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What if we didn't have them?

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Drew from Belle Glade, FL:
What are the NFL guidelines on who can and cannot be added to the practice squad? I know it has something to do with their amount of experience, but I don't have a full understanding of it.

Vic: A player is eligible for the practice squad provided he hasn't been on a 45-man active roster for nine games in any one season and he hasn't expired his three seasons of practice-squad eligibility.

LaVaughn from Orlando, FL:
I'm interested in trying out for any of the three Florida NFL practice squads. How do I pursue that?

Vic: You have to play at Florida or Florida State first.

Andrew from Bellingham, WA:
Why does the rule about bringing in your "third quarterback" exist? It doesn't exist for any other position. It just seems odd to me to restrict who a team can play at quarterback and seemingly complicate the game unnecessarily.

Vic: It exists so coaches can have one more player, who on normal teams would never touch the field, available to them in an emergency, without that player having to count against the 45-man limit. You don't have to have a "third quarterback." You can name eight other inactives and make three quarterbacks active.

John from Houston, TX:
Thanks, you taught me something: We can get the talent we cut on the street at a later time. It never occurred to me. What is your assessment of Zach Potter?

Vic: I watched him block and then catch that pass in the deep-middle of the field last week and I thought to myself, what if this guy turns into Mark Bavaro? What if he does?

Sara from Fleming Island, FL:
Does the home team stay in a hotel the night before a home game to avoid players staying out late and partying?

Vic: Yes, they do. In the old days, they stayed in a hotel so the players could avoid two o'clock feedings, but that's not a problem these days. These guys can afford nannies.

Ryan from Clyde, OH:
I'm hearing from different websites that the draft pick from the Nelson trade is either a conditional pick or an undisclosed pick. So which is it?

Vic: It's an undisclosed, conditional draft pick.

Gavin from Jacksonville:
I just wanted to say that while Tony Boselli and Mayor Peyton are getting attaboys for the drive for long-term success, I feel you deserve a share. I was talking to a friend of mine and we both agreed that your education of Jaguars fans on the ins and outs of pro football is having a positive effect. Those people go out and educate their friends and it spreads. I think it all started on "Ask Vic."

Vic: Nothing would please me more than to think I've made any kind of contribution to the future of professional football in Jacksonville. It would be the ultimate satisfaction I could take to the mountains.

Ray from Jacksonville:
With the weather forecast being in our favor with unseasonably warm weather, how important is it for our running game to dominate the action against a rather average Broncos defensive line? I would think that if we could sustain a few long drives in the first half, a mild-weather team like Denver would be wilting in the oppressive heat and humidity at EverBank Field.

Vic: That's what happened to Seattle in 2005. The team that returned for the start of the second half was not the same team that started the game. Denver was 26th in the league in run-defense in 2009. You have put your finger right on the tip of the issue for the Jaguars. Run the ball, dominate time of possession and leave the Broncos' big guys up front gasping for air.

Ian from Neptune Beach, FL:
If Tim Tebow enters Sunday's game listed as the third QB on the depth chart, Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn cannot re-enter until the start of the fourth quarter. Can Denver list Tebow as HB, FB or another position? What determines where and how one is placed on the roster by position?

Vic: Let's try this again. Neither the depth chart nor the position at which you list a player have anything to do with a player's active or inactive status. "Third quarterback" is a designation, not a position on the depth chart. For Tebow to be deactivated, he would have to bear the official "inactive" or "third quarterback" designation. I don't expect that to happen. I think Tebow will be active on the day of the game, which means he can play any position, including quarterback, without circumstance. If he's designated "third quarterback," he's inactive and can't enter the game at any position without the rules governing the "third quarterback" being invoked.

Josh from Callahan, FL:
I loved your 0-9 starting record for the Colts in your all-important power rankings.

Vic: I swear, I didn't do that, but I also didn't correct it after I saw the typo.

Brendan from Toronto, Ontario:
Huge Bills fan; my buddy, who's a fan of the Jags, directed me to you. Under your preseason rankings you said you would keep an eye on Buffalo. What did you mean by this?

Vic: Chan Gailey has a stellar track record for developing quarterbacks and offenses. What I've seen of Trent Edwards, I've liked. C.J. Spiller and Lee Evans are weapons. I wanna keep an eye on that. I'm not prepared to say more at this time.

Kevin from Navesink, NJ:
My journalism professor at Rutgers told us today when writing a sports story to write it as a human conflict story. I laughed, and when he asked why, I said: "because this buddy of mine has been telling me that for years."

Vic: I'll tell you when it dawned on me, and it wasn't a journalism professor who turned the light on, it was Joe Greene. We were talking one day about football and sportswriting and he said to me, "Don't you understand that there's some honest-to-God human confrontation going on out there?" Immediately, I understood and ever since I have tried to identify that confrontation and relate it to my readers.

Tyler from West Des Moines, IA:
The radio shows are great, Vic. provides great coverage of these. Any chance there could be video added to the radio show for online purposes?

Vic: They were going to try to do that. Somebody actually hung some kind of webcam camera from the ceiling of the radio studio, but it never worked and it's still hanging there.

Keith from Palatka, FL:
Gene Smith inherited a mess and has done an admirable job of procuring talent. We have enough talent to be respectable now. In your opinion, what do we still lack to get over the hump and be a serious playoff contender?

Vic: My instincts tell me the answer is another draft class or two, but this is week one of the season so we won't have to wait much longer to find out what, in fact, the answer is, so let's just wait. My concerns are on defense, but that doesn't mean Defensive Coordinator Mel Tucker can't pencil-whip his counterparts and, in the process, a lot of young players up front start growing up.

Jared from Jacksonville:
I'm feeling the big-game buzz in this town like I haven't felt in a couple of years. Weeks like this one give me a feeling I don't ever want to lose. I feel the edge in the air everywhere I go. The stadium will be packed and the TV numbers will be through the roof. Do you think football fans in Jacksonville are recognizing that this is what the Jaguars bring to Jacksonville, a game that can captivate the hearts and minds of an entire city?

Vic: All you have to do is ask yourself this question: What would life be like this week if we didn't have the Jaguars?

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