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Your heart makes the decision

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Mark from Jacksonville:
Your new team and your old team in the Super Bowl; what's your prediction?

Vic: I don't think anybody can beat the Packers, the way they're playing right now. They are the definition of getting hot at the right time.

Andy from Saint Johns, FL:
How in the heck did I go from being a life-long Steelers fan to a Jaguars fan (first time season-ticket holder this season) in the last five years? It doesn't make any sense and defies all logic.

Vic: You didn't make that decision; your heart made it for you and the heart does not deal in logic. When I hear people talk about the game-day experience and added value to their ticket, I drop my head in despair. As long as it's about the game-day experience and the added value of a ticket, we're gonna have a problem. For a sports franchise to be truly successful, it has to be about the heart. You don't buy a ticket because of the entertainment value it provides, you buy a ticket because your heart demands that you buy it. Tickets for this year's Super Bowl are going to sell for record prices to people of modest means, and the Packers and Steelers fans who'll buy those tickets couldn't care less about the halftime show. They're in love and they long ago lost contact with reason.

Dave from Columbus, OH:
Trading Orton, two first-round picks and a third-round pick for Cutler and a fifth-round pick seems like one of the worst trades I've ever seen. What is the most absurd trade you can recall?

Vic: The Herschel Walker trade is the worst, in my opinion, right above Lou Brock for Ernie Broglio.

Brendan from Middletown, DE:
Who do you have in mind that the Jaguars should sign this offseason?

Vic: They've got a lot of guys whose contracts have expired. I think the Jaguars should start by re-signing their own guys.

Stephen from Belfast, Northern Ireland:
Just read on ESPN that you are leaving the Jags for pastures new in Green Bay (at your age!). I just wanted to write to express my heartfelt thanks for all that you have contributed to the Jags and to this foreign Jags fan in particular. I have learnt so much since I started reading your column around 2000-01 as a 20-21-year-old and would certainly not be as educated on the game now if it wasn't for you. I know I'm not alone in saying, following the Jags without "Ask Vic" every day just simply won't be the same. I wish you all the success and health in the future and I hope "Ask Vic" continues on as it would certainly be a daily read.

Vic: Never, as I married paper and carbon paper in my Royal portable, did I ever think I would be writing for circulation in Northern Ireland. The Internet is the greatest invention of my life.

Clell from Bee Branch, AR:
This old Arkansas boy will follow you to Green Bay and will still keep you posted on Toad Suck happenings.

Vic: I never thought I'd have readers in Toad Suck, either.

J.T. from Dothan, AL:
How much did your inbox explode after the news broke?

Vic: I'm glad you asked because it gives me an opportunity to thank everyone. I don't know how many but it's my guess that it's two thousand or more. There was an explosion at the start and now it's beginning to slow down. I knew I couldn't respond to everyone but I became determined to read every e-mail, out of respect and appreciation to the senders. I've gotten funny ones, heartfelt ones and poignant ones. Several have touched me deeply. My promise is that I will read every one of them. Thank you, everybody, even those who expressed happiness that I'm leaving.

Wiso from San Juan, PR:
Word on the street is you're going to Green Bay to avoid swimming the St. Johns River at its widest point. Is there any truth to this? Can you confirm or deny any of this?

Vic: I wouldn't worry about that.

David from Monterey, Mexico:
I am the biggest Mexican Jaguars fan.

Vic: I'm one of the Jaguars' biggest fans of Mexican.

Rhett from Old Bridge, NJ:
Can you leave already, traitor?

Vic: Thank you, Rhett.

Bill from Jacksonville:
How does Snoop feel about the move?

Vic: He's not big on ice-fishing and he told me cheese binds him.

Brad from Vancouver, BC:
How'd your wife take it when you broached the subject of moving?

Vic: She's from South Carolina so I felt an obligation to tell her it's cold in Green Bay. She said it snows sometimes in South Carolina. I said, "There you go."

Rob from Milwaukee, WI:
As a Jags fan living in Wisconsin, I always felt it was your columns that helped me connect to a fan base I've never met. Thanks for everything you have done over the years. By the way, the greens are covered with snow; check in April.

Vic: I played on some greens yesterday that rolled as though the ball was on glass. It was one of those beautiful Jacksonville winter days, with a cloudless sky and a warm sun, but with enough of a nip in the air to let you know summer is still in the distance. I love Jacksonville in the winter.

Mark from Middletown, CT:
Vicbow, first my girlfriend broke up with me this week and now I find out that I have lost you, too. How do I deal with this unimaginable pain?

Vic: Forget about her.

Michael from Jacksonville:
Why leave us? Were you ever a Jaguars fan? I'm not trying to make this sound personal; just thought you loved covering the Jaguars.

Vic: I loved every minute of covering the Jaguars. My years covering the Jaguars are every bit a fond memory as my years covering the Steelers. Michael, and all fans, I want you to think in terms of roles: Coaches coach, players play, writers write and fans cheer. We're all in this together but we all have distinctly different roles. Coaches, players and reporters can't be fans because we have jobs to execute during the game. That's why, after a loss, you see players talking to players on the other team as though the loss doesn't hurt. They haven't reached the hurt point, yet, because they're still in the work mode. It has to be that way when you have a job to do. It's when you go to bed and find that you can't fall asleep that you start to wrestle with your emotions. I see "fan" as a designation, not a function. In my opinion, "fan" designates those people for whom we work. This is my job. This is what I do. I attempt to serve as a link between you and the team, for the purpose of acquiring information and enjoyment. Do I love the Jaguars? You bet I do and it will always be my wish that they win, but I will never refer to myself as a "fan" of a particular team because that would be a disservice to both of us. I'm a writer. I write for the fans.

Andrew from Jacksonville:
I guess I'll never be able to cross getting my question answered on "Ask Vic" off my bucket list.

Vic: Cross it off, Andrew, cross it off.

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