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The OTA season is upon us

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Allen from Jacksonville:
Vicbow, Ibow hate to be a sticklerbow about grammarbow, but yesterdaybow youbow forgot to add the bowbow to seasonbow. Have a good daybow.

Vic: Ibow apologize.

David from Jacksonville:
I haven't been able to figure this out, yet, because half of the people (I can't figure out which half) are mispronouncing his name, but is Alualu spoken with the accent on the "a" or on the "u?"

Vic: The accent is on the "a," both times.

Jensen from College Station, TX:
I read every day looking forward to your insight, but my girlfriend gets upset every time I get on. She thinks this is stupid. Any insight?

Vic: Listen to your girlfriend.

Adrian from Inglewood, CA:
I know you're not much into soccer, but the World Cup is next month.

Vic: Thanks for the warning.

Sam from Pensacola, FL:
What are the next stages of training/dates for the Jags?

Vic: OTAs begin next week, which means that beginning next week I will be flooded with "How does (insert name) look?" questions, the preponderance of which I will immediately delete because OTAs are a meaningless measuring stick for evaluating a player's ability to play football.

Michael from Columbus, OH:
The next time the NFL conducts realignment, I would love to see the Colts moved to the AFC East and the Dolphins moved to the AFC South. I believe this would help the situation in Jacksonville by providing an in-state rivalry for divisional supremacy.

Vic: Last year's in-state rivalry was blacked out to local TV.

J. Keith from Palatka, FL:
Can Tebow hit the "honey holebow?"

Vic: Montebow Kiffinbow says nobow.

David from Jacksonville:
Why was coach Del Rio sending you quotes from Teddy Roosevelt about what it means to be an American? I am a huge Jaguars fan but I am put off by the fact that my team's senior editor and head coach believe that true Americans only speak English. I mean, did I misinterpret that response?

Vic: I don't particularly like that part of what Roosevelt said, either, but I prefer not to put a literal translation to it. I prefer to view it as a metaphor for being all in, which is what I believe to be the tone of Roosevelt's message, and I am in complete agreement with the all-in message. That's what the immigrants were who made this country great. They were all in. They submitted completely to the naturalization process and embraced America fully and the game of American football is the classic example of that embrace. Do you know how American football was created? Well, it's believed European immigrant kids playing soccer (yuk!) changed the rules to represent the change in their lifestyles. The game they created became known as American football.

Dylan from Jacksonville:
Oshiomogho Isaac Atogwe, Vic. You've never heard of him? Go study up on quality NFL safeties.

Vic: Never heard of him.

Austin from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
What is the deal with all the secrecy surrounding O.J. Atogwe? I can't find one source that says anything reliable. Does he have an injury or is he just not as good as I think?

Vic: Nobody knows.

Paul from Gainesville, FL:
I think Mike Curtis had it right, although the lawsuit would be filed before the game ended if that happened today. video

Vic: You can't always tase what you want.

Greg from Jacksonville:
There's a report that the Cowboys' draft board was exposed and of interest to Jag fans is that they had Alualu at number 22 and Tebow nowhere in the top 100, but wouldn't the full board give other teams a feel for their draft philosophy?

Vic: No, it wouldn't. The whole board secrecy thing is overrated. It's just general managers making sure they don't have to tell all about why they made the picks they did.

Jon from Saint Johns, FL:
For performance-enhancing drugs, if a second offense results in a full-season suspension, what happens on a third offense?

Vic: The player is tased.

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