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The Heisman race is over

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Walter from Orange Park, FL:
Here is a list of the teams who have PSLs and what they charge for each license: Baltimore Ravens, $750-8,000; Carolina Panthers, $2,300-8,500; Chicago Bears, $3,000-6,000; Cincinnati Bengals, $300-1,500; Cleveland Browns, $375-1,500; Dallas Cowboys, $16,000-150,000; Green Bay Packers, $600-1,400; Houston Texans, $600-4,200; Philadelphia Eagles, $2,500-4,000 (sold out); Pittsburgh Steelers, $250-2,700 (sold out); Seattle Seahawks, $2,000-3,000; St. Louis Rams, $250-4,500; Tennessee Titans, $250-1,500. This is a one-time fee in addition to the actual cost of the ticket. With only a couple of exceptions, these teams sell out all the time and have extremely high renewal rates. I hate to say this, but I do not see that this town is capable of supporting a team like other cities in the NFL. We have it so good and are so lucky to have been given the opportunity, but all we ever hear are complaints and excuses.

Vic: One of the things I love about this column is the information that's exchanged. Thank you for the hard work you've put into enlightening us about permanent seat licenses.

Jason from Jacksonville:
A 15-year pin? That's your idea of acknowledgment? Yay, a pin!

Vic: What a shame that you would mock a sincere gesture by the Jaguars to show their appreciation to their loyal fans. It wasn't just a pin. There was also an invitation to a private reception in the club on the night of the scrimmage and at the home-opener a week ago all of the 15-year season ticket holders were asked to stand and be recognized, which they did to the cheers of the others in attendance. Why are you so angry?

Bruce from Jacksonville:
Why does the Patriots' website offer more information on Fred Taylor than ours does?

Vic: It's probably because he plays for the Patriots, not the Jaguars. I could be wrong about that, but that's just my guess.

Ted from Beverly Hills, FL:
Are people who pay to watch a Jaguars game on satellite included in the numbers used to determine a blackout? If not, why not? Some of us just prefer to see the game on TV. I like it much better than sitting in the stadium.

Vic: Only those who buy non-premium seat tickets to the game count toward the blackout. That's the rule. I feel the same way about movies. Why do they make you go to the theater when they first come out? Why don't they just let you rent it and watch it at home?

Morgan from Jekyll Island, GA:
Is it possible the Titans have gotten old, much like last year's Jaguars, or is their 0-3 start the cause of some other situation?

Vic: I don't know what the cause of their 0-3 start is. I'm thinking it might be a hangover from their late-season swoon last season. The last time they won a game was against the Steelers on Dec. 21, when they clinched homefield advantage for the playoffs. They've now lost five in a row and six of their last seven. Yeah, they've gotten old at the quarterback position and that may be what you're seeing, but the Titans otherwise have a good, young roster.

Mikey from Lake City, FL:
Did the Texans have to challenge the fumble in the end zone because the play began before the two-minute warning?

Vic: Yes, they did. Had that play occurred inside the two-minute warning, it would've been subject to booth review and the Texans would not have been charged a time out.

Dave from Jacksonville:
Your 10 things to slap the tinhorns around was spot on. Now make sure the Jags listen to your 10 things to beat the Titans.

Vic: I must admit, I was pretty good in analyzing this game. If I could reach both hands behind my back, I'd do it. "1. Score a lot of points—Against the league's worst defense, the Jaguars should be productive. 2. Keep them under 24—I don't think it's reasonable to expect greatness from a defense that's struggling right now. Twenty-four is reasonable and that might work."

Saud from Marietta, GA:
I think you have a typo. It's meant to be Texans instead of Titans in your sentence: "On first and goal at the one-yard line, Matt Schaub threw what appeared to be the game-tying touchdown, but the play was nullified by a pass-interference penalty against wide receiver Kevin Walter that pushed the Titans back 10 yards." Sorry, don't know how else to contact you except through here.

Vic: Gee, thanks Saud. Yeah, you're right about the mistake. Since the Texans were the team the Jaguars were playing, I probably meant to write Texans instead of Titans. The action was hot and heavy at that point and I was trying to get information out as quickly as possible, but there's no excuse for that kind of mistake. I could get fired, but I would deserve it. There can be no excuses. There is no time.

Jody from Fernandina Beach, FL:
During the in-game blog yesterday you stated, "It's whichever team has the ball last or whichever team makes the first mistake. You can't help but get the feeling this game is going to turn on a turnover." Not that it required a crystal ball, but still a profound statement.

Vic: My greatness may be the only thing that saves me this week. It's all up to Wayne Weaver on this one. Maybe he'll be in a good mood because of the win.

Hunter from Jacksonville:
They announced 70K at the game. It wasn't even close. I'm sick of people downing the Jags with their attendance. It was more like 40K at the game. When are people going to realize the talk about the Jags moving is overblown? I was at the game in Houston and there was a lot more people in Jax last week.

Vic: That's a boldface lie and you know it. Yeah, I agree there were a lot of empty seats yesterday, and I predicted that, too, in the pregame show. I'd say the turnstile count was probably in the 50s. The difference between Jacksonville and Houston is that yesterday's game was sold out, which means every one of those empty seats rung the cash register for the Texans. The Jaguars only rung the cash register in 46,000 of their seats for the home-opener. Please don't deflect criticism by pointing the finger at someone else. The finger points right here.

B.J. from Winston-Salem, NC:
Although Garrard still had to scramble a bit against Houston, I think the reason we won this game is because he had time to throw the ball.

Vic: He had time to throw in the second half, but I didn't feel his protection was all that good in the first half. He got hit hard several times as he released the ball in the first half. David Garrard is a very courageous quarterback. I think it says everything about his courage that he hung in the pocket in the face of the pass-rush despite getting clobbered two weeks in a row. I saw no happy feet and no peeking at the rush. In my opinion, the reason he was successful is because he had receivers running wide open.

Chris from Jacksonville:
I felt, based upon some of your comments leading up to the Texans game, that the Jags matched up well and you felt a victory was possible. How do we match up with the Titans?

Vic: You read me correctly, Chris. It is, yet, another example of my greatness. When I looked at the numbers, I saw a team that was last in rushing and last in rush-defense. I would betray everything I consider holy about this game to pick a team to win that is the worst in the league at running the ball and stopping the run. If I was Gary Kubiak, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.

J.T. from Atlanta, GA:
I thought the coverage of the Tebow concussion was a little much. Did you?

Vic: I think the Florida SID should have his salary doubled. That was the greatest "Heisman moment" I have ever seen. It's over. As long as Tim Tebow doesn't throw up on his shoes – that's just an expression we use in the sports business, folks – he's a lock to win the Heisman. I liked the red bag, but the ambulance scene was the clincher. When the cameras shot through that window and into the back of the ambulance, as it pulled away with its flashing light piercing the night, the Heisman race was over. Vince McMahon couldn't have done a better job.

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