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You heard wrong

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Jesse from Tallahassee, FL:
Please keep in mind that you are appreciated by the silent majority. We really, really appreciate your effort and your work. It sounds like grumpy-poo Vic needs a hug. Perhaps we could get an Eagles cheerleader to take the hug-Vic job; or one of their mothers.

Vic: That's a good idea.

Matthew from Jacksonville:
You seemed a little perturbed by Friday's questions. Do you need a hug?

Vic: Hold off on that hug, Matt. Let's see what Jesse can do first.

David from Gainesville, FL:
Thank you for giving us insight into some of the questions you usually do not answer. Please don't ever do it again.

Vic: What do you think the drop-kick questions are like today?

Paul from Stockbridge, GA:
I know you're a guy who does not believe in replay. Did you watch that Michigan vs. Nebraska game? There should have been a replay after every single play in that game to give the pathetic, incompetent referees enough to figure out where they were and what they were supposed to be doing.

Vic: Pity the poor guy from Michigan on the final play of the game. The whole Nebraska team was on the field, yet, no penalty. I don't know how Lloyd Carr didn't blow up.

Kristina from Johnstown, :
Do you think David Garrard is starting material in the NFL?

Vic: Yes.

Kenny from Jacksonville:
Who peed in your Wheaties? I am laughing so hard at your sarcasm that my boss is figuring out that I am slacking off. Nice comeback about the Jaguars uniforms. Have a great new year and go Jaguars!

Vic: It wasn't the Wheaties.

Clif from Frederick, MD:
My friend claims the 2005 USC Trojans could beat this year's Houston Texans. I said he's crazy because the Texans would easily win by 30 because of how fast and aggressive the NFL is. What do you think?

Vic: No college team can compete with an NFL team. The gap between college and professional football is staggering.

Steve from Maitland, FL:
I'm curious to know how many of the Jags starters were actually drafted by the Jags?

Vic: On offense, Mo Williams, Brad Meester, Vince Manuwai and Khalif Barnes on the offensive line, Reggie Williams at wide receiver, Byron Leftwich and David Garrard at quarterback, Greg Jones at fullback and Fred Taylor at running back. On defense, Marcus Stroud and John Henderson on the line, Akin Ayodele and Daryl Smith at linebacker, and Rashean Mathis and Gerald Sensabaugh in the secondary. Kicker Josh Scobee is also a draft choice.

Ethan from New Castle, PA:
Who do you think is the best overall athlete in the entire NFL?

Vic: Julius Peppers would be my choice.

Kyle from Charleston, IL:
So do you design the whole Jaguars website?

Vic: No, I just write words. The site's design is the work of Steve Hall, Dan Gadd and Dan Champagne.

Mark from Yulee, FL:
While I know this is not a college team, what do you think about having a fight song like college teams do?

Vic: The Redskins' fight song works, but you can't force that kind of thing. If somebody comes up with a song people like, ok, but something like that has to be spontaneous because pro football isn't a fight-song kind of sport. Pro football does, however, have a lot of unique fan traditions; the Steelers' yellow towels, the Packers' Lambeau leap, the Browns' old Dawg Pound, the Eagles' massacre of Santa Claus and the Jets' J-E-T-S. I like the Patriots' "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow," and I like the Bears' fight song, "Bear down, Chicago Bears." I especially like the line, "We'll never forget the way you thrilled the nation with your T-formation." That speaks of history and tradition and that's what all of these fan things do; they establish tradition. It has to just happen. You can't force it.

Jon from Ocala, FL:
I read your blog during the game Sunday for the first time, being that the game was not on TV in the Ocala area and the radio reception was terrible, and I have to give you props for a great job. It really did give me a sense of the game. I think the blog is just another reason is one of the best NFL team web sites. Do any other team websites have game-time blogs?

Vic: I don't think so.

William from Savannah, GA:
Right before halftime, the crowd started chanting something like "Fisher subs, Fisher subs." Was the crowd yelling for Fisher to take his starters out of the game or is Fisher starting a sandwich shop up in Nashville?

Vic: I don't think they were saying "subs."

Cory from Jacksonville:
We went the whole season without a blackout. How many, if any, seats do you think we should uncover?

Vic: None. Only one of the eight regular-season games was sold out and three of the eight games required a blackout extension at the 72-hour deadline time. The Jaguars did a good job of estimating the correct number of seats to cover. They took it to the high side and they should keep it right where it is.

Tom from Jacksonville:
I am sorry to say this but my favorite columns are the ones when you get personally attacked. I love your sarcastic, indignant answers. You said last week in your "10 things" that there's a definite feel to teams going into the playoffs. Do you feel it?

Vic: I honestly do.

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