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The Jaguars opened the 2007 preseason in Miami, and the Senior Editor was there to break down the action. Here's Vic's take.

Aug 11 2007 6:05PM
Hi and welcome to the Dolphin Stadium press box. The following Jaguars players did not make the trip: Quinn Gray, Brian Smith (PUP), Brad Meester, George Wrighster and Jeremy Mincey. Ernest Wilford, who sustained a knee injury earlier in the week, is in uniform and on the field moving around. Matt Jones spent much of the week nursing a sore hamstring. Preliminary reports are that he'll also play.

Aug 11 2007 6:44PM
Scott Starks will not play. Starks, of course, is still recovering from the hand injury he sustained early in training camp. Matt Jones is in uniform and is participating in pregame warmups.

Aug 11 2007 6:55PM
Byron Leftwich will play approximately 15 plays; same for David Garrard. If Garrard doesn't get enough plays in the first half, Garrard will start the second half. That's from Jack Del Rio.

Aug 11 2007 7:34PM
The Jaguars are kicking off. Here we go. Have a great season, everybody.

Aug 11 2007 7:39PM
Ted Ginn -- I won't call him Junior -- returned the kickoff to the Dolphins 25.

Aug 11 2007 7:41PM
Three and out. Wow! Trent Green's arm is really, really weak. Alvin Pearman is back to return the punt.

Aug 11 2007 7:43PM
LaBrandon Toefield got a hand on the punt; partially blocked. Ernest Wilford makes a 25-yard catch on first down. The ball is at the Dolphins 34.

Aug 11 2007 7:44PM
Sack. Matt Roth sacks Byron Leftwich; third and 14.

Aug 11 2007 7:45PM
Sack. Dennis Norman allowed it; right up the middle. It's fourth down and Adam Podlesh is punting.

Aug 11 2007 7:53PM
Fred Taylor is out for the second series. Maurice Jones-Drew is in. This could be Leftwich's last series, depending how many plays are in it. The Jaguars are on their 35.

Aug 11 2007 7:54PM
Leftwich to Wilford. First down at the Jaguars 47. It was a quick out.

Aug 11 2007 7:56PM
Reggie Williams and Charles Sharon are the receivers now. It's third and two.

Aug 11 2007 7:56PM
They went four wide and ran it and didn't get it; fourth and one. The Jaguars are going to punt. If they do, Leftwich will get another series.

Aug 11 2007 7:57PM
The second-team defense is in the game for the Jaguars. The Dolphins have the ball at their 20.

Aug 11 2007 8:00PM
I don't have much analysis for you, yet. Leftwich hit Wilford twice for first downs. That's about it. The other Jaguars receivers didn't appear to have gotten open, yet. Matt Jones, by the way, is playing.

Aug 11 2007 8:04PM
The Dolphins went for it on fourth and one at their 29 and gained two yards. I guess new coach Cam Cameron wanted to send a message of aggressiveness to the fans, of which there would seem to be few in attendance.

Aug 11 2007 8:07PM
The Jaguars have the ball at their 25. This will probably be Leftwich's last series. He has six plays remaining in his 15-play count.

Aug 11 2007 8:10PM
Matt Jones just dropped a beautifully-thrown ball from Leftwich. It would've been for about 20 yards.

Aug 11 2007 8:12PM
Roughing the passer. Leftwich got ripped hard up high by Vonnie Holliday. First down for the Jaguars. Holliday hit him as the ball was coming out, but he went helmet to helmet.

Aug 11 2007 8:13PM
On the play before, a pass for Matt Jones hit him on the left hand. It appeared he wasn't turned in time to see the ball.

Aug 11 2007 8:15PM
Leftwich to Matt Jones over the middle for a first down at the Dolphins 45. Clint Ingram has a sprained right ankle and will not return. That's the end of the first quarter.

Aug 11 2007 8:17PM
Leftwich is three of five for 48 yards.

Aug 11 2007 8:18PM
Toefield goes to the 22 with a screen pass.

Aug 11 2007 8:20PM
Pearman carries to the seven-yard line on a draw play.

Aug 11 2007 8:22PM
Touchdown! Leftwich to Dennis Northcutt for one yard. The drive was 75 yards. There is 12:44 to play in the first half. That should be the end of Leftwich's participation this evening.

Aug 11 2007 8:26PM
Leftwich will finish seven of 10 for 78 yards and a touchdown. He was good. His passes were on target. I didn't like his pass-protection and, of course, Matt Jones dropped a ball that would've been for a significan

Aug 11 2007 8:29PM
Three and out for the Dolphins. The Jaguars have the ball back at their 31. David Garrard is in the game.

Aug 11 2007 8:30PM
Both teams have their two's on the field.

Aug 11 2007 8:32PM
Toefield fumbled on the first play. The Dolphins recover at the Jaguars 32.

Aug 11 2007 8:33PM
The Dolphins offensive line is really bad. This could be a long season in Miami. I don't see anything on which Cam Cameron can hang his hat.

Aug 11 2007 8:35PM
The Jaguars recover a Green fumble after pressure. Whatever the Dolphins traded, it was too much.

Aug 11 2007 8:37PM
James Wyche gets the sack and forced fumble.

Aug 11 2007 8:40PM
I just looked it up. Miami acquired Green for a conditional fifth-round pick.

Aug 11 2007 8:40PM
Garrard to Matt Jones for a big gain. It was a beautifully-thrown ball; hit him in stride for 24 yards.

Aug 11 2007 8:44PM
Garrard is sacked on third down. The pass-protection needs work next week. Josh Scobee kicks a 32-yard field goal.

Aug 11 2007 8:51PM
I think I'm going to give my best-pressbox-food award to the Dolphins and their first class PR man Harvey Greene. The minestrone soup is outstanding and the ice cream machine is a great touch.

Aug 11 2007 8:52PM
Bruce Thornton intercepted near midfield, but Garrard hits Toefield with a pass and Toefield fumbles, again. The Dolphins have it at their 47.

Aug 11 2007 8:53PM
Brian Iwuh with a big on Ronnie Brown. Iwuh is battling to make the team and that hit will help his cause.

Aug 11 2007 8:54PM
Green throw to Derek Hagan and Jamaal Fudge gets flagged for a facemask. The ball is on the Jags 12.

Aug 11 2007 8:54PM
Iwuh with a nice coverage and forces a pass to be dropped. Hmmm. Iwuh is shooting up.

Aug 11 2007 8:57PM
Wyche almost had another sack. He flew over Green. The Dolphins boot a field goal.

Aug 11 2007 9:00PM
Garrard to John Broussard for 24 yards. Nice throw; Garrard has yet to throw an incompletion. He's six for six. Broussard was wide open.

Aug 11 2007 9:01PM
Garrard to Charles Sharon. That's seven straight. Timeout Jaguars. The ball is at the Dolphins 37 with 16 seconds to play in the first half.

Aug 11 2007 9:03PM
I don't like the spread formations. They invite the blitz. That time, Garrard was nearly intercepted.

Aug 11 2007 9:05PM
That's the end of the half. A Hail Mary for Reggie Williams failed. Garrard was seven of 11 for 86 yards. He didn't throw an interception until he got low on the game clock. On the negative side was the near interc

Aug 11 2007 9:07PM
Here's my first-half analysis: The defense was outstanding; both the one's and two's. The offense did some nice things, but the pass-protection was not good. Leftwich and Garrard each played well. I liked what I sa

Aug 11 2007 9:09PM
Get ready for Lester Ricard and Tim Couch in the second half.

Aug 11 2007 9:10PM
Oh, yeah, watch for undrafted rookie wide receiver Roosevelt Kiser in the second half. He's a fast-rising guy.

Aug 11 2007 9:19PM
Surprise! Garrard is still in the game. He throws to Mike Walker along the sideline.

Aug 11 2007 9:22PM
Great throw to Greg Estandia to the Dolphins 42 on third down.

Aug 11 2007 9:23PM
Garrard to Reggie Williams to the 13. Nice-looking play.

Aug 11 2007 9:23PM
Garrard to Broussard to the one-yard line. Beautiful!

Aug 11 2007 9:25PM
Pearman, touchdown! Great drive; nine plays, 70 yards. Garrard was five of five in the drive. He's sharp; razor sharp. I don't think he's ever thrown the ball as well as he has this week. More on Garrard in a minut

Aug 11 2007 9:30PM
All of a sudden, Garrard looks like a different quarterback. He looks like a pitcher who's decided to take something off his fastball and throw strikes; a golfer who's decided 250 yards down the middle is better th

Aug 11 2007 9:32PM
Touchdown! Jesse Chatman goes 74 yards up the middle. Derek Landri and Dee Webb missed tackles. It's 17-10.

Aug 11 2007 9:35PM
Tim Couch is at quarterback.

Aug 11 2007 9:36PM
Garrard finishes 12 of 16 for 153 yards, no touchdowns, no interceptions.

Aug 11 2007 9:37PM
Couch to Walker for 12. That was nice. Couch is competing for a roster spot. Don't forget, Quinn Gray did not make the trip.

Aug 11 2007 9:40PM
Folks, I hate to tell you this but I have to leave you for a little bit. I promise, this won't happen in the regular season. The Jags drive stalls. I'll be back as soon as I can.

Aug 11 2007 9:47PM
The Jaguars first-team defense allowed only 15 yards in six plays; two three-and-out series to start the game.

Aug 11 2007 9:49PM
Nick Sorensen, blow to the head and won't return.

Aug 11 2007 9:50PM
Estandia drops a pass from Couch. It would've been for a significant gain.

Aug 11 2007 10:04PM
The game has turned into a scrum. The Jaguars have the ball at their 13 with 11:40 to play, leading 17-10.

Aug 11 2007 10:04PM
Lester Ricard is at quarterback. Couch was two of four for 11 yards. His best pass was dropped.

Aug 11 2007 10:07PM
D'Juan Woods makes a leaping catch. First down at the 25.

Aug 11 2007 10:11PM
John Beck is in the game for Miami.

Aug 11 2007 10:16PM
The Dolphins are on the Jaguars 33.

Aug 11 2007 10:17PM
The Dolphins are now at the Jaguars 22. If they score and Cameron doesn't go for two, I will dislike him very much.

Aug 11 2007 10:18PM
They are now at the three. Please, Cam, please.

Aug 11 2007 10:19PM
Touchdown! Patrick Cobbs scores. Cobbs is an interesting story. He led the Patriots rushing in last year's preseason.

Aug 11 2007 10:20PM
The Dolphins go for two and Cobbs runs right up the middle for the conversion. That was too easy. Some guys hurt themselves in that drive.

Aug 11 2007 10:24PM
Ricard to tight end Isaac Smolko to the Jaguars 40. Smolko is interesting. He's coming on. He could be a practice squad candidate. He has some upside.

Aug 11 2007 10:25PM
Walker with a catch. That's his third. He's quietly having a nice game, and with a broken finger.

Aug 11 2007 10:28PM
That's the two-minute warning. The Jaguars are facing a fourth and one at their 48.

Aug 11 2007 10:29PM
Ricard to Broussard down the right sideline for 30 yards to the Miami 22. Ricard is making a statement.

Aug 11 2007 10:32PM
Third and 10 at the 22. This is the game right here.

Aug 11 2007 10:33PM
I got ahead of myself. This is the game right here. Scobee is in. It's going to be a 42-yard attempt.

Aug 11 2007 10:35PM
Scobee's kick was wide to the right. Officially, it was from 43 yards. Thanks for your company. See you next week.

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