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Tradition takes time

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Jon from Ocala, FL:
Are you saying the "Ask Vic" event is going to be like how you should pick free agents: The most value for the most affordable price? Also, why is it that every year at about this point in the offseason there seams to be quite a few players who are in the news for being arrested for one thing or another?

Vic: The first question I can answer very easily: Yes, it's all about value. Our intent is to make the "Ask Vic" convention a "free agent steal." Your second question might require the opinion of a sociologist or psychologist.

Ken from Jacksonville:
Great column; I read it every day. I agree about building tradition but why does the media continue to make excuses for the lack of attendance. All I heard when I moved here in 1995 was what a football-crazy state and town this is. If this is truly a football hotbed, then the people here would realize the NFL is the highest level of football and in the last 10 years the Jaguars have put an excellent product on the field most of the time. Even in down years you get to see future Hall of Famers visit and experience the NFL in person. If you're truly a football fan, there's no excuse not to support the local team. I can't understand why the media continues to ignore this and makes excuses for the poor fan support. Maybe you can address this?

Vic: There's nothing to address. It is what it is. That's what we have to accept. It's not about assigning blame or making excuses. It is what it is; play on.

Dan from Thousand Oaks, CA:
The Jags have the most guys on the under-25 all-star team at with three. I think this shows we are gonna be a team to be reckoned with for the future. Are you proud of this accomplishment by the Jags?

Vic: That's when you know your arrow is pointing up; young stars do that for you. I don't know if proud is the right word. I think the word is encouraged. I'm encouraged to know this team is emphasizing player-development and salary cap health. That's how you build long-term success; not by signing every worn-out name that comes along.

Tom from Jacksonville:
You were correct in your response to Dave from St. Marys about the north end zone fans. We like to have fun but also make the fans of our opponent feel at home, especially when they have traveled from their team's home city. If there is trouble, it's usually because of some drunk from Tampa or Miami. The nicest visiting fans? Kansas City and Green Bay.

Vic: Thanks for the critique. Give me more. How about the Tennessee fans, Pittsburgh fans, etc.?

John from Jacksonville:
Do you think some of the fans here are just a tad bit spoiled? By that I mean there are a lot of people who complain about the fact the last few years have not been that great, but when you look at history didn't our franchise as a whole get off to one of the fastest starts in league history? I think the winning came too early for tradition to be formed. What about you?

Vic: You can't manipulate the passing of time. It happens at a steady rate and, eventually, enough time will have passed for a team to have acquired a rich history. Some of the most storied traditions in professional football history were built on years and years of losing. Tradition doesn't require winning; it requires time. Winning early didn't damage the franchise, but it may have occurred too early in the franchise's history for fans to have truly appreciated it. If it spoiled Jaguars fans, then, certainly, the last four years have unspoiled them. Each year, I can sense that Jacksonville is more fully developed as an NFL city and its fans are more genuinely interested in the fortunes of the team. In my opinion, that's how you measure tradition.

Wes from Clermont, FL:
I really enjoy your site. I would love to bring my family to a game but I have had bad experiences at some sporting events. It seems there is always some person who has had too much to drink and is intent on starting a fight. I don't want to get into an altercation with some fool in front of my family. Is there a family section at Alltel? What are the restrictions and what is the cost of the tickets?

Vic: Section 442 and 443 are family seating sections. They are in the south end of the upper deck on the east side of Alltel Stadium and they are alcohol and profanity free. On a three-year season ticket, prices are $20 per game or $13.50 per game.

Martin from Owings Mills, MD:
I don't have a question but I just want to commend you on being extremely objective in your answer to the question about bad calls. You referenced the 1996 Ravens game and that bad call on the fumble. I was at that game and it was obvious to everyone except the referee. We in Baltimore miss playing the Jags and Titans. Those games were always good games.

Vic: It was obvious to the official, too. It's just that he inadvertently blew his whistle.

Matthew from Melbourne, Australia:
Has a Super Bowl MVP ever been awarded to a player from the losing team?

Vic: Once; Chuck Howley of Dallas in Super Bowl V, which was won by Baltimore.

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