city against the barbs of "Jacksonville is losing their team." Second, our recent extreme change managed to change the tone of the vast majority of doom and gloom sentiment to hopeful optimism. Lastly, when we read and hear the negative/false assessment of our team, rather than getting angry we should just laugh at them. When presented with that which is not true, why honor it with anger? And how can we not laugh at those who "hate" when we are a united and positive community?
John: Biff hath spoken.
Paul from Jacksonville:
O Man! This week's Ten Things is outstanding! Way to cover! I'm so pumped for MNF! And the moustache begins!
John: Thanks Paul. Good email.
John from Bainbridge Island, WA:
Not a question here, just a comment. Your response of "facts aren't always part of the conversation these days because facts are often about minutiae and it takes effort, thought, time and consideration to digest them. That's counter to the world in which we live in, so stories and perception are about sound bites and what is easy to understand" is easily the most insightful from the media about what's so wrong with modern media. Whether it's covering the financial crisis, OWS, the presidential campaign or football, we're all just lazy. Too lazy to dig deep for the real story, and too lazy to read and think about those facts.
John: It indeed is a problem, and I believe it's at the core of the constant rush to ridicule and minimize Jacksonville, as well as the constant talk of the team moving. I'm not saying there's no chance the team will ever move. If the city doesn't support it, that's without question a possibility. But there is a perception around the blogosphere, on Twitter and elsewhere on the internet it's somehow a foregone conclusion, and that couldn't be further from the truth.
Brett from My Apartment:
I haven't heard a "Rick" reference in a while. Congrats on winning us over so quickly! We're happy to have you.
John: Speak for yourself. The other guy was awesome.
Jesse from Jacksonville:
For all the fans whining about Blaine Gabbert look at his receivers: 84 passes, 992 yards, and 5 touchdowns. That tells you all you need to know about this group. They are the worst receiving corps in the league, period. What do you think? C'mon John, respond to one question, please!
John: They haven't been good. At all. I'm not saying Jerry Rice, Lance Alworth and Charley Taylor are going to show up in their primes Monday, but I believe the changes we saw this week will help – and I believe you'll see improvement in the area beginning this week.
Kristi from St. Augustine, FL:
Do you know if Shahid Khan has ever read or even knows that the popular O-Zone exists?
John: The O-Zone, as many of us know, is hard to quantify. It's more than just this sliver of the web. It's everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It's in all of us, as goodness and hope and a zestful love for life is in all of us. So, my guess is if Shahid Khan doesn't know about the O-Zone is, he senses it. Somewhere. Deep down.
Eric from Columbia, SC:
I trust Wayne Weaver. He is a good man, and he worked his butt off to get Jacksonville a franchise. If he has faith in Khan to keep the team in Jax, then so do I. We, as a fanbase, have to get behind Khan and go all in for the Jaguars. Here's to the future!
John: You have been heard.
Jeff from Clearwater, FL:
What do you think about picking up Mr. Manning from the Colts if they draft Luck? Maybe let Sunshine learn from him for a few seasons. I think it's a brilliant idea.
John: There are so many on-field and financial ramifications about your idea that it's hard to get your head around it. My opinion is if the Colts draft Luck that Manning indeed will play elsewhere next season, but acquiring him wouldn't really fit the pattern of drafting, developing and building that has been established in recent seasons. My other thought is I don't know if the inbox could handle it emotionally, physically, psychologically, technically or spiritually. Chaos. We would have chaos.
Jack from Jacksonville:
Why do the Jags get these receivers only to put them on IR? If Robiskie is not in their future plan why not just cut him?
John: They acquired Robiskie in the hope he they could help them this season, and in the future. He sustained a hamstring injury the week he arrived, and as I understand it, he figured fairly heavily in their plans for San Diego Monday before reaggravating it this week. He was placed on injured reserve because it appeared he wouldn't be able to return in time to contribute significantly the rest of the season.
Bill from Orange Park, FL:
Is the Ozone family Christmas tree up yet? How decorated is the outside of the O-home?
John: Mrs. O-Zone has what I'd call a Christmas decoration obsession. My strategy is to slip to the side and slip Christmas Vacation into the DVD player. Mostly, I stand back and get out the way. It's quite a scene.

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