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They'd make that trade

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Josh from Dayton, OH:
I sense a certain amount of defeat in your responses since Sunday, Vic. Usually you tell the fans that, while we have issues, we're building and it's just a process to be expected.

Vic: OK, the Jaguars are building and it's just a process to be expected.

Ed from Jacksonville:
I saw a very nice yacht parked downtown between The Landing and Hyatt Hotel from Dover, Del. It was obviously someone very well off and most likely here to see the game. Their visit helped our local economy.

Vic: Every time the Steelers and teams such as the Eagles play here and I get complaints the following week about how the fans of those teams took over the stadium and were obnoxious, I remind everyone of this: They were there because you weren't. Try getting a ticket to see the Jaguars play up there.

Ken from Atlantic Beach, FL:
Have you ever covered a quarterback who was the number one overall pick from the day he was drafted or will next year be your first?

Vic: I covered Terry Bradshaw. He was the first pick of the 1970 draft. You're 15, aren't you?

Richard from Starke, FL:
What is the definition of an illegal wedge? The Eagles were called for it during one kickoff return but were not called for it during the opening kickoff.

Vic: Three or more blockers aligned together on a kick return constitute an illegal wedge.

Joe from Ystrad Mynach, Wales:
How do you see the Ryder Cup panning out this year?

Vic: You'll win.

Jesse from Jacksonville:
Should we change our drafting strategy just to get a QB this year?

Vic: I don't think the Jaguars will have to do that. The quarterback crop is expected to be deep enough to either fit where you're picking or allow you to fit yourself to the pick without too much cost. That's one of the reasons GM Gene got that extra fourth-round pick in last year's draft. He'll be trying to get additional ammunition.

Matt from Oxnard, CA:
How does the claims process work?

Vic: If you want to put in a claim for a player that has been cut, you have 24 hours to do so. When the 24 hours expire, the league looks at all of the teams that put in claims and awards the player to the team highest in the claim order. Back when I started covering the NFL, I believe that if a team claimed a player off waivers, they then went to the bottom of the order. It doesn't work that way these days. I also remember that when Lou Holtz took the job as head coach of the New York Jets, he did not fully understand the waiver rules and made a mess of their roster. "Dr. Lou" went back to college football very quickly. This is most definitely a different animal from college football.

Doug from Port Orange, FL:
What is your opinion on the Tampa Bay Rays giving away 20,000 tickets to last night's game? I understand Tropicana Field is the worst professional sports facility I've ever seen, but they're going to the playoffs and competing for the best record in baseball.

Vic: They're trying to root themselves in Tampa. I'll say this for the Rays: They've built a nice-looking farm system. As I wrote yesterday, sports is a tough sell in Florida. I'd like to know where the Jaguars stand in attendance rankings among teams in the state.

Vince from Indianapolis, IN:
My Colts are coming to town this Sunday afternoon to put a whoopin' on your Jags. Buckle up.

Vic: I'm going to wear an extra-wide belt to hold up my khakis this weekend.

Andrew from Daytona, FL:
I would be really interested if you could tell me the difference between the 2007 Jaguars and the 2010 Jaguars.

Vic: The '07 Jaguars were on their last legs. Those who were reading "Ask Vic" back then no doubt remember my warnings about too much focus on drafting for offense and how it had resulted in the defense getting old. Back then, I was talking about the Jaguars having "wide receiver fever" and what a mistake it was. I'm looking at the play-by-play for the playoff game in New England. Rob Meier and John Henderson were the starting defensive tackles. Meier was at the end of the line and Henderson was always a player for whom it was feared that he would have a short career because of back stiffness. Marcus Stroud, of course, had already been placed on injured reserve and had played his final game for the Jaguars. Paul Spicer was at end and was clearly in his final years. The Jaguars opened in "nickel" and Sammy Knight and Terry Cousin were starting defensive backs, along with Reggie Nelson and Brian Williams. Right away, that's seven players on defense that would have to be replaced in the next year or two, not counting middle linebacker Mike Peterson and defensive end Bobby McCray, both of whom were to become free agents. The starting offensive lineup included Ernest Wilford, Khalif Barnes, Maurice Williams, Tony Pashos, Dennis Northcutt and Fred Taylor. That's six more that are gone. Vince Manuwai would sustain a season-ending injury in the 2008 season-opener. Football is not a game of maintenance; it's a game of replacement and in too many cases the Jaguars didn't have replacements ready. The draft is the lifeblood of an NFL team. You can't afford to miss on picks and there are no players left on the team from the 2005 draft and only one player left from the '08 draft. Those are draft classes that should represent the nucleus of your team now. That's what happened to this team.

Joseph from Jacksonville:
Remember your Sept 12th editorial: Jags, fans in love again? That was pretty preliminary wasn't it?

Vic: It worked that day. It was the truth.

Wes from Jacksonville:
I'm a little surprised at the lack of information about Trent Edwards' release from the Bills. Can you shed more light on why a team wouldn't say more or why it seems he was let go so suddenly?

Vic: It wasn't sudden. His play had deteriorated from a time in 2008 when it appeared he was on his way toward becoming Buffalo's franchise quarterback. He had a great game in a week-two win in Jacksonville. I remember the 37-yard completion he threw that was the big play in that game, at crunch time, I might add. It was an impressive "honey hole" throw and I remember writing in my blog that I really liked what I saw in Edwards. He was 20 of 25 for 239 yards, a touchdown and a 119.8 passer rating. He led the Bills to a 5-1 start that season, but that would be as good as it would get. He suffered through injuries and bouts of poor play and he had lost his job to Ryan Fitzpatrick when the Bills played in Jacksonville last year. I didn't get it and I fully expected that Chan Gailey would reclaim Edwards' career this season, but it didn't happen. Why? I don't know. I'll tell you this: He passes the eye test. He's a big guy with a good-looking arm and a Stanford pedigree. He had good receivers in Buffalo, but he didn't have much of a line in front of him. Maybe he just needs a change of scenery. We'll see.

Don from Macclenny, FL:
I did "protect this house" during the game. Certainly, I did not get into a fight. I just asked the Philly fans if they had ever been to a game at their stadium. When they said yes, I asked them if they would like me to treat them as they would treat opposing fans in their stadium. After that, we all got along just fine.

Vic: They were probably too drunk to understand what you were saying. If you study Pa. history, you'll see that a faction of highly intelligent and socially agreeable people fled Philadelphia in the early 18th century and settled in the western part of the state, so they would be separated from the cretins in Philadelphia by the mountains. In Western Pa., these new settlers reveled in a culture of love and cooperation. I, of course, have always been deeply indebted to my ancestors for making that move.

Jonathan from Tampa, FL:
Man, I am so tired of GM Gene and Jack Del Rio. Had we drafted Crabtree and Tebow, we would not be in this mess.

Vic: Yeah, I see what you mean. Michael Crabtree has six catches for 81 yards, which means that had the Jaguars picked those two players, they'd have 83 yards more of offense. Yeah, but think about all those tickets they would've sold.

Max from Jacksonville:
Please ask Trent to get a haircut. Sloppy haircut equals sloppy play.

Vic: Blame it on the hair?

Stephen from Jacksonville:
"Cross-eyed quarterbacks." I love it. I'm gonna be laughing about that for a while.

Vic: It makes perfect sense. A cross-eyed quarterback can look-off the safety and stare down his receiver at the same time.

Mike from Jacksonville:
If we do beat the Colts, I don't think I'll feel any better about this season.

Vic: What if they win all the rest of their games and win the Super Bowl? Would that make you feel better? Why do I get the feeling the answer is no?

John from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
With Denver's QB doing such a great job, I'll bet Denver would part with Tebow for our 2011 first-round pick.

Vic: You bet they would. Think on that a little bit, John.

Courtney from Nashville, TN:
I noticed that the "sold out" stadium was very quiet on Sunday, probably quieter than the library I'm in right now. Perhaps, Jacksonville fans are suited for scarves and drinking tea while holding out the pinkie finger.

Vic: How's that towel thing workin' out for you? The quarterback went down and the quarterback went down hard.

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