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Tashaun Gipson Sr. - Sunday, September 23, 2018

(On if the team's performance was frustrating given last week's effort) "Yeah, absolutely. I think this is a winnable game. I didn't see this coming. I don't think nobody in this locker room seen it coming. It's not a sense of cockiness or arrogance, if you will, it was more so the confidence in this room. If you look at it, offensively and defensively and special teams, those guys really don't have the type of guys we have in this locker room. For it to be the game that it was, you've got to tip your hat off to those guys. They did what they do. We knew it was going to be a physical game. That fourth quarter, they lined up, heavy personnel, and they ran the ball. I think a lot of people in here are more so shocked. It's not like we felt like we were the king of the hill, but like I said when I spoke on it last week, you've got to win the games you've gotta win. Sitting 3-0 feelS a whole lot better than sitting 2-1, and I believe they're on top of the division right now. It sucks, man. We know we're the better team, but this Sunday they were the better team and they won."

(On if there was a moment when he felt the game was going to be a slugfest) "First quarter. As soon as the tOp of the first quarter ended, you kind of knew and you kind of understood what it was going to be like, and we kind of truly just felt it was going to be that type of ballgame. Moving forward, we knew we were going to have to pin our ear backs and every single opportunity, whoever gave up the big plays or whoever backed down quick is truly going to be the team that takes the L. Every play was critical, and obviously they came up with a little more critical plays than we did, offensively and defensively, sometimes knocking us out of field-goal range and getting those first downs on offense when they needed to. That's what proved to be the difference between winning and losing and it was a tight game, 9-6. It was an ugly game, but the more physical team gonna win, and it's hard to say we were the more physical team because they came out with the win."

(On how one play can make the difference) "Like I said, you've just got to tip your hat off to those guys over there. As terrible as that sounds coming out of my lips, those guys came out here and they deserved to win because they did more to get that W. Obviously, we left some plays out there that we want back, defensively and offensively. They did more to win the football game than it shows. When you're winning these types of games, 9-6, those little plays count. Those little plays, offensively and defensively, begin to add up. Those became the difference between winning and losing one of those games like this. They did enough to win the football game and we didn't."