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The wind was worth 34 points

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Skeeter Robie from Pharr, TX:
Tony Boselli is well-known for wearing Pop Warner-size shoulder pads. Do you think there is any correlation between his current shoulder injury and those pads?
Vic: I asked Tony about the pads and he said they have nothing to do with his injury.

David Kanaszka from Neptune Beach, FL:
What are the rules on what a stadium and team can do to educate their fans on proper football conduct; when to yell and when to be quiet, when to stand and when to sit down, why you don't boo your own team, etc. Is there something that can be handed out or posted in the concourses or on the scoreboard. I know the announcer isn't allowed to say "OK, let's get loud," but there are ways around it that I have noticed other teams do.
Vic: The rule is that teams are not permitted to use the scoreboard or the public address system to encourage noise or rowdy behavior, and all music or speaker noise must stop when the offense breaks the huddle. Certainly, the Vikings stretched those rules in recent years, but the league has cracked down on them. My opinion on all of this is that spontaneous fan reaction provides the most genuinely exciting atmosphere. You have to let people react naturally. Anything else is a lie.

Lee Schuessler from Denver, CO:
Here in the Denver newspaper it was reported Fred Taylor would be out for 10 games. All other reports I could find say it will be three weeks. What is the accurate report?
Vic: I honestly don't know, but I usually tack a week or two onto the Jaguars' prognosis. Tom Coughlin is very aggressive in his view of injury rehabilitation. In Fred Taylor's case, the Jaguars never offered a timetable for his recovery. Reporters will begin pressing that issue during the bye week.

Brian McCue from Orange Park, FL:
It appears to me the Jags were against the wind in the second and fourth quarters (against Cleveland). Did they mess up the coin toss? How does the coin toss work going into the second half?
Vic: Cleveland won the opening coin toss and elected to receive; the Jaguars elected to have the wind at their back in the first quarter. Jacksonville had first option to begin the second half and elected to receive; the Browns chose to have the wind in their face in the third quarter, which meant they would have it to their back in the fourth quarter. The only way the Jaguars could've had the wind to their back in the fourth quarter is if they had used their second-half option to defend a specific goal, instead of electing to receive. In that case, they would've had to kickoff twice in the game. You raise a good question, because the wind prevented Mike Hollis from attempting a 53-yard field goal in the fourth quarter. Also, only three of 37 points scored in the game were scored against the wind. I don't fault the Jaguars for their coin-toss decisions.

Kelly Arnold from Jacksonville:
I love my home team. I have never been so emotionally tied to any sport the way I have been to the Jags. I would go to absolutely every game if I could, but the problem is that I simply cannot afford it; not even the "cheap" seats. I venture to say that if ticket prices started about $10-$15 lower, then the Jags and the rest of the league would have virtually no problem at all selling out games and, in the end, they'd probably make more money than before. I think the NFL should examine this. What do you think?
The NFL is extremely sensitive to what you're saying. That's why we have a salary cap; to discourage teams from spending too much money on player salaries and driving ticket prices out of sight. The cap is the best friend the fans have. I am also very sensitive to your situation. My advice to you is to be patient because I believe the Jaguars are going to become more creative in their ticket marketing and make their product more affordable.

Ed Worton from Jacksonville:
Thanks for helping us fans with the tough questions. Here's mine: With Nickerson going down on Wednesday, do you think Coughlin is pushing the players too hard? Any time a free agent leaves the Jaguars, he always complains of the commando type practices Coughlin puts on. Also, does Nickerson really need to be in hitting drills at this point in his career?
Vic: I don't know the answers to your questions. What I do know for sure is that Tom Coughlin believes preparation is the key and he's not likely to alter that stance. Do they hit too much? They sure didn't in training camp. In fact, I faulted them for not having hit enough.

John Jambo from Jacksonville:
Why did the coach give up on the running game against Cleveland when Stacey Mack was averaging 5.5 yards per carry? Jonathan Quinn still telegraphs where he's throwing the ball. If I can pick up on it as a fan, the defense is loving it. Why not try Quinn at tight end? He's a gifted athlete playing the wrong position.
Vic: I think the absence of Tony Boselli caused the Jaguars to underestimate their ability to run the ball, and I think they overrated Cleveland's ability to stop the run. That might've been a mistake. As far as Jonathan Quinn is concerned, his Jaguars career will end when his contract expires at the end of this season, and that doesn't leave enough time for position switches. He's a marvelous athlete who just didn't have enough quarterback experience behind him coming out of college.

Andrea Daily from Westerville, OH:
The way I saw it, there is nothing legal about (Gerard Warren's) hit (on Mark Brunell), but (the officials told) Tom Coughlin nothing illegal happened. That can't be right. Is the interception a factor in not flagging a defensive lineman for hitting Brunell?
Helmet-to-helmet hits are not permitted, regardless of possession or position. That's the issue. The league will answer all of our questions with its decision on whether or not to punish Warren for the hit. Let's just assume the league knows the rules.

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