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Thoughts on the title game

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Gregg from Ocala, FL:
I understand you are a BAP guy all the way. You have also said you may also trade down and collect picks. Is it safe to say that if the BAP is a player in a position you do not feel is a necessity, then that would trigger the trade-down maneuver?

Vic: The idea is to select the best available player or trade down to recoup the value of the pick and move into position to select the player you want where he fits in the selection order. All of that, of course, is in a perfect world. My obsession is with making sure you get the full value of the pick you have. That's why it's so important not to reach for a pick. When you do that, you accept less than the full value of the pick you have and you allow your competition to realize a value greater than the pick they have should've allowed. It's a double hit.

Kevin from Orlando, FL:
How good does the Ravens' draft-day trade with the Jaguars look for the Ravens now? They got their quarterback plus another draft pick.

Vic: In terms of players, the real winner was the Texans, who got starting left tackle Duane Brown lower in the order, which means less expensively, and then selected the steal of the draft, Steve Slaton, in the third round. In terms of players, the trade was not a blockbuster for the Ravens. They could've taken Joe Flacco at pick eight and the extra player to whom you've referred, Tavares Gooden, spent the season on injured reserve and no one's sure where he fits in the Ravens' future. The blockbuster for the Ravens in the trade is that they saved about $10 million in trading down to 26 and then back up to 18, where they selected Flacco.

Issak from Washington, IA:
I am so happy the Browns hired Mangini. I dreaded the fact that Kirk Ferentz may have been gone. I think Kirk is one of the more under-looked coaches in college football, and I was just wondering if you had an opinion on him?

Vic: I think he's a fabulous coach and I've felt that way for a long time. He's my idea of the kind of guy I want on the sideline, which is to say a calm, poised and focused coach. That's how his teams play. There are two big things about Ferentz I like: 1.) His teams' offensive line play is always strong. 2.) His teams always play their best football late in the season, which means the more he coaches them, the better they get. In my opinion, he'd be even more successful in the NFL than he has been in college football.

Lee from Jacksonville:
You were absolutely torched on the Colts' fan forums for your (accurate) assessment of Peyton Manning's poor play in crunch time of the most recent playoff game. More interestingly, though, your old friend Bill Polian, on the radio, said the Colts defense played well enough to win and the failure of Peyton Manning and the offense to convert on third-and-two late in the fourth quarter was inexcusable. He blamed Joseph Addai specifically, but inferred that the offense, led by Manning, under-performed.

Vic: I can tell you this, neither Polian nor Tony Dungy deserve any blame. Polian did a masterful job of patching holes created by salary cap cuts and defections, and Dungy coached superbly in bringing that team back from 3-4 and developing that defense into a number 11 unit, despite not having nearly as many top picks on that side of the ball as the Colts have on the offensive side. The defense absolutely played well enough for the Colts to win. I couldn't agree more with Polian.

Eric from Jacksonville:
Tebow got it done at crunch time but without Harvin, Florida loses that game. What are your thoughts on the game, especially the fourth quarter?

Vic: My first thought is that Percy Harvin was the star of the game. I don't think there's any question about that, especially considering that he was coming off a major ankle injury and that Florida lost some players in last night's game, which meant Harvin had to pick up the slack and play more than what might've been intended. He absolutely was the best player on the field and that's why Florida ran the wildcat on the goal line. They wanted the ball in his hands. My second thought is that it was a difficult game for me to watch and I couldn't wait to stop watching. It was like watching Peyton Manning playing against Peyton Manning. All that standing around, looking at the sideline, stepping under center, then backing out and looking at the sideline again; it was driving me crazy. I was dying to see a huddle. I would've paid to see a team break the huddle, get down in four-point stances and blow the other guys off the ball on third and one. I don't like the kind of football those two teams play, but that's the college game of today. It's 90 percent deception and intrigue. From what I'm reading in my e-mails, Tebow must've done something after I turned the TV off. I didn't see it because as soon as Oklahoma failed on fourth down, I shut it down. The game was won and lost on the goal line in the second quarter. Oklahoma didn't have the big back to pound it in, Florida held and that led to a poor decision by Bob Stoops not to kick a field goal at the end of the half. Florida got it done in the fourth quarter. The interception was the big play of the game. He just took it away. Frankly, I thought that play was symbolic of the game. I thought Florida was the more physical team. One more thought: When Oklahoma was in its final possession, the noise level was fantastic. At that point, Florida was playing a home game. Every coach in college football that would have to play in that circumstance should be dedicated today to changing the system. It's ridiculous.

Dave from North Kingstown, RI:
What can we expect to see from involving the lead up to the 2009 NFL draft?

Vic: I'll do the position previews and then put an all-important value board together, but that's not going to happen until after the scouting combine. First, we need to know who's in the draft, and then we need some postseason information.

Patrick from Jacksonville:
What do you think about the Ravens-Titans game? I think the Ravens will win because they could blitz Kerry Collins and get to him multiple times. Collins is immobile.

Vic: I'm picking the Ravens and the Chargers in the AFC games. I'm going with the revenge theme, since the Ravens and Chargers each lost to the Titans and Steelers earlier in the season. I'm going with the Giants and Panthers in the NFC because I think they are really good teams and really good teams are really tough to beat at home in the playoffs.

James from Jacksonville:
Who do you think would make a great defensive coordinator for the Jags?

Vic: Jack Del Rio.

Rob from Jacksonville:
Tim Tebow doesn't wear Superman pajamas. Superman wears Tim Tebow pajamas.

Vic: I was thinking the same thing.

Mike from Virginia Beach, VA:
After watching the BCS Championship game last night, I feel it's only a matter of time before Jags fans begin clamoring for Tebow to join the team. The FOX announcers just could not say enough good things about him, stopping just short of proclaiming him the next Messiah. How full has your inbox been with we must get Tebow questions? Do you think it will get worse if he declares for the draft?

Vic: Yes, I do. I heard the play-by-play guy twice say that to talk with Tim Tebow is to come away a better person. Hey, I really need to interview this guy.

Chris from Jacksonville:
If you had to pick, whose speech was the most moving, Gale Sayers' acceptance of the George S. Halas award or John Cappelletti's acceptance of the Heisman Trophy? Personally, I can't watch either of those without shedding a tear.

Vic: I think it's Tim Tebow's apology to the fans after the loss to Ole Miss. I saw that during last night's telecast and it got me so fired up that I got out of bed and did two push-ups.

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