Business Operations Leadership Team

Football Strategy

Football Logistics

Player Health and Performance


  • George Pellicer Head Equipment Manager
  • Kyle Stillwell Associate Equipment Manager
  • Tyler Floyd Equipment Assistant
  • Collin Peterson Equipment Assistant


  • Arri Landsman-Roos Vice President of Decision Science
  • Makayla Amidon Director of Data Science
  • Jeff Miranda Senior Manager of CRM Analytics
  • Victor Li Quantitative Research Manager
  • Andrew Fedele Manager of Strategic Research and Development
  • Helen Blades Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Avery Horvath Data Scientist

Ticket Sales, Service and Operations

  • Chris Gargani Vice President of Sales and Marketing
  • Sean Flood Senior Director of Ticket Sales and Service
  • Tim Bishko Director of Ticket Operations
  • Russell Rendon Director of Season and Group Sales
  • David Altman Director of Premium Sales and Entertainment
  • Aneisha Johnson Director of Member Experience and Retention
  • Jim Scott Senior Manager of Ticket Operations
  • Shawn Dubrow Senior Manager of Season and Group Sales
  • Colin Baumgartner Assistant Manager, Ticket Sales
  • Aaron Appleberry Senior Member Experience Specialist
  • Drew Herrick Senior Member Experience Specialist
  • Carin Fleming Manager of Concert Ticketing
  • Alex Russell Manager of Member Experience and Retention
  • Christy Pavilando Manager of Premium Member Experience
  • Taylen Douglas Manager of Inside Sales
  • Blake Woodard Account Manager, Ticket Sales
  • Cortlandt Carter Account Manager, Ticket Sales
  • Justin Hill Account Manager, Ticket Sales
  • Zachary McClellan Account Manager, Ticket Sales
  • Andrew Parker Account Manager, Group Sales
  • Michael Benko Account Manager, Group Sales
  • Brian Rehagen Account Manager, Group Sales
  • David Moses Account Manager, Group Sales
  • Haden Thompson Member Experience Specialist
  • Casey Welch Member Experience Specialist
  • Emily Lawrence Member Experience Specialist
  • Madelyn Ybarzabal Premium Member Experience Specialist
  • Bryan Kupfer Ticket Operations Specialist
  • Alex Halloran Inside Sales Representative
  • Hannah Wilson Inside Sales Representative
  • Jacob Clayton Premium Member Experience Specialist
  • Kimberly Baker Sales and Champions Club Coordinator
  • Cord Lewis Member Experience Specialist
  • Tyler Binkiewicz Inside Sales Representative
  • Michael Nwosa Inside Sales Representative
  • Peyton Stephens Inside Sales Representative
  • Stefanie Mendizabal Inside Sales Representative
  • William Bellamy Inside Sales Representative
  • Myah Campbell Inside Sales Representative
  • Caroline Good Inside Sales Representative
  • Vincenzo Anthony Inside Sales Representative


  • Asia Gholston Senior Director of Marketing
  • Nick Birdsong Director of Digital and Social Media
  • John Cascio Director of Brand Design and Creative
  • Stephanie Lynn  Senior Marketing Manager, Concerts and Events
  • Jasmine McCrawford Senior Marketing Manager, Brand
  • Chris Burdett Design Manager
  • Noel Kreger Marketing Manager, Operations
  • Jennifer Garavaglia Manager of Digital Marketing
  • Charles Jordan Manager of Social Media
  • Cameron Hicks Social Content Producer
  • Nikki Summers Graphic Designer
  • Devin Carvajal Social Media Graphic Designer
  • Ahmon Lott Social Media Specialist
  • William Pease Digital Media Coordinator
  • Zack Breunle Junior Graphic Designer
  • McKenna Willis Junior Graphic Designer
  • Kendall Saville Marketing Coordinator, Concerts & Events

Jaguars Productions

  • Patrick Kavanagh Vice President of Production
  • Carlos Caceres Director of Gameday and Event Production
  • Dave DeCandis Director of Broadcasting and Production
  • Everett Sullivan Manager of Production
  • Blake Stuart Manager of Game Day and Event Production
  • Joe Fortunato Manager of Radio
  • Eric Wierenga Lead Designer and Production Manager
  • John Oehser Senior Writer
  • J.P. Shadrick Senior Reporter and Editor
  • Brian Sexton Senior Correspondent
  • Max Hochman Senior Producer/Editor
  • Nick Cortes Senior VFX Artist
  • Thomas Flynn Video Production Coordinator
  • Brent Reber Producer/Editor
  • Trent Padilla Associate Producer
  • Gabrielle Dalton Associate Producer


  • John Dever Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer
  • Amanda Holt Director of Communications
  • David Wolf Manager of Public Relations
  • Kam Nedd Manager of Photography
  • Dylan Morton Public Relations Coordinator
  • Jamie Holt Seasonal Photography and Archive Assistant

Facilities Security

  • Bobby Lyle Director of Facilities Security
  • Jayson Wasielewski Manager, Facilities Security

Community Impact and Foundation

  • Whitney Meyer Senior Vice President and Chief Community Impact Officer
  • Peter Racine Senior Vice President of Jaguars Foundation/Community Impact
  • T-Neisha Tate Vice President of Social Responsibility and Impact
  • Chris Sutton Director of Community Partnerships
  • Adriel Rocha Director of Community Impact and Football Development
  • Michael Carnahan Community Impact and Programs Manager
  • Kristina Heath Community Nonprofits and Events Manager
  • Milena Ruiz Program and Communications Manager
  • Caelan Rhinehardt Youth Football Coordinator


  • Mike Webb Vice President and Chief Information Officer
  • Shannon Gray Database and Applications Development Director
  • Jason Dean Production and Network Systems Manager
  • Chris Yeiter Lead Technical Support Manager
  • Josh Clark Network and Systems Administrator
  • Christopher Allen Technical Support Analyst
  • André Murphy Information Security Administrator
  • Neira Mulahasanovic Technical Support Analyst
  • Steven Shotola IT/AV Support Technician
  • Jesus Carbonell Technical Support Analyst

People Development and Administration

  • Jessica Jones Vice President of People and Culture
  • Victoria Croy Director of Culture and Inclusion
  • Kandace Morrell Talent Coordinator
  • Melissa Pool Receptionist


Finance and Business Planning

  • Mark Sirota Senior Vice President of Business Planning and Chief Financial Officer
  • Melisa Keenan Director of Corporate Accounting
  • Cary Johns Director of Payroll and Benefit Plans
  • Tousheema Berry Manager, Payroll and Benefit Plans
  • Shelby Orr Senior Accountant
  • Madison Banta Financial Analyst
  • Kristen Hudak Accounting Coordinator

Real Estate and Development

  • Drew Frick Senior Vice President of Real Estate and Development
  • William Tutwiler Director, Real Estate and Development
  • Caron Streibich Senior Communications Manager, Real Estate and Development
  • David Paulk Financial Analyst, Real Estate and Development
  • Lori Windisch Project Manager, Real Estate and Development

International Development

  • Maria Gigante Vice President of UK Operations
  • Milo Mackean Senior Marketing Executive
  • Andrew Scott UK Grassroots Coordinator
  • Mackenzie Cadman UK Operations Coordinator


  • Ryan Prep Vice President of Facility Operations
  • Kristen Inman Director of Private Event Sales
  • Jackie Scibelli Director of Live Events
  • Matthew Singer Director of Facility Operations
  • Geoff DeLuca Director of Facility Operations
  • Kevin Lanahan Manager of Office Logistics
  • Tim Boyle Facilities Maintenance Technician
  • Ryan Veazy Office Logistics Clerk
  • Natalie Henderson Senior Sales Coordinator, Private Events
  • Emily Nees Live Event and Booking Coordinator
  • Nate Hoepker Live Event Coordinator
  • William “Weill” Casey Facility Operations Manager

Events and Entertainment

  • Jenn Toy Director of Events & Entertainment
  • Christy Stechman Zynda Director of Branded Entertainment
  • Devin McDuffie Senior Manager of Events and Entertainment
  • Alex Shepard Branded Entertainment Manager
  • Kassidy Carlson Manager of Events and Experiences
  • Luis Rivera Branded Entertainment Coordinator
  • Alyssa Fair Events and Entertainment Coordinator
  • Amani Burton Events and Experiences Coordinator
  • Jared DePiro Seasonal Events and Entertainment Assistant

Corporate Partnerships

  • Scott Massey Senior Vice President of Corporate Partnerships
  • Mike DeMartino Vice President of Corporate Partnerships
  • Matt Rickoff Vice President, Partnership Development
  • Jonathan “Evan” Lindsey Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships
  • Justin Baldinger Director, Corporate Partnerships
  • Daniel Solomon Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships
  • Evans Adonis Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships
  • Jake Milano Senior Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships

Partner Relations

  • Anne Boccuzzi Vice President of Partnership Activations
  • Lauren Baker Director, Partnership Activations
  • Megan Belongia Director, Partnership Activations
  • Lauren Kirksey Director of Business Solutions
  • Trevor Bittenbender Account Manager, Partnership Activations
  • Kristen Williams Account Manager, Partnership Activations
  • Aaron Malave Account Manager, Partnership Activations
  • Katherine Waske Account Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships

Fan Experience

  • Sarah Mathis Director of Fan Experience
  • Kelsey Holmgaard Senior Manager of Guest Experience
  • Lindsey Zybrick Manager of Guest Experience
  • Daniel Koch Guest Experience Coordinator
  • Billy Cobb III Guest Experience Coordinator