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Taylor explains comments


Referring to himself as a "Jacksonville guy," Fred Taylor explained his remarks that suggested the Jaguars might be playing in Los Angeles one day.

Taylor, the greatest running back in Jaguars history but now playing for the New England Patriots, the Jaguars' opponent this week, was interviewed by Jacksonville reporters in a conference call on Wednesday.

"I was asked what I thought. Sometimes the truth hurts," Taylor said of an interview with "The Florida Times-Union" that appeared in the newspaper's Tuesday edition. Taylor was asked in that interview if poor attendance at Jaguars games this season might cause the team to leave Jacksonville.

"The fans want the team to stay there. They have to show they want the team to stay. According to the NFL, they're going to move a team out there (Los Angeles)," said Taylor, who added that he was challenging Jaguars fans to support the team and keep it in Jacksonville.

"Part of me was being a funny guy. I don't want to offend anyone, but you have to be realistic. It's hard to play in front of empty stands. You have a job to do but it puts a damper on it," Taylor said.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Jack Del Rio was asked about comments in the Taylor interview in which Taylor said the Patriots watch more game film than the Jaguars. Del Rio playfully responded: "Evidently, he wasn't that veteran leader here, having our guys watch the tape."

Taylor said on Wednesday that his comments about watching game film were misinterpreted.

"He didn't hear my tone. He didn't know if I was joking," Taylor said.

Taylor added that he was attempting to explain Patriots coach Bill Belichick's demand for watching game tape. "He wants answers when you come in on Wednesday. What have you learned about this team?" Taylor said.

"I thought I was (a veteran leader). Each of the young guys can vouch for the kind of veteran leader I was. I'm going to be a Jaguar the rest of my life. Jack's cool with me. I'm sure he is," he added.

Taylor laughed and joked with Jacksonville reporters on Wednesday, reminiscing and clearly enjoying the conversation.

"I hate reality TV. I don't want to air my dirty laundry," he said. "Just buy the book when it comes out. I have no problem with Jack."

Taylor was cut by the Jaguars in a youth-movement decision last winter. He then signed as an unrestricted free agent with the Patriots and was coming off a hundred-yard game when he sustained a foot injury in week four that has kept him out of action ever since. He said he's questionable to play in this Sunday's game at Gillette Stadium.

"My goals are still in place. I want to win a championship and catch Jim Brown," Taylor said.

"I kept one thing as motivation, that letter they send you about why they released you," he added. "It made it a little harder to swallow. Knowing it's a business helped ease the pain. It's definitely a young man's game."

How much longer does he plan to play?

"A couple of more years would put an end to a good book," he said.

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