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Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel: Sunday, December 13, 2020

(On how the Titans' defense started strong early in the game) "We just wanted to come out strong and play a full four quarters. Last week we gave up (points in) the first half, but we didn't like how we played and we came out (better) in the second half. This game we wanted to make sure we played a full four quarters and play as a defense."

(On what changed defensively in the Titans' improvement this week on third downs) "I think guys were locking in this week. We didn't feel good about last week, so we wanted to come in, lock in and just do your job. If you just do your job, then plays will come your way and that's how defense works for each other. Guys this week just came out and did their thing and did their job."

(On how the communication of the Titans defense was today) "It was good. Obviously we had some miscues here and there, but I mean, overall, we were just getting lined up and playing fast. We didn't want to have too much time talking, going back and forth with each other. We just wanted to get lined up and just play."

(On if the defensive communication is as simple as getting a call and then passing it along to teammates) "Yeah, definitely. Every play you should be talking to the guy next to you. That way, you can help him out, regardless. You might know something that he doesn't know and he might know something that you don't know, so it's good just to have that conversation quick and precise."

(On at what point he knew fellow safety Kenny Vaccaro would be out) "It was Saturday morning, so I didn't have too much time, just like the Ravens game."

(On if he's gotten used to playing without Vaccaro) "I prepare as a starter. I mean, regardless, it's my job to prepare to play and go in to a lot of positions if my name is called. I know a lot of guys, a lot of people, if their name is called, then they do the exact same thing."

(On what changes preparation-wise for him when he's preparing to play as a dime back and gets moved to safety) "Like I said, not much changes. I just try to prepare as if I'm going to be starting at safety. That way I can help out KB (Kevin Byard) and Kenny (Vaccaro), (that) if they don't see something, I can help them out on the sidelines. I just try to do my best to stay up to speed, try to stay neck-and-neck with Kenny and KB during the week about first- and second-down stuff, and not just the third-down stuff."

(On how the rest of the defense feeds off the energy of cornerback Malcolm Butler) "Yeah, he brings good energy. He's locked in. Every time he gets the pass breakup he's hyped, and I think that helps us get hyped as well. (When) he's playing well, we play well."

(On his perspective missing a tackle on James Robinson's 47-yard run) "Yeah, I got to make that tackle, but I just shot the gap and tried to make a play. He's a good back too. He gets paid as well, and he got one on me."