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Start of a tradition


When Mike Mularkey thinks about Friday, he thinks of more than a scrimmage.

What the Jaguars' head coach said he hopes to do Friday night at EverBank Field is to begin not only a tradition, but one that's about more than training camp and more than football.

"We're really trying to create a family night environment," Mularkey said. "We're trying to make this something big. I think once they realize what's available here, I think it will be bigger every year.

"I'd like to just kind of grow this thing if we could."

Mularkey said that's the idea behind the team's scrimmage Friday, an event that begins at 6:30 p.m. but encompasses a lot more than what happens after kickoff.

Doors open at 5 p.m., and admission is free, with all fans attending receiving a ticket. The ticket will be a scratch-off, with eighty-nine fans wining a jersey worn by a Jaguars player. The player will then sign the jersey for the fan.

There also will be activities for children at the event, and there will be people at EverBank collecting donations for Wolfson Children's Hospital. The Jaguars will match every dollar donated.

"I think it's a great night," Mularkey said. "It's a win-win for a lot of people. It ends with fireworks and hopefully we get out that night with no injuries and we learn a lot about the players and everybody gets a good Friday night out with their families."

The scrimmage also will be perhaps the most physical tests of training camp, with the first half likely to feature live high tackling with no cut tackling.

"They're called saw tackles, basically where you cut the guy out with the ball, nothing low," Mularkey said. "We're going to try and protect ourselves so we're going to get out of this thing healthy."

Mularkey said the first five drives will begin with the offense on its own 30-yard line, with the first-team offense and defense facing one another on the first drive, followed by a series with the second-team against the second team. The first-team offense then will face the second-team defense, then the second-team offense against the first-team defense and finally the third-team defense against the third-team offense.

Mularkey said the "second half" will be mostly situations, including a red-zone drill and goal-line situations with the coaches placing the ball where they want the play to start.

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