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"Jaguars center Brad Meester knelt on the ground, smiling proudly, and when Luke reached him, he wrapped his thin arms around the offensive lineman&39;s neck. A few yards away Meester&39;s wife, Jamie, wiped tears from her face." Florida Times-Union

"The waiting finally ended Thursday night for 11 Jaguars who were virtually being held hostage by the haggling over the new collective bargaining agreement." Florida Times-Union

A special bond between a six-year old kid and Jaguars center Brad Meester. Associated Press

"I better be able to pick up a lot, at least that&39;s what they&39;re expecting," Posluszny said. "Mental reps is what we always talk about. Even though I&39;m not out there [practicing], I should be able to see everything and see how we adjust. That&39;s going to be a great benefit because once I do get on the field, I&39;m going to be expected to know everything that we&39;ve covered so far." Florida Times-Union

NFL players ratify new CBA.

Don Banks of checks in from Colts camp

Here's the preseason schedule on NFL Network

The Titans received their first look at their new quarterback yesterday.

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One of the best parts of new CBA: all first-round picks signed by Aug. 4. No reason for first-round picks to hold out very long anymore.

@AdamSchefter (Adam Schefter of

Good morning my good humans... Have a great day and be blessed!

@MarcedesLewis89 (tight end Marcedes Lewis)

Coach Tucker told me today after practice "the great ones do what the average won't" enough said have a good night and God Bless


Hey, Jax! Stories like Luke should make u appreciate the hidden value of having an NFL franchise

@GeneFrenette (Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union)

I think this Florida weather a lil more intense than the Alabama weather.

@Phrozen_Star (rookie cornerback T.J. Heath)

Finally get to put the jersey on tonight. Makes you appreciate every day you have in this league. Go Time!

@ZachPotter88 (tight end Zach Potter)

Can't wait til tomorrow, another opportunity to get better

@WillRackley (rookie offensive lineman Will Rackley

Stat of the day

The Jaguars have finished .500 or better in seven of eight preseasons under head coach Jack Del Rio.


The Jaguars return to the Florida Blue Health & Wellness Practice Fields this morning at 10:45 a.m. for a walkthrough.  The team will hold its final non-scrimmage practice open to the public tonight at 7:00 p.m. The scrimmage at 7:00 Saturday evening is also open to the public.

The last word

"He's off to a good start in camp, yes.  Last year, effort-filled in everything he did and I know he worked this offseason because he came in here in good shape. He's more in control of his body right now than he was last year as a rookie. I think he understands more of what is expected of him to play at this level and to be able to make some plays that we need that position to make for us. So at this point I think he's off to a great start and he's hungry. I thought the play in the Oklahoma, in fact I showed the team that the play in the Oklahoma drill, it wasn't that everything was perfect but there was such great desire and I think that's what you need to play great on defense.  I think there's a desire that you have to have and a hungriness that you have to play with and he brings a lot of that."

Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio on the play of defensive end Austen Lane in training camp

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