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Winner no. 2: A family affair


The fans voted for the winners on and the Jaguars Facebook page, selecting 10 of their peers to have their photo featured on the Jaguars 2011 general bowl season tickets. 

Each of the 10 winners will tell their story on over the next two weeks.  Here is the second winner chosen:

Jamie Digesare

"My husband, John, and I have been together for 11 years.  When Jacksonville first got the team I didn't care about football.  I couldn't figure out why everybody was so excited.  When I met my husband he told me to go a game with him.  We went to a preseason game in 2002 and I was like, 'Sorry I just don't get it.'  That was also the time they came out with the payment plans.  He said, 'Let's do a season on the payment plan and if you still don't like it at the end of the season then we don't have to get them the next year.'  By the end of that season, we were hooked up and haven't missed a game since.   

"My husband has been a Jaguars fan for life.  I was born and raised here and my great-grandfather's business is actually two blocks east of the stadium.  My uncle owns it now and I grew up driving past the Gator Bowl and grew up around there.  Why I didn't love football, I have no idea.  It means a lot more to me now. 

"I was pregnant with our daughter, Ellie (pictured), during the 2006 season. You could feel the excitement in the crowd at those games but I could also feel it in my stomach.  We had two Monday night games and I will never forget them.  It was the Steelers game that is my best memory.  She was so excited.  I literally had to sit down because she was moving and kicking so much.  It was an unbelievable night. 

"Even after she was born, if she was upset we would turn a game on and she would quiet down.  She was born on Dec. 29 and when I found out I was pregnant the first thing I did was figure out my due date to see how it would interfere with football season. I missed the last two games of that season because I couldn't get to the stadium. Football was always something she heard so now that she's old enough we will start to take her to the games.

"Ellie has been asking us for a while if we would take her to a Jaguars game.  We have been taking her to Sharks games to see if she could make it through and if she would understand it.  She loves them and as soon as she leaves the arena, she points to the stadium and says, "Mommy, I want to go in there." We are going to take her to whatever game her picture is on the ticket.  That will be her first game. We decided if we weren't selected we were just going to choose a game.

"It's created a bond between her and her dad.  That was not something I had growing up. I'm just happy she loves it to begin with and it's something we can share with her.  The games are also a good time for good bonding for my husband and me. I'm ready to introduce Ellie into that.

"We love all the players.  My husband is actually wearing my jersey.  I turned thirty this year so he got me a personalized jersey with thirty to represent my age.

"It's hard to describe to people the experience unless you go to a game.  When I went to that first preseason game, my husband told me that it was just preseason and I really needed to go a full season or a regular season game to understand it. I didn't believe him.  We went to those first couple of games and he's standing up, screaming, and I'm absolutely embarrassed.  By the end of the season, I'm standing up and screaming with him. 

"Over the years, we moved from the 400s down to the 200s.  We sat there for a couple years but we didn't think people were loud enough so we moved to the north end zone.  We have been there the last four years.  I absolutely love it.  I love the people around us.  We have friends in the next section over and it's just where we both fit in. It's a great time when our defense is in our end zone.  That's where we want them."

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