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There's plenty in this name


Kyle Bosworth was born when his uncle, Brian Bosworth, was at the height of his football fame. The legend that is "The Boz" came to Kyle by way of storytelling, but the lessons in life he needed he got first-hand.

"The Boz," a legend of a linebacker at Oklahoma, where he won two Dick Butkus awards and became a first-round, supplemental draft pick of the Seattle Seahawks, helped provide foundation for twin nephews forced to grow up without a father.

"I wanted to estrange myself from my dad on all accounts. My grandfather was my father growing up. When Brian came around, he was like the second father," Kyle Bosworth said of his young life in Dallas, Tex., where he was three years old when his abusive father left three children and their mother to fend for themselves.

Kyle is an undrafted free agent trying to stick with the Jaguars. His twin brother, Korey, is trying to do the same with the Broncos. If they're each successful, they might face each other on opening day in Jacksonville.

Nice little story, isn't it? It is now, but it wasn't so nice growing up.

"I've been through a couple years of anger management," Kyle said.

He's a 6-1, 236-pound linebacker with a good 40 time and a UCLA pedigree to match that of his bloodline. The word is that when the pads go on, Bosworth will be a serious contender for a roster spot with the Jaguars as a special teams player.

If it all comes together for Bosworth and his brother, they'll have their grandfather to thank. Kyle has dedicated his attempt to make the Jags roster to the memory of his grandfather, who passed away last August following a lengthy battle against prostate cancer.

Kyle took his mother's maiden name at the age of 18 as a way of distancing himself from his father and for honoring his grandfather, Brian Bosworth's father. The same values with which "The Boz" was raised, Kyle and his brother were also raised.

"Perfectionist, hard-working, mowed his own yard, fixed his own sink," Kyle says of his grandfather. "He taught everyone to do everything. He made it to every practice and every game when I was in high school," Kyle said.

His uncle was more than a great college football player and personality. He was also an honor student and solid citizen. Those values were obviously passed down.

"Never been arrested, never been in jail, graduated with honors. I felt like I was better than a couple of guys I saw get drafted. I thought I was going to get drafted. You play the cards you're dealt," Kyle said.

"I've got a hunger to play. I've been dreaming my whole life of playing. It's dedicated to him," he said of his grandfather. "I'm the kind of guy who starts early and finishes late."

What does he know about "The Boz?"

"I know he was flamboyant. He was crazy and he didn't care what anybody thought about him," Kyle said.

What did "The Boz" tell him about life in the NFL, which didn't produce the same fame that college football did?

"It's a mind game and once you've made it, you still haven't made it," Kyle said of his uncle's message to him.

The name, however, has to count for something, because you don't mess with "The Boz."

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