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Weaver's list grows


(Jan. 13)--A list of head coach candidates that was thought to have been reduced to one man, is back up to three, maybe four, following the continuation of Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver's search this past weekend.

Weaver said it's possible he could name both the head coach and personnel executive this week, "but I don't want to tie myself to that," he added.

Following the withdrawals from consideration by Denny Green and Bob Stoops last week, Iowa's Kirk Ferentz was thought to be Weaver's lone remaining candidate, but Weaver says he has two more men on his list and could add a third. He would not reveal those names, however.

"We're getting closer," he said in an interview with today.

Media attention has turned toward the 49ers' Steve Mariucci, whose season ended Sunday in a lopsided playoff loss to Tampa. Speculation is the Jaguars would be interested in Mariucci if he was fired. Weaver would not comment on Mariucci other than to say, "He has a job."

Asked if he would consider paying compensation to another team in exchange for hiring their coach, Weaver said: "At this stage of our development, there's no way I'd give up compensation. Draft picks are sacred."

The personnel job is thought to be a competition between four men: Buffalo Assistant General Manager Tom Modrak (first to be interviewed), Baltimore Pro Personnel Director James Harris, Baltimore Director of College Scouting Phil Savage (last to be interviewed) and Jaguars Director of Player Personnel Rick Reiprish.

"We've got some good candidates and I've got to think of their strengths and who would fit into the organization the best," Weaver said of his decision on a personnel man.

Those "strengths" involve "the personality, chemistry and attitude of being a team player and how the person buys into the structure we're contemplating," Weaver said.

That structure is "cap, coach and personnel; those three people have to be joined at the hip. Though the coach has to have critical input, he doesn't have to have final say in the draft and in signing personnel. The personnel guy has to be a talented personnel evaluator. He has to have good leaderships skills and be the kind of person who is flexible and uses the information from the scouts and makes sure those voices don't get stifled," Weaver added.

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