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Taylor, Mack perfect pair

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Brent from Marina del Rey, CA:
Besides Jimmy Smith, can you evaluate the Jags' present and future receiver corps in depth, please. Also, I would like to say that reading your columns over the years has been so rewarding. Your analysis, fresh approach to reporting and insight are very much appreciated. Accessing the website to read your comments and reviews is a joy and a godsend to football fans throughout the country.

Vic: Bobby Shaw and Patrick Johnson are attempting to establish their careers. Shaw has true possession-receiver skills, while Johnson is a stretch-the-field pass-catcher who needs to develop consistency as a short-zone receiver. Their performances this season will go a long way in determining their futures with the Jaguars. Jimmy Redmond starred in NFL Europe and showed flashes of deep speed and NFL-caliber hands during training camp. His performance on special teams will determine the degree of opportunity he'll have to develop as a receiver with the Jaguars. Micah Ross is a big, athletic receiver who has been a special teams contributor since late last season. He is in much the same situation as Redmond. Obviously, wide receiver is a position the Jaguars can be expected to address in next year's draft and possibly in free agency, too.

Mike from Wheeling, WV:
Are there any uniform changes for the Jaguars in the near future planned at all? The uniforms now are so plain.

Vic: The Jaguars will debut a third jersey during a game in the second half of the season. The third jersey is black.

Paul from Jacksonville:
How many players must be declared inactive for each game and are they identified? Does the third quarterback count against the number of active players per game?

Vic: Forty-five players are declared active for a game. A third quarterback may dress for the game and is eligible to play, but the other two quarterbacks may not return to the game once the third quarterback is inserted. Eight players, including the third quarterback, are declared inactive and, yes, they are identified.

Michael from Jacksonville:
Everyone talks about how Tony Brackens takes plays off and he is not that good on running plays, but I have really taken notice of him since he signed that big contract and to me he seems like he has matured as a player. I know he is a high amortization guy and he is hurting us now, but do you think he can be a Michael Strahan for the Jaguars?

Vic: That's a question only Tony Brackens' knee can answer.

Steve from Gainesville, FL:
Is it too early to declare Taylor and Mack a nice complement to one another? Tom Coughlin used them very effectively this week and I would assume playing Mack could go a long way in helping to keep Taylor healthy and in the lineup.

Vic: Fred Taylor and Stacey Mack are a perfect complement. I'd like to see Mack get even more playing time.

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