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What a great game

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Ben from San Diego, CA:
What does it say about the parity of today's NFL when a team that was only formally eliminated from the playoff chase on the final day of the regular season is holding a top 10 pick?

Vic: Yet, the big story last season was about the lack of parity in the league, right? It was a classic overreaction to a few blowouts. Parity exists in the NFL and the Jaguars of 2009 are the classic example of it.

Brandon from Starkville, MS:
Does Toby Gerhart remind you of Larry Csonka in some ways? I see nothing flashy. I see toughness and desire. I see a guy who knocks people over, a true football player.

Vic: He does not remind me of Csonka. Csonka was much bigger than Gerhart. Csonka was 6-3 and ran with savage power. Gerhart is much more compact at 6-1. He's a powerful runner, but he's not in Csonka's class. Frankly, Gerhart reminds me of Tommy Vardell, whose single-season rushing record at Stanford was broken by Gerhart. Vardell and Gerhart are of nearly identical size and skill set. Vardell was the ninth pick of the 1992 draft. He suffered a career-damaging knee injury early in his career and managed to hang on through eight seasons in the NFL, but he never approached the expectations that go with being the ninth pick of the draft. Gerhart ran well at the combine. He answered doubts about his speed and likely improved his draft stock.

David from Kingsland, GA:
It is certainly disheartening that we have blackouts, but the monster truck show is once a year. I feel certain if the Jaguars only played one home game it would be sold out. It's hardly the same thing. Sign Peppers, trade down and acquire more picks and draft Tebow in the second or third rounds. The team would be improved and this city would be excited again.

Vic: I agree with you about the monster truck show. You should've stopped there.

Matthew from Jacksonville:
Do draftees choose their combine numbers or is it done by last name?

Vic: Numbers are assigned alphabetically.

Ed from Jacksonville:
How do you feel about Jevan Snead as a pro prospect?

Vic: I looked at him on Sunday and I thought to myself, what happened to this guy that he went from being a player who was projected to be a possible first pick of the draft to off the radar? When something like that happens, you have to take a deep look to find the causes because guys just don't all of a sudden lose their ability, not at 22 years old. Something went wrong at Ole Miss last year and it may result in Snead falling into some team's lap for a lot less than what they would've expected to pay before last season began. Don't forget, Dan Marino didn't have the kind of senior season predicted for him and it caused him to fall to the 27th pick of the 1983 draft. The Dolphins were smart enough to pick Marino and capitalize on the opportunity. Was Snead overrated or did circumstances conspire against him? That's the question that has to be answered.

Sonny from Jacksonville:
I was really surprised and excited to see that you did an "Ask Vic" over the weekend. I have been really sick for two months and it really brightened my weekend. Thank you.

Vic: You must've been really sick. I hope you're feeling better.

Dan from Jacksonville:
Did you watch any of the USA-Canada hockey game on Sunday?

Vic: Yeah, I did. In fact, I was in coach Del Rio's hotel room doing a video when the game was in its final minutes. There were about two minutes to play in regulation when we finished the video and we stayed and watched the exciting, tying goal with coach Del Rio who, by the way, displayed great excitement when the U.S. scored the tying goal. What a great game. What a great sport. I love the respect and dignity with which they treat the game and each other. I love the effort and intensity. I didn't know overtime hockey in the Olympics is four-on-four. As soon as I found out, I knew Canada was going to win because four-on-four is like giving the puck to Sidney Crosby in a shootout. The kid wins. He's Brady.

Tudor from St. Augustine, FL:
I know we're in a youth movement and high-priced free agents are not a good plan, but what about a one or two-year, low-risk deal for LaDainian Tomlinson? He would absolutely help the team's running game and take some load off MJD's back. Is he worth pursuing with a low-risk contract, much like the one given to Torry Holt last season?

Vic: You know better than to ask me that question. Tomlinson is one of the great backs in NFL history, but his career is behind him now. It's a young man's game. You gain nothing by signing an over-the-hill player. A year later, you have to do what you should've done a year earlier. The Jaguars were desperate at wide receiver when they signed Holt. They are far from desperate at running back.

Bill from Jacksonville:
I get the feeling that if a QB and DE the Jags are high on aren't available and he's still unpicked, the Jags may take C.J. Spiller.

Vic: I don't know why you have that feeling but if Spiller is the highest-rated player on the Jaguars' board when it's their turn to pick, I would have no problem with them selecting him. He's a first-class football player who gives you value in a lot of ways. His 40 time on Sunday is going to shoot his stock up and it should.

Jupiter from New York, NY:
Ryan Mathews, NFL quality?

Vic: I love him and I love his story. He's a big, fast, productive running back who defeated adversity to become one of the top prospects in this draft. This is the 2010 version of the Michael Oher story and it's no less compelling. A hungry football player is the best football player and Mathews has been a hungry player all his football life.

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