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Transcript - Jaguars Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell: February 11, 2021

(Opening Statement) "First of all, just excited to be here down in Jacksonville, looking forward to getting to meet everybody. Obviously, right now were not meeting everybody in person, but maybe at some point we'll be able to do that. But [I'm] looking forward to working with you for hopefully a long time, so I'm ready to roll."

(On his evaluation of the quarterback position) "[I'm] just excited to kind of dive into the roster. We're just beginning these last couple weeks kind of diving in, really looking at every position and it's really continuing right now even as we speak to go through those. The quarterbacks, obviously there's great stuff to look at. There are things that we'd like to improve on in the position. But still, I want to make sure that I gain more information with getting to meet them and adding that part of the puzzle into it as well, what they believe in, how important it is to them. Gardner Minshew's already been in here one day, just passed through, got to say hi to him. So, still just working to get to know all the guys at this point."

(On evaluating quarterback prospects for the draft) "Again, [we're] just scratching the surface on it. We've begun to look at a few of them. I've seen a little bit of tape on Trevor [Lawrence]. I've seen a little bit of tape on Justin Fields. So, we'll continue to do that. That's going to be a long process, ongoing process as we work this thing."

(On the passing game coordinator position and his relationship with Jaguars Passing Game Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer) "Brian [Schottenheimer] and I kind of had a similar track just kind of following each other through the coaching ranks. We've never worked together. I'm actually really excited about the opportunity to work with him. [It's] kind of funny that both of us were in Seattle, following each other, but I'm excited to work with him. [He's] a guy that has a lot of knowledge. He's been around some great quarterbacks. I've been around some great quarterbacks. So, I think it's going to be a great team for us to be able to put our heads together and be able to work with a young quarterback that we're going to bring in here."

(On his conversations about the offense during the interview process) "Outstanding. I'm super excited to be here. I feel fortunate to be able to be here in this experience and obviously working with Coach Meyer. It was a great interview process that I went through. I think it's a little bit unique in terms of I really hadn't had any circles that ran across Urban Meyer. So obviously super excited to be here and in the situation that we're in here in Jacksonville with a lot of great things getting ready to happen on the horizon."

(On going to Clemson tomorrow for Trevor Lawrence's pro day) "Yes, I will be there. I know that Coach Meyer's going, I'm going, and Brian Schottenheimer's going."

(On evaluating draft prospects without the NFL Combine this year) "It's going to be different. Obviously, we're going to have to do a great job. I think the most important things with the combine is the background and those kinds of things. There will still be a pro day that we'll be able to get to and we'll be there to watch all those guys throw in person because I think that's really important to see the ball come out of their hands. But we'll have to use all the other stuff at our disposal. We'll be able to use the Zoom calls, obviously we'll be on phone calls as well, and everything that we have because this is going to be a huge undertaking for us, a very important pick and we have to make a great decision."

(On what he hopes to see from Trevor Lawrence at his pro day) "I think for me it's just important, like I said earlier, just to see the ball come out of his hands. I think one of the hardest things to do on tape is to be able to tell velocity and just the way it comes out of his hand. I also want to see the command that he's going to have. [It's] kind of our first opportunity to be able to get him in person, so [I'm] excited to do that. We won't be able to meet and talk to him like we normally would before or after, so it's just going to be the workout itself. But [I'm] excited to watch him throw in person."

(On his experience working with successful quarterbacks helping him develop his new quarterback) "That's another reason why I'm just super excited about the staff that Coach Meyer's been able to put together. Myself with my background with obviously Brett Favre and [Matthew] Stafford and Russell Wilson and those kinds of guys. I was able to take Russell Wilson as a rookie and then kind of start his career. Then with Brian Schottenheimer and the guys that he's been around with Philip Rivers and those kinds of guys. There's a lot of experience on this staff in terms of quarterbacks, some of the best quarterbacks that's played in the game. So, I think we have good knowledge and experience in bringing a young quarterback to play."

(On RB James Robinson and the running back position in his offense) "The running back position is huge. It does a lot of things. In my mind, it sets up a lot that you can do in the play action game, in the movement game. James [Robinson] had an outstanding year. I was able to meet him for the first time today. He was in the weight room, so I got to say hi to him just for second. [He] had a really nice year for himself, obviously an undrafted rookie coming out and played really well. I like his skill set. I like the way he cut the ball. He's got really good vision. He's got great contact balance. He can make guys miss at the second level. He can make guys miss and get what we need to. Obviously, he'll continue to work on speed and those kinds of things, but [I] really like what he's done and [I] look forward to working with him."

(On modifying his offense to be successful at the professional level) "I think one of the things that really helped me was when we first got Russell Wilson. It wasn't something that I had done in the past, the zone run game and the quarterback zone read game, that kind of thing. It was something that myself and [former Seahawks Offensive Line Coach] Tom Cable, when we were there, we began to kind of dive into that. I think the background that I had there was able to help me in the communication with Coach Meyer. Some of the things that we started to do with Russell can carry over from the college game to our game. I'm going to be able to help Coach Meyer in that. Coach Meyer's going to be able to push me in some other directions as well. I think it's a great partnership with myself and the staff that we have and Coach Meyer to be able to bring whatever we're going to do as the Jacksonville Jaguars to life."