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Union Jax fans share their Favourite Moments


The Jacksonville Jaguars have invited UK fans to share their favourite memories of the team's recent visit to their second home in London for the second of their four International Series Games.

Many of the Jaguars' UK fan club, the Union Jax, wanted to share their favourite experience of the team's visit with some fantastic personal moments and the best were rewarded with an exclusive Jaguars goodie bag.

While the result might not have been what the fans were hoping for, no one will forget the visit as the Jags and their passionate UK fan base met again – and below are some of the highlights from Union Jax fans:

Liam Kenny – "I got tickets for me and my girlfriend who lived in Jacksonville for three years when she was younger. She has such a passion for the team and the city and the best moment was the look on her face when she saw Jaxson De Ville as she had spent all day reminding me she had previously met him. It was like I gave back a little part of her childhood. Although we didn't win the game, the result wasn't important to us and just seeing the team and feeling the connection once again was much more important."


Perry Wayman – "My favourite moment was being invited to a training session in Watford. Despite the English rain, it didn't dampen the Jaguars' spirits. The guys were great to meet and really seemed appreciative of all the support they get over here. We believe in victory!"

Damian Moody-Smith – "For me it was the great national anthem on a patriotic day as well as the perfectly observed minute of silence. It was a great coming together of English and Americans at a national event to remember our heroes."


Adam Standen – "Mine was driving home after witnessing the game, my first ever NFL game, and knowing I'll be back in a year to do it all over again."

Richard Hinds – "I went to the fan event at the hotel and although the weather was against us, the humility of Gus Bradley and his players more than made up for it. I cannot praise them enough, given that most of them had played the previous night and had just got off a plane from the US."

Denise King – "You just gotta love Jaxson De Ville!"

David Hull – "I met the whole Jaguars team and Coach Bradley. I got my NFL ball signed by the players, had a picture taken with the coach and met some new Jaguars friends. In all I had a brilliant day!"

Ben Bray – "It has to be Denard Robinson breaking off that 33-yard run into the end zone. I was jumping around and cheering so much that my wife tells me the gentleman behind me tried and failed to tell me to sit down!"

Alan Wickers – "The best moment of game week for me, has to be getting to see the players on the Saturday and photo with Blake Bortles! I managed to get my cap signed as well so I won't be wearing it ever again."


Ian Pointer – "It's hard to pick just one. Maybe when I saw my favourite current Jags player Bryan Anger and squealed just a little bit too loudly 'IT'S BRYAN ANGER!'"

David – "For me the best part of the game evening was hearing the voice of the Jags faithful ring round Wembley! It gave me shivers hearing that roar and I know as time goes on we will grow and the Jags will continue to have a faithful following in the UK."

Martin Mienczakowski – "We were determined to stay until the very last second of the game so my best moment of the whole weekend was when Denard Robinson scored his second touchdown right at the close and the team and fans went wild, rewarding both the team and us for our perseverance - can't wait until next year!"

Gary Beeson – "It was winning the chance to speak to Gus Bradley on the famous Wembley pitch. Gus was such a great guy and seemed more than happy to talk to us despite the team's busy schedule. I can't wait until they come back next year."

Megan Potter – "This was my first time ever going to an NFL game and it was the best time I've ever had. I don't think I could choose one thing to sum it all up though. Go Jags!"


Paul Beeson – "I think it was winning the chance to go to the team hotel. It was fantastic as the team individually spoke and shook hands with all fans there. It was a surreal moment to chat with them having seen them on TV 24 hours before. The organisations continued effort in the UK and determined attitude has made me into a true Jaguars fan and gave me a team to get 100% behind in the NFL."

The Jaguars will be returning to London next year to do this all again ahead of playing the Buffalo Bills at Wembley Stadium in Week 7 on Sunday October 25th 2015.

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