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You have to win the job

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Howard from Portage, MI:
I am moving to Orlando late this summer and plan to adopt the Jags. Being a Lions fan for many years has given me the patience you call for (unfortunately). My question is whether the Jags might play two tight ends, since they suddenly seem to have some depth there? This would, perhaps, minimize the impact of the wide receiver shortage in Jacksonville.

Vic: Howard, I'm not seeing depth at tight end. Kyle Brady is the only tight end on the roster who gives the Jaguars a sense of security. Chris Luzar has yet to see any significant NFL playing time, Johnnie Mitchell has been out of football for several years, and rookie George Wrighster hasn't had an opportunity to show what he can do.

Eric from Woonsocket, RI:
With all this talk about Leftwich being the future of this franchise, it starts getting me to thinking. Last year we were all talking about Garrard being the future of this franchise. Does Garrard have any chance at becoming the future franchise QB for the Jags, or will that spot go to Leftwich?

Vic: In the NFL, the best man wins. It's happening all over this league. Tom Brady forced Drew Bledsoe out at New England, Tommy Maddox did the same to Kordell Stewart in Pittsburgh, and Kelly Holcomb is battling Tim Couch for the starting job in Cleveland. You have to win the job, and David Garrard will have every opportunity to do that.

Clay from Jacksonville:
What are the odds another team would pick up R.J. Soward if the Jags cut him today? I don't see much upside for a team that picks up a washout like Soward.

Vic: It wouldn't cost a team claiming Soward anything, since he remains on the suspended list. But by claiming Soward, the claiming team would cost the Jaguars an additional $400,000 in accelerated amortization on their salary cap. The concern would be that a competing team might ply that advantage.

Ken from Kings Bay, GA:
Why don't teams call for a fair catch when the other teams tries an onside kick?

Vic: The opportunity to signal for a fair catch is extinguished as soon as the ball hits the ground.

Javier from Hammonton, NJ:
Who do you feel is the frontrunner for the second wide receiver job? Second, who do you think is the best available receiver in free agency to become the second receiver?

Vic: Kevin Lockett appears to be the leader in the competition for the second wide receiver job. Yesterday, Lockett was impressive in making two deep-middle catches in which Mark Brunell hit Lockett perfectly in stride as Lockett pulled away from defenders. Lockett has NFL experience behind him and it's possible he could be on the verge of establishing himself in the league. Development takes time; Jimmy Smith's and Keenan McCardell's careers are proof of that. As far as the current list of available wide receivers, J.J. Stokes appears to be the most attractive, but only at a reasonable figure.

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