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Third winners unveiled


Jaclyn and Reina Praxedes are longtime Jaguars season ticket holders and were chosen among their peers to have their photo featured on the Jaguars 2011 general bowl season tickets.

Fans chose the winners by voting on the Jaguars Facebook page and at  Jacklyn and Reina are the third winners featured:

Jacklyn and Reina Praxedes

"The photo is of myself and my sister, Reina, at the Breast Cancer Awareness game last year. This is very exciting since we have been Jaguars fans from the beginning. We just decided to submit the photo, 'Why not?' I was so excited when I received the phone call, but I was working so I couldn't really start screaming. My sister is extremely excited as well.  We can't thank the Jaguars enough for the opportunity, such a great idea.  It's going to be really cool to see ourselves on the tickets.  I haven't told a lot of people yet because I wanted to make sure it was okay first.

"We have been season ticket holders from the beginning.  We started off in the 400s and now we are in the 200s.  We actually try to buy extra tickets for friends.  We started with only two tickets so we had to pick and choose at first but now we have five tickets and we go as a family.  We have three in front and my parents sit in the back.  A lot of times we come right from church to the game.

"The 2010 season was great with the win over Indianapolis and the touchdown by Mike Thomas (against Houston).  I would have to say the Colts game this year was probably my favorite of all-time. That was a lot of fun.  In terms of players, Fred Taylor was so fun to watch.  I just read a recent article about him wanting to retire as a Jaguar so that's pretty cool.

"People don't understand (across the country).  We are a small market and it's hard for people to see the passion in Jacksonville.  We are there every Sunday. "

Bill Prescott Jaguars Senior Vice President, Stadium Operations/Chief Financial Officer

"Besides the action on the field, being at the stadium you can participate with other fans in wearing pink for the Breast Cancer Awareness game; or showing your thanks and support for those who have served or are currently serving our country at the Military Appreciation game."

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