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Texans Wide Receiver Will Fuller V: Sunday, November 8, 2020

(On the long touchdown pass and the adjustments he made) "He just threw it my way and gave me a chance. I saw that it was a good ball because the DB (defensive back) was over the top of me. It was an adjustment, come back to the ball and then didn't see anyone in front of me and then just ran."

(On what it means still being with the Texans and having six consecutive games with TD catches) "It means a lot. I want to be here. I love playing the game here. I love playing with DeShaun [Watson]. I got drafted here and be here my whole career, so I love it here. Just continuing to score every game and doing my best to help the team win. Hopefully we can keep stacking the wins."

(On becoming a tandem with Brandin Cooks) "It's great. If we're both getting targets and the other guys too, Randall [Cobb] and Kenny [Stills], I think we can be a great offense, an explosive offense, but we have to keep it going and stay consistent."

(On how demoralizing it is on a defense on their long touchdown receptions) "I think it's very tough because like you said, it's one play; it's a big chunk play. It also opens up a lot of other things against a DB you are facing. I think it's great we got those two big chunk plays."

(On how the day went for him as the trade deadline passed) "To be honest, it really sucked being shopped around like that. Giving this organization my all and coming to work every day, I'm a very unselfish player and do everything they asked. To be shopped around, I did feel a certain type of way. Like I said, I am happy to be here and to play with DeShaun and to continue to try to get wins with this organization."

(On if he will have almost being traded here on his mind as he moves to free agency) "I'm just focused on staying healthy and helping my team win."

(On the relationship with QB Deshaun Watson and how it's played into their success on the field) "For one, the chemistry. I think we're going on four years now so it's the longest I have ever played with a quarterback in my football life. I think just being that chemistry with all the practices we had have together. We've had four training camps together and a bunch of games. Just the chemistry and I think it's going to continue to get better."

(On what it's like with the college rivalries between him and Watson) "It's always fun when you have a guy on your team that went to a school that your college plays. I always regret losing to him while I was there (Notre Dame). We went up there to Death Valley, College GameDay was there and it was pouring. They had a great quarterback in DeShaun, and we came up short with two points. It's always great to get bragging rights because that was a great game last night. I stayed up the whole time and watched it and the Irish pulled it out."