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USC linebacker can do it all


The Jaguars selected Thomas Williams with the idea that the fourth-best linebacker at USC is better than the best linebackers at most other colleges.

Williams is the Jaguars' first of two picks in the fifth round, following a trade with the Cowboys that gives the Jaguars a pick in the seventh round. The Jaguars moved down 12 spots to acquire the additional pick, but personnel boss James Harris said the Jaguars would've drafted Williams had they stayed in their original spot.

"USC probably has the best linebacking corps in the country. He's an outstanding special teams player. He's played all three linebacker positions. We think he'll have a chance here as a special teams player and a versatile linebacker," Harris said.

In short, the Jags picked Williams for his versatility.

"If he can play all three spots and can play special teams, he'll have a better chance to make the team," Harris said. "He could've started for most of the teams in the country."

"That's what it is," coach Jack Del Rio said when it was proposed that a reserve at USC may be good enough to make an NFL roster. "He's a good player. He did start some games and play well, and they did find a way to get him involved in defensive packages."

Williams is a high-motor player who was voted "Most Inspirational Player" at USC.

"We're not looking for Pro-Bowlers in the fifth round. We're looking for guys who fill a role," Del Rio said.

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