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Too late for Beavis

Let's get to it . . . Chris from Middleburg, FL :
I know there are increasing complaints about Cecil Shorts and Marcedes Lewis, but I must be one of few to not be so quick to jump off the boat for either of them. Lewis has always been an outstanding blocker and, although needing work, can catch the ball fine. Shorts, while perhaps not having even a good year, is someone that the coaches obviously see major upside with. And that's what it's all about. Upside.
John: I know people get tired of hearing me preach patience, but you're right regarding both players, Lewis has been a good player for a long time. He didn't forget how to play. You don't give up on a player of that caliber after seven games. As for Shorts, he has had a slow start, but let's not forget he has had in it in a passing offense that is struggling overall. I obviously thought Shorts would be very good this season. That's well-documented. Far smarter football minds than my own – and those aren't hard to find – thought highly of Shorts, and still do. There was a consensus in training camp that Shorts would be very good – and that he would be good this season. There's still a lot of belief that will be the case.
Bill from Jacksonville:
How much of a distraction is the Florida-Georgia game for the players? Is the locker room reset? Do players remove their "personal stuff" from their lockers? Thanks for all your good work.
John: The Florida-Georgia game is scarcely a distraction at all. Georgia and Florida use different locker rooms than the Jaguars, so the players' belongings will not move, and really, there is no difference to the routine. My office is in the hallway at EverBank, and players and coaches walk by fairly routinely, and I can honestly say that inside the facility you wouldn't necessarily know it was Florida-Georgia week.
Drew from Buford, GA:
It just dawned on me how valuable our kicker actually is. He has scored 48 of the teams 84 points. Only six touchdowns on the year in seven games. Due to the offensive woes, you could argue he is our team MVP. That is great for him, but pretty embarrassing for our offense. But one thing in Gabbert's defense, could he have gotten a tougher schedule for his first year?
John: It just dawned on you?
Mark from Jacksonville:
In your estimation, is Andrew Luck THAT good? It seems people are really concerned about the prospect of Indy getting him as if it's a guarantee we will be battling for second place in the division for the next 15 years. Last time I checked, college play is no guarantee for success in the NFL, no matter the hype, or NFL "readiness."
John: In my estimation, Luck is THAT good. He looks as though he has as many tools and as much ability as any college quarterback I ever have seen. Sometimes, a guy just has an NFL look and Luck absolutely has that. Now, is that a guarantee? Of course not. And that doesn't mean he will develop into a player on the level of Brady, Rodgers, Manning, etc. Even the best college quarterbacks must continue to develop to reach an elite NFL level. But even if Luck is an elite quarterback that doesn't mean you can't finish ahead of his team in the division. Elite quarterbacks don't win Super Bowls every year. Also, having one doesn't guarantee prolonged dominance. You still have to build a team around him, and put complementary players in the right positions.
Tudor from St. Augustine, FL:
I think the Colts getting Luck is ridiculous. I love how Manning conveniently gets a major injury the year before Luck comes out. This is complete crap. They should not be getting another 15-year franchise quarterback. I hope every team on Miami's schedule destroys them so that they can finally get a legit quarterback and I can sleep better at night knowing the Jags won't have to deal with another Manning. There's a universal balance and it must be maintained. Luck cannot go to any team with a Top 5 quarterback, injured or otherwise. And the Colts especially don't deserve him . . . look how idiotic they look for building the entire team around one guy. It's a dumb strategy and you know it. Oh and another thing, kiss Manning's butt all you want, but he only has one ring, against a team without a quarterback.
John: I think you need some rest.
Keenan from Jacksonville:
I understand that Bradfield is more comfortable on the left but what harm could come from throwing him on the right to replace Whimper? Let him settle in there, use Whimper as depth and make the transition permanent of moving Britton from a tackle to a guard. Then you let either Nwaneri or Rackley move over to center to be Meester's replacement. Now the line consists of Monroe, Rackley, Nwaneri, Britton, Bradfield. I don't see why this unit couldn't gel and become one of the better offensive lines in the league.
John: The Jaguars like Bradfield, but there's no need to rush him into the lineup. Whimper didn't have his best game Monday, but he has played well this season, and until Britton gets healthy, there's no way to think of him as a permanent fixture at either tackle or guard. The player being groomed to replace Meester is John Estes.
Glenn from Orange Park, FL:
With all of the wacky things that have happened to start this season, I wonder if we have taken the time to really appreciate the season that MJD is having. We have a rookie QB (which means more stacking the box against the run), we have a lack of weapons at the receiver position to truly stretch the field, our offense has had to play from behind more often than not, and we have faced at least four of the stoutest run defenses in the league so far this season. In the midst of all of these factors, MJD is on pace for the best season of his career, while returning from offseason knee surgery and being placed on a 'pitch count.' I would say we have the privilege of watching a truly remarkable player here in Jacksonville.
John: No question. The most remarkable thing about Jones-Drew – and the offensive line – this season is that without question every team knows he's going to run and has little or no respect for the Jaguars' passing offense. Usually, that means at least the occasional game under 30 or 40 yards. Jones-Drew has been remarkably consistent and productive considering the circumstance.
Andrew from St. Augustine, FL:
Montell Owens and Kassim Osgood are both back on special teams and the Jags had their best game of the year on special teams....coincidence?
John: No.
Dane from Australia:
For those who are saying Gabbert has looked poor in comparison to Newton and Dalton so far this season, it may have something to do with the opposing defenses. Newton has played the 26th, 27th, 6th, 24th, 14th, 20th and 12th ranked overall defense; the only team in top 10 was the Jags, who held him to 170 yards. Dalton has played the 4th, 21st, 11th, 31st, sixth and 30th-ranked overall defenses; the two teams in the Top 10 were the Jaguars (179 yards) and the Browns (81 yards). Gabbert has played the first, second, third, 14th and the 17th (Panthers) in torrential rain. Hard to put up big numbers against the top three defenses and the saints. Problem is, it's not getting much easier with the eighth- and fourth-best defenses in the next two games.
John: There's a lot of truth in what you say. An important thing to remember is that a small slice of anything is not always enough to accurately paint an overall picture. How will they all compare after an entire season? That will be a better gauge, though it still doesn't take into account that quarterbacks can and should improve given an off-season of coaching and study. While it remains important that Gabbert improve on some obvious areas, there's no question the schedule hasn't worked in his favor.
Jack from Jacksonville:
What do you think about Koetter throwing his quarterback under the bus? Shouldn't that stuff be said behind closed doors?
John: I didn't see it as Koetter throwing Gabbert under the bus. Gabbert's footwork and pocket presence has been a major topic and is being discussed by anyone who follows the Jaguars. Koetter's media availability was Thursday and he was asked about it. Koetter is honest and gave an honest and balanced assessment.
Beavis from Hollywood, CA:
Beavis and B.H. are back. Your thoughts--Good, Bad, Indifferent? If the latter two, what's your idea of comedy? The Three Stooges?
John: I think I came along a bit too late to appreciate Beavis and Butthead, and I've never remotely grasped the Three Stooges. I'm sure this will bring Stooges fans out of the woodwork, but I'm sorry, I just don't get it. Tops on my list: Curb Your Enthusiasm, 30 Rock, Seinfeld, News Radio, Family Guy, Arrested Development. Remember: No touching.

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