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Union Jax Team Ticket Queries

Union Jax Team Tickets Queries

Can I buy a ticket in the Union Jax Fan Zone?

There is no Union Jax Fan Zone this year however we are offering UK fans the chance to register to buy tickets with US Jaguars Season ticket holders.

Why the change?

After the success of last year's Union Jax Fan Zone, we wanted to offer Jaguars fans the opportunity to sit together for the Jags 2015 game. However, following fan feedback we decided to offer fans more seating choice. The Union Jax Team Tickets offers Jaguars fans the chance to choose their exact seat in the stadium within the Jaguars allocation and sit next to US and UK Jaguars fans.

Are we guaranteed to get tickets this way?

You will receive a confirmation email after registering within 24 hours which guarantees you the right to buy a ticket. If you are too late we will also send an email to inform you of this. In which case, you can buy a regular ticket through Ticketmaster.

Can I buy a season ticket with a Union Jax Team Ticket?

Season tickets are not available with the Union Jax Team Tickets. We do not have the right to offer the same seats for the other two fixtures as these are allocated to the other teams playing at Wembley this year.

What do I do if I have a season ticket already but want to sit with the Jaguars fans?

A season ticket guarantees the same seat for all three games and therefore seats cannot be changed for individual games. The benefit of buying a season ticket is that you save 20% on the individual game ticket prices as well as saving on booking fees. Anyone wishing to sit in the US and UK Jaguars fans would need to purchase an individual ticket.

Why was the Union Jax Team Tickets announced after Season Tickets and Club Tickets went on sale?

The price of all individual ISG tickets (Club, Premium Club, Lower End Zone etc.) was not available until the NFL announced it on Thursday 15th January 2015. If we had announced it any earlier we would have been offering tickets without fans knowledge of the price.

How many seats are in the Union Jax Team Tickets sale?

We have a limited number of seats within the Jaguars allocation and you may only register for a maximum of 8 tickets. These will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours once you send your registration information to the address.

When will payment be taken?

You will receive an automated response to confirm that your registration information has been accepted within 24 hours. However, the seat choice and payment transaction will take place in April. We will keep you regularly informed via email as to the exact date(s) and give you a unique code to use when you buy your tickets. Tickets are not guaranteed until payment has been received.

Can US fans buy these tickets?

The Union Jax Team Tickets are part of the Jaguars allocation. US season ticket holders are automatically registered and will be able to purchase them at the same time as Union Jax fans in April. US fans that are not Jaguars Season Ticket holders can purchase tickets from Ticketmaster.

Can I buy Union Jax Team Tickets via Ticketmaster?

The Union Jax Team Ticket allocation can only be registered for by emailing:

Further Questions?

Please email

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