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Telvin Smith - Wednesday, August 15, 2018

(On if the team got some good work in today) "Yes, it was good. Seeing new competition and being able to go against their running backs obviously [Latavius] Murray, Dalvin Cook – they are good backs in this league. They were great to go against. They are going to push us. It was good."

(On interacting with Florida State players) "It was great just to get back on the field and see [Xavier Rhodes] out there, to actually be on the field with Dalvin [Cook] and to actually compete against him. We were never together at [Florida] State, but to get out here and see how he worked, to watch him work, it was good work. It's always good to team up with guys who fought under that spear."

(On how much he keeps in touch with the Vikings Florida State players during the season) "Well, you know, they are my enemies during the season, so it's a check on them. But at the end of the day, I have to make sure these guys in teal [are good] and make sure these guys are ready to go."

(On what he is trying to get out of these two practices) "Just take it mentally to another level, see where our team is at and evaluate certain players. See if we have some backups that are ready to play. That is going to be the key – making sure we have somebody to go in. When Jalen [Ramsey] is not practicing, let's see if [Jalen] Myrick can step up in there or if 'T-Pat' [Tyler Patmon] can step up in there. That is our goal – to see how good we can be, see how good we can get."

(On what he saw out of Jalen Myrick) "He was solid. He still has some work to do, but he is solid. He is getting better in the defense."

(On if he has spoken to Jalen Ramsey) "Yes, we rapped. He is solid. He is going to get right. I am ready for him to be back."

(On defending the run pass option) "RPOs? To get linebackers, this new age of linebackers that we have bred and brought in to this league is making offenses think, 'How can we make them to suck up on the run and get the ball behind them?' That is something that works. That is something that can take it to another level – how good can you be?"

(On if the team saw a lot of run pass options today) "We have seen a couple. We have seen a couple. We didn't get got on them.

(On not hitting Latavius Murray when he had the opportunity) "That is that competition mindset. I saw another jersey, and I'm ready to go. I am ready to celebrate after that play, but it's solid. Again, this is a good team to go against, a good team to get us right and to see where we are. Like we keep on saying, hopefully we push each other in the right way and we see each other in the right game."