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To save time and effort for our valued Members, your 2025 season tickets will be automatically renewed via the Jaguars Season Ticket Auto-Renewal Plan on the extended seven-month Payment Plan.
In addition, your 2024-'25 playoff tickets will be reserved on the Pay-As-We-Play plan. Your invoice is now available in your Account Manager portal for your review.
Scroll down the page for Auto-Renewal FAQs.
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Your designated credit card will be automatically processed once the 2024 renewal period begins.
➖ You have the option to opt out of Auto-Renewal by filling out this FORM. If no action is taken within the opt out period, your account will be set up for automatic billing.
➖ If you choose to opt out of Auto-Renewal, you will not receive the early season ticket renewal pricing and your account will be reinvoiced at a later date.
For more details view our Terms and Conditions HERE.

Season Ticket Auto-Renewal FAQs

How do I enroll in Auto-Renewal?

All Jaguars season ticket members that purchased or renewed their 2023 season tickets have been automatically enrolled in the 2024 auto renewal program.

When does the annual Auto-Renewal period commence?

The Auto-Renewal period will begin in January, with your first payment on January 20, 2024. Payments will continue to be charged on the 20th of each month, for seven months, ending in July 2024.

What am I authorizing by enrolling in the Auto-Renewal program?

You are authorizing the Jaguars to automatically renew and process payment for your season tickets, associated handling fees and parking passes (if applicable). By selecting the auto-renewal option, you are guaranteed the lowest renewal rate available. We will continue to automatically renew and process payment for these items annually as long as your account remains in good standing, or unless you cancel your Auto-Renewal enrollment prior to commencement of the subsequent season's Auto-Renewal period.

Can I opt out of the auto renewal?

Enrolling in Auto-Renewal commits you to purchase your season tickets for the full upcoming season. You must opt out by December 20, 2023 by completing the opt out form HERE or by contacting your Account Representative. Ensure your email or other method of communication is kept up to date and valid. If you fail to opt-out prior to the designated deadline, no refunds will be accommodated after the initial charge.

If I opt out of Auto-Renewal, does it cancel my season tickets?

No, you are simply opting out of that specific payment plan. You will still have the ability to renew your season tickets in February 2024 but you will not receive the lowest renewal rate and the payment plan is six months (February through July '24).

Can I cancel my season tickets if I'm in an auto-renewal plan?

Yes, you may cancel any time before a new Plan Year begins and no payments for the new Plan Year will come due. You may also cancel after the new Plan Year begins but you'll be obligated to pay the outstanding balance of the Tickets (and Parking Passes, if applicable) for the then-current Plan Year; your cancellation will be effective prior to playoffs of the applicable season, if any, or the next year's season ticket renewal. Member may cancel Member's Auto-Renewal Plan by using Club's Cancellation Form HERE or by contacting Member's Account Representative.

How is my payment set up and processed?

You have provided us with your preferred credit card upon your 2023 renewal. We will set up your season tickets on the seven-month Payment Plan which permits your season ticket invoice payment to be paid in seven equal installments between January through July. We will automatically process your card on the 20 of each month. If you wish to pay your season ticket invoice in one lump sum payment on or before the first due date for the seven-month Payment Plan, you may do so by contacting your Account Representative or by calling (904) 633-2000.

We will also secure your season ticket location for all potential playoff games. Your card for playoff tickets will not be charged until a home game is confirmed. At most we can host three potential home playoff games. If we do not host a home playoff game nothing will be charged to your card.

What if I need to change my credit card throughout the year?

You can update your credit card online through Account Manager or contact your Account Representative or call (904) 633-2000 anytime. It is your responsibility to ensure your preferred credit card is available to be charged through the Auto-Renewal Plan.

Does Auto-Renewal affect my ability to manage, transfer or resell my tickets?

No. Auto-Renewal simply secures your seats and processes your payments. You can manage your tickets through Jaguars Account Manager the same way you normally would.

Do I still have the option to relocate, upgrade my seats or add on additional seats?

Yes. You will be automatically be enrolled in our seat relocation, upgrade, and add on process.

Does Auto-Renewal add cost to my season tickets?

No. There is no additional cost with Auto-Renewal. You will receive the lowest renewal price available.

Are my seats automatically reserved for any potential home playoff games?

Yes, by completing your season ticket renewal your seats will be automatically reserved for up to three potential home playoff games. Your 2024-'25 playoff tickets are reserved on our Pay-As-We-Play plan. Your card will only be charged once a home playoff game is confirmed.

Please contact your Account Representative if you need to update your card anytime throughout the year. If for any reason you do not want your playoff tickets, please contact your Account Representative.