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The Roar - the Jacksonville Jaguars' 1998 cheerleading squad - will be announced and introduced today at ALLTEL Stadium. The squad is made up of 28 women, including 17 who were on the squad last year. Auditions for the 1998 squad began on March 28, when 118 women registered and completed the first round of auditions. Selections of the final 28 members of the squad were made on April 4, 1998.

The 1998 members of The Roar are:

Donna Parado, a 29-year old 1st grade teacher in Jacksonville whose hometown is Starke (4th year, Captain and our only inaugural cheerleader)

Tracy Thornhill, a 25-year old event coordinator and dance/aerobics instructor from Jacksonville

Christina Kuczkowski, a 29-year old registered nurse from Jacksonville; married for 3 years and volunteers for Pet Rescue North

Michelle Pierce, a 22-year old sales assistant from Jacksonville and mother of a 1-year old daughter (2nd year)

Sarah Herrin, a 27-year old teacher from Jacksonville who was awarded the 1996/97 Teacher of the Year for the Duval County School District and was also selected as the 1998 Pro Bowl Cheerleader (3rd year)

Marchelle Elliott, a 29-year old personal trainer from Chicago who is married to a Navy pilot (3rd year, Captain)

Dale Butler, a 21-year old FCCJ student majoring in elementary education from Jacksonville (2nd year)

Dionne Harker, a 24-year old loan officer and alumni of UNF who is a native Floridian (2nd year)

Phillipa Jones, a 28- year old assistant director of nursing at Wolfson's Children's Hospital who is married and from Jacksonville (3rd year, Co-Captain)

Kim Valetutto, a 26-year old secretary from Dallas, TX with a degree in communications from Baylor University who also supports the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (2nd year)

Julie Hunsicker, a 23-year old nutrition consultant from Middleburg (2nd year and Captain)

Tena DeSalvo, a 19-year old FCCJ student majoring in psychology from Jacksonville with 16 years dance experience (2nd year)

Kym Arnold, an 18-year old UNF student majoring in computer science from Orange Park with 16 years dance experience and also coaches rhythmic gymnastics

Jocelyn Rigby, a 26-year old aerobic instructor from Jacksonville who is married with 3 children (3rd year, Co-Captain)

Stephanie Archibald, a 19-year old UNF student majoring in nutrition from Jacksonville

Amy Weakley, a 20-year old FCCJ student majoring in law and is a part-time rhythmic gymnastics instructor from Jacksonville

Kathryn Pierce, a 20-year old FCCJ student majoring in elementary education and is also a dance instructor from Jacksonville

Kristina Russell, a 20-year old FCCJ student and a part-time dance instructor from Neptune Beach (3rd year)

Diane Gray, a 29-year old office manager from Atlantic Beach (3rd year and Captain)

Peggy Bertwell, a 21-year old UNF student from Jacksonville who will be graduating in August with a degree in political science

Alison Taylor, a 20-year old dance major student at JU from Jacksonville who was also a former member of the US Rhythmic Gymnastic National Team (3rd year, Co-Captain)

Joyletta Finley, an 18-year old student who will be graduating from the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in June and will attend FCCJ

Amy Bradford, a 21-year old merchandiser's assistant from Jacksonville (2nd year)

Karen Gabriel, a 21-year old JU student studying psychology, dance and sociology from Jacksonville (2nd year)

Marsha McCoy, a 20-year old UNF student majoring in public relations from Jacksonville (2nd year)

Kimberly Grinestaff, a 24-year old receptionist from Jacksonville and mother of 2 children (2nd year, Co-Captain)

Kelly Whitehead, a 20-year old UNF student majoring in special education from Jacksonville who currently holds the title of Miss First Coast and will be competing in the Miss Florida Pageant on July 11

Christi Chapman, a 20-year old dance instructor from Jacksonville who is attending FCCJ and plans to major in Special Education

The Roar is an integral part of the Jaguars entertainment package during all home games. Under the direction of Robin Valetutto, these professional cheerleaders captivate Jaguars fans with their explosive, high-energy routines. When not on the playing field, members of The Roar serve as goodwill ambassadors for the Jaguars by participating in various community and charitable events throughout Jacksonville and surrounding areas.

The squad's 1998 debut will be at the Jaguars' preseason opener at 8:00 p.m. Friday, August 14, against the New York Giants.


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