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Transcript - Jaguars Offensive Lineman Brandon Linder: May 27, 2021

(On OL Walker Little and OL Ben Bartch) "Walker [Little], I haven't had too much time with him, but he's been coming in, soaking all the information up. He's looked good going through drills, getting better every day. Ben Bartch, he came back in great shape. Same thing, he's looked good as well. Both those guys are coming to work every day wanting to get better, so it's been good to see."

(On his relationship with QB Trevor Lawrence) "We haven't had too much conversation yet, just a little bit and on the field, it hasn't been too much. But the kid's won everywhere he's been, and I mean he throws a damn good ball, that I've seen out there. But I'm excited, I know he's excited, his whole team's excited and so he seems good."

(On the difference in OTA practices this year with Head Coach Urban Meyer) "The difference [is] we're changing the culture, that's for sure. He's been giving us everything that we need to succeed, and we haven't had that around here in a while. But he asks it from us when we get on the field and that's what we've been doing. We've been putting in work and it's been good. Everyone's been trusting the process and buying in to the culture."

(On TE Tim Tebow) "Tim [Tebow]'s come in; he's been great as well. He has a lot of experiences that are different from other players, so you can ask him questions and learn from that. But again, I haven't seen too much on the field. But hey, if he can help us, so be it. Let's go, I'm ready."

(On developing the center and quarterback relationship with QB Trevor Lawrence) "I think that's just repetition. That just happens over time and getting reps with the kid. I mean that's pretty much how that happens."

(On building the relationship with QB Trevor Lawrence off the field as well) "Of course you're trying to build trust outside the building. I mean that's how you create a relationship, so I'm sure we'll be hanging out. We do offensive line dinners at my house and stuff and that's just going to happen organically over time."

(On Head Coach Urban Meyer statement that the offensive line has to play better) "We got everyone back. We got our coach back, [Offensive Line Coach George] Warhop. Everyone's excited. In that room, we truly love each other, and we truly are friends. We hang out outside the building. So, we're excited. We're ready to turn it up and it's going to be a fun year."

(On OL Cam Robinson wearing his jersey backwards) "I think he just wants his name right there. I don't think there's too much to look into."

(On having Coach Warhop back this season) "I mean it's great. It's always nice to build a relationship with a coach and not changing over every year having to learn from a new coach [because] everyone has different techniques and stuff. [Coach] Warhop truly cares about us, not only as football players but [as] men outside this building. So, we are all excited to have him back and it's just nice [because] we have a relationship with him and now it's just going to keep building."

(On the difference in resources this year) "It's just on the performance side: dry needling, cupping, all the different therapies, activation stuff, equipment, that kind of stuff. We have a couple new facilities going up. And then the food, the food's been better, nutrition, all these different shakes and what not. It's just we have more at our hands now to succeed and to help us show our potential on the field, show our value. I don't think [it's being] pampered or special. I think we're the ones on the field making this thing go. We have to give it back. We have to give it back when we're on the field. That's the whole thing, right? We're getting everything we need, but when we step on that field, we have to exhaust all efforts."

(On the status of the team during OTA's compared to previous years) "Just one week in, it's completely different. Everyone's upbeat. Everyone's bring juice, bringing energy, happy to be here. We're just putting in work, trying to build that cohesion as a team and create our identity."

(On what is making the team's attitude different this year) "It's just a different culture. It's just a new beginning, new coaching staff, new everything, so it feels new."