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Williams' goals still high


Reggie Williams is chalking it up to a learning experience. "Last year was last year," Williams said of his rookie season, which began with being the ninth player selected in the NFL draft and ended with 27 receptions for 268 yards and one touchdown.

On the opening day of training camp, Williams spoke to reporters of making the Pro Bowl in his rookie year. He was a study in innocent enthusiasm. Then, he joined the harsh world of the NFL.

He wasn't the featured player in the Jaguars offense, which didn't help offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave's cause. There was a feeling Williams wasn't being used properly; wasn't being used enough.

"It was like having a mechanic and telling him to be a computer geek. I just need the ball in my hands," Williams said.

The Jaguars have a new offensive coordinator, Carl Smith, and he is said to be in the process of installing a passing attack that will throw the ball deeper down the field, in an attempt to produce larger chunks of yardage. The mention of that brings a smile to Williams' face.

"We've met a couple of times already and I like his style," said Williams, who was drafted by the Jaguars as a tall pass-catcher the team believed would become the red-zone play-maker they so desperately needed.

"Nothing has changed," said Williams, who believes he offers the same potential he did when the Jaguars became attracted to him at the University of Washington.

"I learned a whole lot," he said of last season. "The game changed; a lot more business. It was my time to pick up things from the older guys. I could watch Jimmy (Smith) and Troy (Edwards) all day; their routes are so crisp. I can just go out there and play now. I just do things now and I don't have to think about it.

"Stats-wise, it was the worst (season) I've ever had playing football. Learning-wise, it was the best. It just didn't show," Williams said.

He has not lowered his goals or expectations.

"I want to win and get in the playoffs. I want to get in and win. Anything but the Super Bowl is a failure. I want to get across the water," he said, referring to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. "The Super Bowl and across the water; those are my goals."

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