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Twilight Ozone?

Game day. Here we go.

Let's get to it. . . James from Lees, UK:
Did you know that including preseason Blaine Gabbert hasn't thrown an interception in 144 attempts?
John: I didn't know the exact number, but what you point out is significant. Gabbert since entering the NFL last season has been criticized for many things, but he has not been praised enough for good decision-making and not putting his team in bad situations. People have jumped this season to criticize Gabbert for not going downfield more, but he has done so successfully twice this season and that's a step forward from last season. As time goes on, and as the Jaguars' offense develops continuity, you'll see more chance throws and plays downfield. For now, the fact that Gabbert hasn't hurt his team with silly turnovers is indeed a strength for which he doesn't get enough credit.
Ray from Jacksonville:
From reading comments and such, it would seem that there is a flip side to John's MIB reference. It appears that a bad loss creates a sudden and deep darkness through which some people can see no light.
John: That is indeed the flip side. A victory and all is well; a loss and nothing is good, period. In fact, everything is chaos, heartbreak and rioting in the streets. Welcome to the NFL. Welcome to my inbox. Welcome to my life.
Keith from Palatka, FL:
I warned of the offensive line troubles this offseason and sadly my prognostications have come true. Regrettably, because left guard and right tackle were ignored in the offseason, we suck out loud on offense. I blame no one but Gene Smith for this mess. We should have spent some money on Eric Winston and drafted a left guard. When a "street free agent" who hasn't played a game in four years can come in and start, how bad is your offensive line? Please stop with the excuses. Eben Britton can talk a tough game, but where is he at game time on Sunday? Suck it up and play or shut up.
John: Keith, you're a loyal reader and your opinion is valued, but did you also predict injuries to Cameron Bradfield, Britton, John Estes, Jason Spitz and Will Rackley? Yes, I remember your prognostications. I also remember people prognosticating last year that Eugene Monroe should be released. The Jaguars spent money at wide receiver and cornerback in the offseason, and because of a flat cap decided that it wasn't wise to overspend and not have cap room this coming offseason. You have to pick your spots to spend and try to do so as wisely as possible while projecting your own rosters at the same time. That answer irritates people to no end, but it's reality.
Jody from Fort Pierce:
OMG – this team is horrible. Fire Kubiak, gut the roster, roll some heads, would you? No? What? Why not? Oh wait, that's right. The Texans waited it out and now look at them.
John: That's exactly the decision owners and people who run teams often have to make. Do you trust that what you're seeing as progress is real even when people on the outside are clamoring for change? Perhaps no question in the NFL is tougher, because you have to trust in the face of serious noise to the contrary. The Texans a year and a half ago made that decision to keep Kubiak and it turned out to be the right thing. Often it is; other times, it's not. That's why they're difficult, franchise-defining decisions.
Ryan from Atlantic Beach, FL:
A legendary shrimp cocktail? Really? Have you been sipping off of Harry Caray's old flask? I love shrimp and as someone who lives by Mayport there are plenty of delicious shrimp, but I've never had a shrimp that was legendary. They all taste pretty much the same. Only difference is size. You're seriously turning this column into a joke.
John: I've never had St. Elmo's shrimp cocktail. Frankly, I haven't lost sleep that I haven't. As always is the case in the Ozone, I was asked a question. I answered it. All of that aside, just for the record, if you don't think St. Elmo's is [renowned]( shrimp cocktail indianapolis&oq=legendary shrimp cocktail indianapolis&gs_l=hp.3...1233.12621.0.12823.;..2.0...1c.1.6FvByOl36xI&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or) for shrimp cocktail, you're wrong.
Martin from Fernandina Beach, FL:
I appreciate all you and your co-workers (or subordinates?) do in an effort to keep Jag nation informed and entertained. But honestly, it's too much. Between the radio shows, the O-zone, editorials, interviews, videos, Twitter, and more, I just can't keep up. Would you mind dialing it back a little bit so I don't feel like such a slacker?
John: Listening to Ryan, it sounds like I should dial back a lot.
Ryan from Atlantic Beach, FL:
Why do you continue to post the junk from people like John crying about how you haven't posted a question of his in two weeks? First, John needs to get a life or maybe a girlfriend. Second the other 99.9 percent of us don't care about you posting John's sense of entitlement. We are now in the regular season of football and you waste our time with that? I come here to read about football. Not John's whining about why you're not posting his questions. Save that crap for the offseason.
John: Ryan! You're back!!! Awesome!! [Sweet!!]( dance2222222.gif) I posted this second email from you not only because of your shrimp insight, but to explain the service of the O-Zone – because I do get emails from time to time with similar suggestions (read: complaints). The O-Zone, remember, is not the ENTIRE web site, and is not meant to be the SOLE source of information on this site about the team. As Martin just mentioned, we provide Tweets, videos, radio shows, television shows, news stories, editorials, videos, videos of press conferences, videos of player interviews, photos, statistics and perhaps something else that I can't remember in an effort to ensure fans know as much about the team and feel as connected to it as possible. Within that context, the Ozone is a place to be informed, to allow people to further feel a part of the fan experience. Within this forum, fans can ask questions, vent at times, make comments, perhaps learn something, perhaps not. It is not 100 percent football all the time, but it is part football every day. I often steer from the hardcore football path, because doing this 365 days a year, I steer here and there and everywhere toward things I find amusing and interesting, always bearing in mind the goal – which is to entertain and inform Jaguars fans, and give them a daily stop where they can enjoy and learn about football and perhaps feel a part of something. I sometimes make weak attempts at humor, and sometimes people find this funny. Often they don't, and that's OK. When you're doing it 365 days a year, sometimes you make some people happy, and sometimes you don't. I apparently am not making you happy, and so let me say on behalf of this free website I am humbly sorry.
Steve from Jacksonville:
You do good work. Every day I look forward to reading the O-Zone. Any word on Chick coming back this season?
John: Someone likes me. Someone really likes me!! Chick is scheduled to be able to come off the Physically Unable to Perform list in mid-October. He seems to be progressing well, but we'll probably need to wait until we get closer to mid-October before getting an idea about Chick's status and potential return this season.
Jeff from Atlantic Beach, FL:
In the preseason you said the Jags would be a team that could compete with most of the league but would struggle with the elite teams. Isn't that what we saw the first two weeks of the season?
John: So far.
Art from Jacksonville:
I really enjoy the Gameday Live blog that you do each week. There are posts that indicate they come from you. Other posts come from and the tweets are from Jaguarsinsider. Are you doing all of this? If not, who else contributes to the blog and tweets?
John: JaguarsInsider is Ryan Robinson, a crucial member of our public relations department who operates the @jaguarsinsider account on Twitter. I mention Robinson/@jaguarsinsider on occasion in teasing fashion, but the reality is he is critical to what we do on the website, and would suffer without him. The same is true of Chris Burdett, who heads up all things behind the scenes on the web site and posts on the blog as I rarely look good, so it's not fair to say "they make me look good," but long has been one of the NFL's best websites, and people such as Robinson and Burdett are the reason.
James from Lawai, HI:
Can you do a "twilight O-zone" meaning that instead of answering questions, you use them as answers to questions you get to make up? It probably would be tough to pull off, but I think you can do it!
John: What makes you think I don't do that every day?

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