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The Bible and 'nine things'


The question hinted at bad intentions. The questioner was careful not to use the word "bounty," but Tom Coughlin understood it was being implied.

"That's not my style," Coughlin said.

The subject was a Bible passage; you know, an eye for an eye. It's a Bible passage that'll get a coach fined as quickly as you can say "Samari Rolle."

So, nobody was saying much this week about Rolle or Mark Brunell or Bible passages, because nobody wanted to be fined the week before Christmas. But Brunell, when pushed for an answer, provided this: "Our job is to be aggressive and physical, but within the rules."

OK, let's stay with that thought; nothing fine-able about that, right? "Within the rules" makes everything that follows politically correct, right? You bet.

So, "within the rules," the Jaguars should target Titans quarterback Steve McNair as the Titans have targeted Brunell. McNair has been waltzing up and down the field on the Jaguars for the last five years and it's time the Jaguars change that.

How long is this intimidation going to continue? The guy has a sore toe, sore ribs and a bad back and he continues to dance around and slide to a stop as though he's not allowed to be tackled.

Meanwhile, the Jaguars have lost quarterbacks to cheap shots by the Titans three times in the last five years: Jamie Martin out-of-bounds ACL shot in 1998; a low hit on Brunell late in the 1999 season; Rolle's helmet-to-helmet hit on Brunell in the first quarter of this year's game, which resulted in a $7,500 fine on Rolle.

When are the Jaguars going to say, "That's enough?" When are they going to retaliate, "within the rules," of course?

Here's the other "nine things" the Jaguars have to do to beat the Titans.

  1. Stop Eddie George--The Jaguars are vulnerable at the ends but George doesn't have the speed to get outside anymore. This one is on Marcus Stroud and John Henderson. Just do it.
  1. Give it to Fred--He's due to have a really big game. And he's running well. Just give it to him.
  1. Protect Brunell--Whatever it takes; the quarterback must not go down.
  1. Stand for something--It's the Sunday before Christmas, realistic playoff hopes are gone and the crowd may be small, all of which means the circumstances are perfect to prove your character.
  1. Stop the screen--Please, just once, hold Frank Wycheck up at the line of scrimmage.
  1. Expect more of the same--The Titans have a formula for beating the Jaguars. Be prepared for it.
  1. Get that Eagles feeling--It's overdue.
  1. Beat Rolle--Jimmy Smith needs to turn the tables on Brunell's chief tormentor.
  1. Be error-free--For this team, it has to be that way.
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