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Wayne Weaver responds to Smith's holdout


Jaguars Owner Wayne Weaver made an official statement this morning in response to wide receiver Jimmy Smith's claims of broken promises and subsequent holdout. In his statement, Weaver denies Smith's allegations of a promised new contract, and expresses his belief that the matter should have been handled differently. The following is the statement sent by Wayne Weaver:

"I am disappointed that Jimmy Smith decided not to report to the opening of Training Camp. It is not in Jimmy's nor the Club's best interest for him to not be here with the rest of the team.

"I am also disappointed that Jimmy felt the need to try to negotiate in the press. It is our policy not to do this.

"I do feel the need to respond to one statement that Jimmy made concerning "promises" that he claims were made last year by Jaguars management. Last February Jimmy claimed that a year ago I had made a promise to give him a new contract. At that time I reminded Jimmy that I had never promised him a new contract, but rather that I would continue to be fair to him in the context of the contract that he signed. Jimmy did not dispute this then and I never heard anything further on this until I read his statement in the newspaper. If Jimmy still felt that I had promised a new contract, I am deeply disappointed based on our relationship that he did not come back to me rather than making such a statement to the media."

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