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Best and worst of Jags


Let's do a little week-three best and worst of the Jaguars. I think you'll be surprised by the results.

Best of the Jaguars

  1. NFL's sixth-most explosive offense—Yeah, Jack Del Rio has always said he's wanted an explosive offense and through two weeks of this season he has one. The Jaguars have 10 plays of 20-plus yards – the definition of an explosive play – which ranks sixth in the NFL, ahead of such offensive notables as Seattle, St. Louis, New England, New Orleans and San Diego.
  1. Second in points allowed—The Jaguars have allowed just 20 points in two games, which is better than every defense in the league except Pittsburgh's, which has allowed just 10 points.
  1. Third in sacks—The Jaguars have nine in two games, which is better than every team in the league except Minnesota and Pittsburgh.
  1. No interceptions—David Garrard is one of only five quarterbacks in the league who hasn't thrown an interception.
  1. Only one turnover—Buffalo is the only other team in the league that has turned the ball over just once in two games. The Jaguars' penchant for taking care of the ball is a Del Rio trademark. Since Del Rio became the team's coach, the Jaguars are second in the league in fewest interceptions with 48 and second with the fewest giveaways, 94.
  1. Eighth in big-play passes—Garrard is eighth in the league with eight completions of 20-plus yards, ahead of such notable big-play quarterbacks as Tom Brady, Marc Bulger, Drew Brees, Brett Favre and Donovan McNabb.

The worst of the Jaguars

  1. Last in the league against the run—That's right. Can you believe it? The Jaguars are number 32 in the league in run-defense. That stat, of course, is built on one game, the opener against Tennessee.
  1. Dynamic duo not dynamic so far—Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew nearly rushed for 1,000 yards each last season. Through two games this year, they've rushed for 135 yards combined and a 3.4 yards-per-carry average. Taylor and Jones-Drew combined for 22 touchdowns last season; none so far this year.
  1. Just two takeaways—The Jaguars practiced stripping the football all through the spring and training camp, but all they have to their credit through two games is one fumble recovery and an interception.
  1. Northcutt 38th in receptions—What's bad about that is that Northcutt is the Jaguars' top receiver with nine catches. The Jaguars' next-best receptions total by a wide receiver is three, by Ernest Wilford and Matt Jones.
  1. Tied for 28th in points per game—The Jaguars need to convert their explosive plays into points. They're tied with Chicago and ahead of Buffalo, Kansas City and Atlanta. The good news is that the Jaguars play all three of those teams.
  1. Not getting off the field—The Jaguars defense has allowed five 10-play drives.

All right, there are some stats for you to chew on while you're doing your mid-week analysis. What do they all mean? I haven't a clue. I'll leave that question for you to answer.

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