Executive Administration Support

  • Dana DesJarlais Assistant to the General Manager & Administrator of Football Operations
  • Alisa Abbott Executive Assistant to the Owner and President
  • Kate McCoy Personal Assistant to Shad and Ann Khan



Football Technology

Football Logistics


Training and Medical

Communications, Public Relations and Broadcasting

  • Amanda Holt Director of Communications
  • Alex Brooks Manager of Public Relations
  • David Wolf Public Relations Assistant
  • Patrick Kavanagh Director of Broadcasting
  • Dave DeCandis Executive Producer
  • Ashlyn Sullivan Digital Reporter and Host
  • John Oehser Senior Writer
  • Brian Sexton Senior Correspondent
  • J.P. Shadrick Senior Reporter and Editor
  • Joe Fortunato Manager of Radio
  • Brent Reber Broadcast Media Coordinator


  • Cassie McBride General Counsel
  • Lauren Strackbine Associate General Counsel


People Development and Administration

  • Jessica Jones Vice President of People Development and Administration
  • Victoria Croy Manager of People Development
  • Kim Glover People Development Assistant


  • Mike Webb Vice President of Technology
  • Jason Dean Production and Network Systems Manager
  • Shannon Gray Database and Applications Development Manager
  • Michael Potts Network and Systems Administrator
  • Steven Hepner Technical Support Analyst
  • Chris Yeiter Lead Technical Support Analyst
  • Justin VonHagen Principal Software Architect
  • Brad Scull IT/AV Support Technician


  • Mark Sirota Vice President of Finance
  • Melisa Keenan Director of Corporate Accounting
  • Natasha Thomas Senior Accountant
  • Cary Johns Director of Payroll and Benefit Plans
  • Amit Patel Financial Planning and Analysis Coordinator
  • Ashley Lewis Accounts Payable Coordinator


  • Arri Landsman-Roos Vice President of Decision Science
  • Jeff Miranda Senior Manager of CRM Analytics
  • Momin Ghaffar  Manager of Strategic Research & Development
  • Bennet Kim Business Operations Analyst
  • Victor Li Advanced Analytics Developer
  • Sam Burgess Data Analyst

Developmental Projects

  • William Tutwiler Director of Developmental Projects

International Development

  • Ryan Moore Grassroots and Marketing Manager
  • Milo Mackean Senior Marketing Executive


  • Ryan Prep Senior Director of Facility Operations
  • Kristen Inman Director of Private Event Sales
  • Lori Windisch Facilities Project Manager
  • Mianne Williams Senior Manager of Private Events and Sales
  • Jackie Scibelli Senior Event Manager
  • Jonathan Morici Manager of Concert Ticketing
  • Kevin Lanahan Manager of Office Logistics
  • Callie Lucas Event Coordinator
  • John Kall Office Logistics Clerk


  • Stephanie Lynn  Senior Marketing Manager, Concerts and Events
  • Darnell Brady Social Media Manager
  • Shannon McGregor Database Marketing Manager
  • Savanna Wood Digital Marketing Manager
  • Cody Schrank Marketing Coordinator
  • Emily Myslinski  Social Media Specialist


  • John Cascio Director of Brand Design and Creative
  • Chris Burdett Senior Graphic Designer
  • Nikki Summers Graphic Designer

Jags Cinema

  • Carlos Caceres Production Manager
  • Everett Sullivan Photography Director
  • Blake Stuart Video Production Coordinator
  • Eric Wierenga Lead Entertainment & Events Designer
  • Nick Cortes VFX Artist
  • Thomas Flynn Video Production Coordinator

Branded Entertainment

  • Christy Stechman Zynda Director of Branded Entertainment
  • Alex Shepard Branded Entertainment Coordinator

Events and Entertainment

  • Jenn Toy Director of Events & Entertainment
  • Chris Kerford Events and Entertainment Coordinator
  • Kimberly Ramos Events and Entertainment Coordinator

Corporate Partnerships

  • Mike DeMartino Vice President of Corporate Partnerships
  • Matt Rickoff Senior Partnerships Director, Corporate Partnerships
  • T.J. Streit Director, Corporate Partnerships
  • Charlie Templeton Director, Corporate Partnerships
  • Jake Milano Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships

Partner Relations

  • Anne Boccuzzi Vice President of Partnership Activations
  • Lauren Baker Senior Account Manager, Partner Activations
  • Megan Kerr Senior Account Manager, Partner Activations
  • Victoria Betts Account Manager, Partnership Activations
  • Brianna Guzinski Account Coordinator, Partnership Activations

Ticket Sales, Service and Operations

  • Chris Gargani Vice President of Sales and Service
  • Sean Flood Senior Director of Ticket Sales and Service
  • Tim Bishko Director of Ticket Operations
  • Russell Rendon Director of Group and Inside Sales
  • David Altman Director of Premium Sales and Entertainment
  • Jim Scott Senior Manager of Ticket Operations
  • Aneisha Johnson Director of Member Experience and Retention
  • Shawn Dubrow Senior Manager of Inside Sales
  • Daniel Quintanilla Senior Account Manager, Ticket Sales
  • Colin Baumgartner Account Manager, Ticket Sales
  • Emily Lemmon Account Manager, Group Sales
  • Madison Holesko Account Manager, Group Sales
  • Alex Russell Member Experience Specialist
  • Christy Pavilando Member Experience Specialist
  • Jonathan Morici Manager of Concert Ticketing

Fan Experience

  • Sarah Mathis Director of Fan Experience
  • Kelsey Holmgaard Fan Experience Coordinator
  • Lindsey Zybrick Fan Experience Coordinator

Jaguars Foundation

  • Chris Sutton Director of Community Partnerships
  • T-Neisha Tate Director of Programs
  • Adriel Rocha Manager of Community Relations
  • Michael Carnahan Program Manager
  • Kristina Heath Communications and Events Manager