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Transcript - Jaguars Special Teams Coordinator Brian Schneider: February 11, 2021

(Opening statement) "My family and I are just so excited to be down here with Coach Meyer and really excited to get going and really build from the ground up. Seeing from afar what he's accomplished and just really to get the philosophy and just in get in and start building, we're really excited."

(On what appealed to him about this position) "Really Urban. Coach Meyer and the success he's had, the philosophy he's had, I wanted to get in on that and learn as much as I can about that. I love that. Being with [Seattle Seahawks Head Coach] Pete [Carroll] and being with Pete from the transition from USC to Seattle and the NFL was a wonderful experience. Those guys, obviously I love them. I love Pete. I love [Seahawks General Manager] John Schneider. Just the opportunity to grow and really see another way to do things. As I continue to grow in my philosophy, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. What's most important to me is to see it built from the ground up. And that's what's going to happen. Just unbelievably lucky and excited to be here."

(On if he used a lot of offensive and defensive starters on special teams in Seattle and if he looks forward to doing that in Jacksonville) "Yes, we did. Every situation is different. Every year is different, but Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor, who are Pro Bowlers, could be Hall of Famers, were on our kickoff team pretty much the whole time there. What I love about that is Kam would not come off. He would not come off kickoff. So as a coach, for me to sit there in a meeting and talk to a rookie or talk to anyone else who doesn't know the value or see the value, they were my best ambassadors. You've got two Pro Bowl safeties who will not come off kickoff. They were our leading tacklers a lot of the time. When [WR] Doug Baldwin signed a huge contract extension, I called him to congratulate him and the first thing he said to me is, 'You better not take me off punt return.' And he said some other words with that. That's not a returner, that's a guy holding up. So I think when the locker room is built that way, it makes my job easy. I think they saw the value of field position, the value of a play is a play. Offensive play, defensive play, a special teams play is just as important. I know Coach Meyer is all about that and he's going to preach that, but when our players can see that, and that's my job is to let them know that. Then all of a sudden it takes on a different level."

(On what he learned from Pete Carroll about the transition from college to the NFL and how hard it is) "That's what I think is so intriguing about being here. I've actually seen it work. I was with Coach Carroll at USC in 2009 and then made the transition with him to Seattle. The number one thing is I saw Pete not change. I saw Pete with his philosophy that is really, really clear to Pete Carroll and I saw him implement that into the NFL and saw that thing take off. Similar to Coach Meyer, I love being here. In two weeks, he has a really clear plan and he wants everyone in alignment, which is taking place right now as a staff, and his philosophy is going to work. It's proven. I know how that transition looks, and I'm really excited to be a part of it, but I know how it does look and it works."

(On what he's seen of the Jaguars current specialists) "We interview those guys when they are at the combine so you start to form your opinion as football players and then you play and you watch them. Really good, talented players. You look at both of them, Logan [Cooke] can do a lot of things with the football which a lot punters are being able to do. Just his disposition, I'm just starting to get to know them and really the mindset of every player is the most important. Everyone can measure what they do on the field and you watch tape and you see it. What's the most important to me with all of our players is really getting into the mindset, what drives them, the competition, the leadership. All those things that make people special is really what we've got to find out. So as we go through that, I've just known their body of work has been really good. I think [Josh] Lambo's missed four or five kicks since he's been there. That's production. And Logan is just really talented when you watch him on tape. Now getting to know him is the next step in the process as we continue down the road."

(On WR Keelan Cole and whether he can advocate on bringing him back) "One thing, he's a free agent so we really don't talk about them that much, not allowed to, but what he is, he's a really natural fielder. That's really number one when you start looking at all returners, especially punt returners because punters are getting so good. There are so many different kind of balls kicked to them, different spin, different angles, direction, so you have to be able to track that thing, number one, and you have to be able to field it with your feet underneath you, which is really natural for him. So I really like that and I'd really like to look more into him on what his abilities are."