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Wide Receiver Laviska Shenault Jr.: October 9, 2020

(On the growth in his relationship with QB Gardner Minshew II) "I feel like it starts in practice. We just have to get that bond in practice and you just keep working on it, working on it. At the end of the day, it's all about just the timing and can we complete a pass and that's really all it's about. It's going well. We're getting better with each other every day."

(On what he's learned from Wide Receivers Coach Keenan McCardell) "[He's] just teaching me how to use my body. I have a very unique body, body style, so he's just trying to teach me to use it in the right way. For example, I don't have to be making so many moves. I'm a bigger guy, so just get there, do what you have to do, go and it'll work out. It's the same as if I would've made some moves."

(On Wide Receivers Coach Keenan McCardell's personality) "He's bi-polar when it comes to the meeting rooms. I mean he can be fun one time, he can be serious, he can be all types of stuff, but fun dude and [I] love to learn from him."

(On the Houston Texans secondary) "They play like they're hungry. They play aggressive like they just know what they're doing and they're flying around everywhere. We just have to come out and do what we do and pay attention to detail."

(On if it's a homecoming playing in Texas this weekend and if his family will be in attendance) "Yes, it's very close to home and I will have at least, a good amount, ten maybe fifteen people there that I know of. I think it's going to be special. It's basically the crib for me so it'll be fun. I'm just going to say the crib because it's Texas, but yes Dallas is my home home."

(On being a full-time receiver) "I'm good with whatever. You give me the opportunity, you give me the chance to go do something, I'm going to go do it. So, me playing receiver, me playing running back, it doesn't matter. I'm an athlete at the end of the day and I'm here to do whatever."

(On if it was ever a possibility for him to play defense in college) "Honestly, I was dealing with a lot of injuries in college, but I feel like if I was healthy enough and I was actually like, 'Coach, let me go out there and do it', he would've let me do it. That would've been interesting to see. I would love to see myself on the other side of the ball."

(On what he says his position is) "I'm an athlete. I'm a playmaker. I want it. I want the pressure. I love the pressure."

(On if the team is close to putting all three phases of the game together) "I really do think we are knocking at the door. Like I say, I always talk about attention to detail because it's the little things that just might get us here and there, but I think we have some special things coming here in the future."

(On if his pre-snap motion can fool the defense because he plays multiple positions and) "I think it plays a big part. When one guy can line up in all different positions and do all different type of things, it gives defenses a little bit of pressure. They have to stay on their toes at all times. It's actually funny because everyone is talking about me. They talk about how big I am, like the defensive guys and all that type of stuff and once they know I'm in motion, everybody's, 'Watch #10! Reverse, reverse!' It's always something that they're thinking I'm about to do and it's fun because they don't know what I'm about to do."

(On what he's heard players say about him on the field) "When I went down in the last game and I was walking off the field, #30 was like, 'That's because you're so big!' He just kept saying that and I couldn't say anything [else he said] right now."