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Todd Wash - Thursday, November 21, 2019

(On if the defensive line or linebackers need to do a better job of shedding blocks) "Well in our system we're an attack front, so it's not like we sit and try to cover up linemen and keep them off the second level. So, within our system that's not what we do. Some systems they do, but for us, we're an attack system and then when you get on a block you have to get off a block is basically the way our system is built from the front seven and nickel, or the front eight and base."

(On if the recent performances by the run defense are frustrating given the defense has previously defended well against Alvin Kamara, Joe Mixon and Le'Veon Bell) "Well I think it's frustrating obviously to us as a staff, but it's frustrating to them. The last couple games we played, we played pretty well in the first half. And then they've gotten out of hand in the second half. So, we keep talking about consistency, but first of all, I think you have to obviously put it on myself. I have to make sure that I get them in better positions to make some plays and create better angles for us defensively. It's kind of not the same style of runs, but these misdirection things that are giving us some issues and that's a big point of emphasis this week going into Tennessee."

(On how much the defense tackles in practice) "The key for us is we want to get to games healthy, so you don't see a lot of live tackling. In the 12 years [coaching in the NFL], we'd do one period usually a year and that's in training camp goal line [situations]. So, you don't do a lot. We've tried to simulate as much as we can with crash pads, and that kind of stuff and just the fundamentals of taking grass away, eyes to the thighs, all of the different techniques and stuff that we've learned through the years. We try to get that as much as we can without physically pounding them. So, we don't do a lot of live tackling, but we do a lot of simulating, trying to get the reps so we can obviously make plays on Sundays."

(On why he thinks teams are calling misdirection plays against them) "We've seen the same style of runs for the last three, four years. It came, obviously Sean McVay started with all the jet sweep phony stuff behind the quarterback and all that, and that's kind of the plays in the leagues right now. But it does, it gets you flowing, and they match it a lot with some outside zones, so you get your linebackers running. We have some indicators and stuff like that that we can communicate better on. But the biggest thing is like I said, we need to create better angles, I need to create better angles for our defense. Not only just the defensive line but the linebackers so they can get back. [We] see a lot of this stuff starting one way and it rolls back on us, and blockers get up on us, so we have to create better angles for our players as a staff."

(On if he thinks LB Quincy Williams will have an expanded roll this week and on how his time out of starting lineup could help him) "I think it's helped because he really understands. After the first week when he was sat down, he came and said, 'Hey, I understand. I'm not out there trying to make plays; I have to do my job.' And I think Quincy learned that early on. And we're still going to play all of our linebackers and stuff like we do, but we're going to give him a little more expanded role to see where he's at. He's got the talent. He can run, he can hit, and he's had a really good week of practice. Yesterday we just finished up with a walk through, he did well in that, so we'll get him, and Najee [Goode] and Myles [Jack] all in there."

(On if players were trying to do too much against the run in the Week 11 game at Indianapolis) "I'm not trying to do too much, I think when the team starts having success, I think a player naturally is going to say, 'I'm going to take my gap, I'm going to fall back,' and then all of a sudden the [running] back bounces. So, we talked about hey, just do your job, trust that the other guys are going to do their job and hopefully we can get it stopped then. I feel comfortable. We've done it before. So, it's not like all of a sudden we're just crappy at it. We've had two good first halves and we didn't have two good second halves. But we still have to go out and prove that we can get it done, and [we're] going against a damn good back this week."

(On if he questions the effort of the defense in the second half) "No. And I don't think we're tired or anything like that. I think we're missing some opportunities within the run game. I think we played the pass relatively well, especially last week, I think our back end did a really nice job, but a lot of it is just execution. It's the same plays we see in the first half. And sometimes we make some adjustments and that kind of stuff, and maybe it's not a good adjustment by myself, so it's a combination. I think we all have to get better. It's definitely not just the players. It's just as much my fault as it is anybody else on this roster."

(On if he sees times where LB Myles Jack relies too much on his athleticism and not physicality when shedding blocks) "He's on an edge a lot, but that's what's going to happen in zone schemes within our system. Not that everybody knows, but if our linebackers just run downhill, we're going to get killed in the passing game. It's just the way we play our system. It's the way Gus [Bradley] plays it, it's the way [Robert] Saleh plays it, it's the way they play it in Seattle. Your linebackers can't get just downhill, a lot of people don't understand that, a lot of people don't understand football to be honest with you. So, our scheme allows them to go east and west, but when he does see it, we need to see our linebackers getting downhill better than we have. But you're not going to see them just running downhill, that's not our system."

(On if he would play Jack as an outside linebacker) "No. He's our mike linebacker."

(On how different the Titans offense is from when they played in Week 3) "The run game is very similar. It's what Derrick [Henry] does obviously extremely, extremely well. So, the run game is very similar to what it was when we played them the last time. I think the passing game's a little bit different. [Ryan] Tannehill's done a really, really nice job. He's very athletic. He can extend plays just like [Marcus] Mariota can, but he's accurate. And when he gets down in the red zone, we've all seen it, I think he's 10-for-10 since he's taken over. He's playing some really good football right now. But the passing game is a little bit different. They're going to have more weapons this week than they've had the last couple with [Corey] Davis and I think Delanie [Walker] will be back, so we're going to have our hands full in the passing game and run game. They're a very good team."

(On if it is encouraging playing Titans RB Derrick Henry again knowing they stopped him last game) "We go into the game each week saying that we can get it done, but obviously that helps, but then it's probably going to add more motivation for them to run the football this week. So, it's going to be a physical game. I think our guys are really chomping at the bit to get at it, to get this taste out of our mouth. We talked about it on Monday, heck, we talked about it again yesterday. We need to go out. We need to play like were capable, and if that happens, I like our chances."

(On if he would like to see DE Josh Allen play more run defense and on first and second downs) "No, he's been in there quite a bit on first and second downs. We do some things in 11 where him and Yan[nick] Ngakoue are in at the same time and all that kind of stuff, but the same thing; we have a set rotation. We have eight guys up and it's important that we stay fresh throughout the game."

(On the consistency of DE Yannick Ngakoue) "He's a great student of the game and he studies a lot. I think, regardless of what the stats say, I think he's really stepped it up in the run game. He's done a nice job. That was a big thing that we stressed to him when he got here in training camp, but as a pass rusher, he came out as an elite pass rusher. If I'm not mistaken, I think he led the NCAA in sacks his last year in college. But he has a knack for getting the ball out. You saw it the other day. He's more worried about getting the ball than the sack, and credit to him. I love Yan and I'm just so glad that he's part of our football team."